Best Books for HTET Exam TGT PGT & PRT Subject Wise

To score a good number in Haryana TET you need to have the best books for HTET 2023 exam subject-wise. Because important books play a vital role in all kinds of govt exam or entrance. Today in this article we would discuss the list of Best Books for the HTET Exam (Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test). The Haryana Government conducts the HTET exam for levels 1, 2, and 3 to hire talented teachers at different schools managed by the Haryana Government. So candidates must have the most important HTET books subject-wise.

Best Books for CG TET

Best Books for HTET 2023

The Haryana TET exam is very near so candidates are so excited to find out the best study materials for the HTET exam online and offline. To make the easy and simple we have added the below list with recommended books by expert and qualified candidates. Jankari Hub research online and offline then come to reveal the best books for the HTET exam 2023. Aspirants can have trust truly without having any issues in their minds. A few points should be followed by the candidates.

500+ HTET GK Questions PDF

Best Books for HTET 2023 Tips before purchasing

Below we give you a few golden tips before being any kind of the Hariyana TET Books. Follow the below points before taking the HTET books online or offline. If you follow the below tips and tricks to purchasing the Haryana TET exam books. Jankari Hub is dedicated to helping the govt aspirants with qualified content. Our mission is to provide free education all over India.

  • Check the latest edition and online reviews
  • Check the syllabus in detail found in that books
  • Compare to online and offline prices.
  • Buy online in place of Offline because offline there are limited options. And no change options offline.
  • Follow only these books recommended by qualified candidates and experts.

HTET Syllabus

In the Hariyana TET exam, there are three types of exams conducted TGT PGT & PRT. The board of Haryana education is divided into three parts given below. If you want to become a primary teacher you have to attend the Level 1 exam, For the middle-class teacher you have to attend the level 2 exam and at last, level 3 which is related to lecturer means PGT.

LevelPostClassAge Group
Level 1PRTClass I-V6 to 11 years old
Level 2TGTClass-VI-VIII11 to 16 years old
Level 3PGTClass IX-XII14 to 17 years old
  • English 
  • Hindi
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning Ability
  • Numerical Aptitude 
  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  • Environmental Studies
  • Haryana G.K. 

Best Books for HTET 2023: English

If you are preparing for the HTET exam you must have the best books collection of Haryana Teacher Eligibility Criteria. English is a very significant subject to score a good number in the HTET exam 2023. The expert suggests the S.P Bakshi English book is the best for HTET EXAM 2023. There are many questions according to the syllabus and exam pattern of HTET. Even qualified candidates suggested studying this book. Therefore Jankari Hub also recommends you all study English with Arihant’s PUblished SP Bakshi book. This book covers all of HTET’s Latest English Syllabus without having any doubts candidates can buy this.

English Book

Best Hindi Books for HTET 2023

Hindi is our national language so everyone wants to score a good number. But this is not as easy as you think. This is required more practice and study. Hindi experts suggest always Lucent and Arihant. Both books are very important for the HTET exam so without having any doubts candidates can choose one out of two. Both books have been written in simple and easy language to understand. According to the Jankari Hub, you can buy the Arihant Published books. Because this has been written very simple and easy.

Hindi By ArihantBuy on Amazon
Hindi By LucentBuy on Amazon

Best Books for HTET 2023: Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is a vital subject for the Haryana TET exam. Candidates focus on this subject to score a good number. According to the syllabus and exam pattern this best number-scoring subject in the HTET exam 2023. There are many books that take guarantee to provide the best study materials for the HTET exam 2023. The book has access to different patterns and exercises that ease your practicing task. If you finish this book and solve all-important questions you can score good marks in the HTET exam. Buy this book for your HTET Exam 2023. This book has been recommended by an expert.

Mathematics Book

Buy on Amazon

Best Child Development and Pedagogy Book for HTET 2023 Exam

Child Development and Pedagogy subject is the major subject in all kinds of TET exams in India. This subject needs more and more practice to get more numbers in the HTET exam. There are many books publishing company that says to use their publication but which one is the best? In this article, we would give you such books that are recommended by experts and qualified candidates.

According to many experts and scholars, Himanshi Written is the best book for the HTET exam 2023. Because this book contains all the latest topics according to the HTET syllabus. So buy the below book where you would get last year’s questions paper along with the practice sets and mock test.

Best Books for HTET 2023: Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is the most important subject for teaching exams. Almost all states’ TET exam syllabus comes. But which book is the best for the HTET exam? There are many types of EVS books. Today we would give you the best option to select one book out of the below two. The concepts are described in detail covering the entire aspect of the syllabus. We give you two EVS books both are very significant and very simple to understand. Many qualified candidates followed this Environmental Studies book for CTET and TET exams. Pick one out of both.

Environmental Studies by DrishtiBuy on Amazon
Environmental Studies by WilleyBuy on Amazon

Best Books for Haryana TET Exam: Haryana G.K

Haryana GK is the major subject of the HTET exam 2023. In this exam, Haryana General Knowledge questions are asked according to the syllabus. There are many Haryana GK books in the market but which is the best for you? We have given such a book name that is recommended by experts and qualified candidates. Buy this below book for preparation for the HTET exam in India.

Lucent is the best Haryana GK book for the HTET exam 2023. Buy this below book to score good marks in India. It covers all the latest syllabi of HTET GK questions. Candidates can score good numbers in this exam but they have to give more attention and dedication.

Haryana General Knowledge by LucentBuy on Amazon

How to Prepare for HTET Exam 2023?

  • Study the full latest notification along with the syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Buy always the best books for HTET 2023 exam.
  • Make short notes to practice regularly.
  • Make the timetable and follow them.
  • Study at least 10 hours daily without skipping.
  • Solve all previous year’s HTET questions papers.
  • Maintain your diet and take healthy food.
  • Do Yoga and meditation regularly to maintain confidence.
  • Solve the mock test every day at least once.

Best Books for HTET 2023 Exam: FAQ

Q. How to purchase the best HTET books online?

A. Check the latest article of Jankari Hub. Where you would get all the best Books for HTET Exam 2023.

Q. Which mathematics books for the HTET exam 2023?

A. Arihant Publication Mathematics books are the best for the HTET exam.

Q. Which English book for the HTET exam 2023?

A. S.P Bakshi’s book is the best for the HTET exam 2023.

Q. Which is the best way to buy the HTET Book online or offline?

A. Online mode is the best way to purchase any kind of book. there is many choice and refundable option.

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