100+ Vegetables Name in Hindi and English PDF – 100 सब्जियों के नाम हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में

Vegetables Name (सब्जियों के नाम)

Welcome to our website today we will give you a list of 100 vegetable names in Hindi and English. These names are very significant for all kids and parents. Sometimes students search for 10 vegetable names in Hindi. Or search for 10 vegetables’ names in English. Readout Sabziyon KE Naam / Name of Vegetables in Hindi with its English Meaning. This is very useful for Kids of Nursery and KG Class. Also, watch more of the GK articles. The vegetable name helps all people and students. In view of the children’s requirements, we have brought the vegetable names list with images in Hindi and English.


We have added the most important vegetable name to the below list. You can download the vegetable’s name in PDF. We have made these names in PDF format so download them now. We have given the list of all vegetable names in Hindi and English. Firstly we have explained the vegetable name in English to make it easy. A few green vegetable names and their work are mind-blowing for immunity and fiber. You can download or print the vegetable name chart for further assistance.

To have good command over the Vegetable name you must download this PDF. This name list would help you up to date on the list of vegetable names in English and Hindi. If you want to speak English frequently just remember these names. We have given all vegetable names in the below tables.

100 Flowers Name in Hindi and English

100 Vegetables Name in Hindi

Nowadays kids also use them more as compared to adults so we have tried to help the kids in education. Jankari Hub is dedicated to providing all types of educational content for Kids to Competitive exam preparation candidates. In the below table, we have listed the most popular and famous 100 vegetable Names in Hindi and English. Same 100 Vegetable Names in PDF form if you want to read the vegetable’s uses and its name you must download the Sabjiyo ke Naam Hindi aur angreji me.

Hundred vegetable names would help you in each and every walk of life. So you must remember these names sometimes kids in our home ask the questions us. At the same time, we have to tell them with proper information.

Sr.Vegetable in HindiVegetable in English
1टमाटर (Tamatar)Tomato
2आलू (Aloo)Potato
3मटर (Matar)Peas
4फूल गोभी (Fool Gobhi)Cauliflower
5बैगन (Baingan)Brinjal
6भिन्डी (Bhindi)Lady Finger
7मूली (Muli)Radish
8प्याज (Pyaaj)Onion
9गाजर (Gajar)Carrot
10नीबू (Neebu)Lemon
11लौकी (Lauki)Bottle Gourd
12अदरक (Adrak)Ginger
13कद्दू (Kaddu)Pumpkin
14हरी मिर्च (Hari Mirch)Green pepper
15नीबू (Neebu)Lemon
16सहजन (Sahjan)drum stick
17हरा घनिया (Hara Dhaniya)Coriander Leaf
18कमरक (Kamarak)Starfruit
19ककड़ी (Kakdee)Cucumber
20बथुआ (Bathua)White Goosefoot
21हरी मैथी (Hari Maithee)Fenugreek Leaf
22टिंडा (Tinda)Tinda
23शिमला मिर्च (Shimla Mirch)Capsicum
24मिर्च (Mirch)Chilli
25पालक (Palak)Spinach

Vegetables Name (सब्जियों के नाम)

To make this easy and understanding of Vegetable Name in English and Hindi. From the below table you can learn and remember the essential vegetable name full of vitamins and minerals. Most of the time students does not have the Internet yet they can read the study the vegetable name PDF as we have attached in this article.

The name of fresh vegetables would help to remember the name and its uses. Mainly fresh vegetable provides nutrition and minerals. To know more about the uses and nutrition of Vegetables. Most of the patients use fresh vegetables in the morning. Download the vegetable PDF file from this article. Keep reading and download the all vegetables name in Hindi and English with images.

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26कमरक (Kamarak)Starfruit
27ग्वार की फली (Gwar Ki Fali)Guar, Cluster Bean
28शकरगंद (Shakargand)Sweet Potato
29खीरा (Kheera)Cucumber
30कटहल (Kathal)Jackfruit
31कच्चा केला (Kachcha Kela)Cooking Plantain
32मक्का (Makka)Corn, Maize
33करेला (Karela)Bitter Gourd
34अमिया (Amiya)Carry
35करोंदा (Karonda)Natal Plum
36कढ़ी पत्ता (Kadhi Patta)Curry Leaf
37चौलाई (Chaulai)Amaranth
38पुदीना (Pudina)Mint, Peppermint
39सेम फली (Sem Fali)Bean Pod
40सरसों पत्ता (Sarso Patta)Mustard Greens
41पत्तों वाले प्याज (Patto Wale Pyaaj)Spring Onion
42अरवी (Arbi)Colocasia
43शलजम (Shaljam)Turnip
44कुकुरमुत्ता (Kukurmutta)Mushroom
45चुकंदर (Chukundar)Beetroot
46रतालू (Ratalu)Potato Palm
47जिमीकंद (Jimikand)Taro, Yam
48कमल ककड़ी (Kamal Kakadi)Lotus Stem

100 फूलों के नाम हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में

Vegetables Name with Picture

A very interesting question is running in your mind. Sometimes we know the vegetable name but we have not seen how is it or its shape, Size, Color, Smell etc. So Jankarihub is going to provide the Vegetable name with pictures PDF. So that you can easily understand and see. Whenever we hear the vegetable name at the same time in our mind the picture and shape come into our thought.

If we talk about the children and their studies. Kids recognize and learn Vegetable names with photos understand them easily and keep them in their minds for a long time or lifetime. We are in the process to give you the Long PDF of vegetable names in Hindi and English with Photo, Pic, Picture. Till then wait and keep visiting this educational website. Download 100 Vegetable Name with Pictures Click on the below link.

The vegetable does not only increase the taste of your tongue but is also used in medicine. Many kinds of Vegetable juice and extractions are sold in the market. In the kid’s education, these topics are very essential, especially in primary education.

100 Fruits Name

Vegetables Name with Picture
Vegetable Name with Picture

5 Vegetables Name: 5 सब्जियों के नाम

We have given 100 vegetable names in Hindi and English. For making this very easy and simple we have included the most important vegetable name in all forms of Hindi and English PDF. 5 Vegetable Name in Hindi is below. Vegetables are very essential in our life to maintain health and fitness. There are many such vegetables that are very powerful for human health. For making easy the name of 100 vegetable name to remember to check the above table to download all the list of the vegetable name list.

  • रतालू
  • शलजम,
  • अरवी,
  • करेला,
  • सेम फली

Q. 10 Vegetables Name in English

A. Then Vegetable name in Hindi is below according to the list. Note down the 10 vegetable names in Hindi from below. From you can download 10 vegetable names in Hindi PDF. Click the below at end of the article. १० सब्जियों के नाम हिंदी और इंग्लिश में me diya gya hai. 10 sabjiyon ke naam hindi mein.

  • आलू
  • गाजर
  • पत्ता गोभी
  • कटहल
  • खीरा
  • लौकी
  • अदरक
  • लहसुन
  • प्याज
  • कद्दू

Q. What is 10 Vegetables Name in English?

A. In order to remember or learn by heart check the list of 10 vegetable names in English PDF. We have added the most used vegetables name in English in your education. Basically, kids use this topic in their study so we suggest and recommend you to download the PDF of vegetables name in English from this article.

  • Potato
  • Carrot
  • Cabbage
  • Jackfruit
  • Cucumber
  • Gourd
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Pumpkin

Q. What is 100 Vegetables Name in Hindi and English?

A. Above we have arranged the name of 100 vegetable names in Hindi and English for your convenience. So read these 100 vegetables’ names and download the PDF.

Q. What is 35 vegetables’ name?

A. We have given the important list of 35 vegetable names in English and Hindi. In the above list, you will find more than 35 vegetables named in Hindi and English. You can download the 35 vegetables name pdf in Hindi and English. These vegetable names will help you always.

Q. 10 creepers vegetable Name

A. These are the most popular creepers’ vegetable names in this below list.

  1. Virginia creeper
  2. Sweet Autumn Clematis.
  3. Bottle Gourd.
  4. Aparajita.
  5. Rakhi be (Passiflora)
  6. Malphigia.
  7. Strawberry
  8. Pumpkin

Q. What are 20 types of Vegetables?

A. We have given 20 types of the Vegetables name. You can check the below list of the Vegetables Name in English PDF. Follow the below details of 20 types of the vegetables name list.

Artichoke, Arugula, Asparagus, Broccoli Rabe, Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Chives, Collard Greens, Crookneck Squash, Dandelion Greens, Eggplant, Endive.

Q. What are 30 vegetables?

A. To know the 30 vegetables name in English PDF. We have listed the most valuable vegetables name which plays important roles in our life. These are full of nutritional vegetable names. I think this list help you to learn the name of vegetables. This is a very important topic for students and kids schooling.

टमाटर (Tamatar), आलू (Aloo), मटर (Matar), फूल गोभी (Fool Gobhi), बैगन (Baingan), भिन्डी (Bhindi), मूली (Muli), प्याज (Pyaaj), गाजर (Gajar), नीबू (Neebu), लौकी (Lauki), अदरक (Adrak), कद्दू (Kaddu), हरी मिर्च (Hari Mirch), नीबू (Neebu), सहजन (Sahjan), हरा घनिया (Hara Dhaniya), कमरक (Kamarak), ककड़ी (Kakdee), बथुआ (Bathua), हरी मैथी (Hari Maithee), टिंडा (Tinda), शिमला मिर्च (Shimla Mirch)

All Vegetables Name in English and Hindi

If you are in search of all All vegetable Name in English and Hindi on the earth. As you all know that there is no limit to vegetable names on the earth. We have narrated All vegetable Names in English and Hindi in this article in all forms. You can also download the PDF of All Vegetables Name in English and Hindi here.

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