Best Books for UPTET Exam in Hindi 2021

Today we would discuss the uptet books in the Hindi language for Uttar Pradesh students. We all know about the uptet exams that come two times in the year. So we have given the list of most important uptet books to prepare for the exam of December 2021. Without having good and latest syallabus this is not as possible as you think to crack the exam.

We have given you the best options to select the important books for the UPTET exam 2021. as we all know about the latest syllabus of the UPTET exam. Every year the government of Uttar Pradesh gives the opportunity to become a teacher.

List of UPTET Practice set books in Hindi.

यूपीटीईटी सिलेबस & परीक्षा पैटर्न 2021: पेपर 1

यूपीटीईटी परीक्षा पैटर्न पेपर 1

विषय प्रश्‍नों की संख्‍या (अंक) कुल समय
बाल विकास एवं अध्‍यापन 30 प्रश्न (30 अंक) 150 Minutes
गणित 30 प्रश्न (30 अंक)
भाषा – 1 (हिन्‍दी) 30 प्रश्न (30 अंक)
भाषा – 2 (अंग्रेज़ी, उर्दू, संस्कृत में से कोई एक) 30 प्रश्न (30 अंक)
पर्यावरण अध्ययन 30 प्रश्न (30 अंक)
कुल 150 प्रश्न (150 अंक)

UPTET Exam Paper 2 Syllabus

यूपीटीईटी सिलेबस & परीक्षा पैटर्न 2021: पेपर 2

यूपीटीईटी परीक्षा पैटर्न पेपर 2

विषय प्रश्‍नों की संख्‍या (अंक) कुल समय
बाल विकास एवं अध्‍यापन 30 प्रश्न (30 अंक) 150 Minutes
भाषा – 1 30 प्रश्न (30 अंक)
भाषा – 2 30 प्रश्न (30 अंक)
विज्ञान एवं गणित या सामाजिक विज्ञान 60 प्रश्न (60 अंक)
कुल 150 प्रश्न (150 अंक)

The time has come to narrate about the list of all important uptet books in Hindi. In the UP mostly student studies with Hindi medium not in English medium. Generally, student of Uttar Pradesh buys the books of uptet exam 2019 in Hindi.

UPTET Paper 1 Books in Hindi

1. बाल विकास एवं अध्‍यापन

A. Baal Vikaas avum Shikshan Shastra Paper 1 & 2 for CTET & STET Hindi

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The altogether reexamined and refreshed the third version of the book ‘Baal Vikaas avum Shikshan Shastra for CTET and STET (Paper 1 and 2)’ gives a selective treatment to the subject with exceptional accentuation upon Child Development, Inclusive Education, Learning and the Pedagogical Issues.

The book has been separated into 9 parts. For every section a comprehensive hypothesis has been given which covers the total schedule as endorsed by the CBSE/NCERT/NCF 2005.

All important books for the uptet in Hindi

This is trailed by 2 arrangement of activities. Activity 1 contains a lot of MCQs from the PREVIOUS YEAR Question Papers of CTET and different STET’s. The activity 2, “Test Yourself” gives painstakingly chose MCQs to rehearse.

The book is an absolute necessity for every one of the applicants showing up in Paper 1 and 2 of the CTET and all State TETs. The book is 100 percent helpful for UPTET, HTET, MPTET, CGTET, UKTET, HPTET, BTET, PTET and other STET’s.

B. UPTET Paryavarniya Adhyayan -Text Book (Hindi)

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If you have made the mood to crack the exam of uptet. You must have a good knowledge of environment theory and objective questions. This topic is very good for number scoring because there is no mathematics calculation. Only you will have to prepare as objective questions. This is the best book for uptet of the environment. Paryavarn book for uptet is available at amazon. So always prefer to buy books online because there are many options. There are all types of questions related to paryavarn. In this practice set, you will get 900+ questions for preparation.

In this book, the writer has included such types of questions that came last year uptet exam. That is why there are many chances to come the same types of question incoming exam. Don’t forget to buy this environment book for uptet exam. Overall this book is a very famous and most selling book at amazon and other online websites.

C. UPTET Bhasha – I: Hindi (Varg: I-VIII)

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This is the best Hindi book for the uptet exam 2021. Alway read this book to prepare the Hindi subject. we all know about the syllabus of uptet 2019. According to the syllabus, the writer has including such types of articles that will assist you in scoring good marks. Kamal dev has written this book and said this is an NCERT base syllabus that will ensure you in getting good marks.

This is a very important Hindi book for the uptet exam 2021. In this book, the writer has tried his best to include the latest syllabus related questions. The writer has made this practice set after deep research and observation. Book gives you the best trick and tips to prepare at the last moment of exam time like one or two months before. This is a very effective study material. you can have trust in this book according to review and feedback.

The writer has divided this book into three parts and included Hindi grammar and prose and poetry. But we recommend you alway this book. You can find out that questin which came in exam from 2011 to 2019 all Hindi questions.

D. Urdu book for UPTET

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Urdu subject is as important as other subjects so you must read this book to crack the exam. Always think that this is also the number scoring subject. The value of this subject is equal to Hindi, English, Sanskrit, etc. Therefore the government has given the full opportunity of that candidate who has knowledge in Urdu and wants to make a career in Urdu as a teacher. This is the best book of Urdu for the uptet exam 2021. So go for this book online. These are many chances to buy this book online.

The composer has tried his best to include all important topics related to Urdu subject. You can also find out the books for the uptet exam 2021 at amazon.

E. Mathematics Books for CTET

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Only mathematics is such a subject that gives good marks by that we can crack the exam easily. In this book, the writer has collected the most important mathematics questions that came last year also. After studying this book you will be eligible to crack the exam of uptet 2021. UPTET mathematics subject is very easing as compared to other exams like a bank, SSC, etc.

“I hope you have read these books importance so read these completely to crack your exam.

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