Fruits Name in Hindi & English PDF (100 फलों के नाम)

Are you searching for the Fruits Name in Hindi and English on Internet? You have come to the right place to know the fruits name in Hindi and English. If you are a student and want to write the 10 fruits name or 20 Fruits name etc. This article would be dedicated to the famous and most popular fruits name collection. We have created this article for all kinds of students like Hindi Medium and English Medium. Basically students right the flowers name, Fruits name, Vegetables name and colours name etc in their homework.

100 Vegetable Name

Fruits Name

Fruits name topic is not only for the kids or child but also for all kinds of person. Sometimes kids ask the 10 fruits name to write down in their homework. We have added the fruits name in Hindi and English with images to help them recognize them. In view of the CBSE students requirements, we have given the all-important 100 fruits name in English in a PDF form.

Fruits Name in Hindi

If you are a Hindi medium student and want to know the fruits name with nutrition. Below the table, we have listed the fruits name in Hindi and English to make this topic easy and understandable. Fruits are the major thing of nature and a blessing for human beings. It is said that eating an apple keeps doctors away. There is a bountiful of fruits that mother nature has blessed us with. Every season has special fruits growing in nature. Fruits are full of vitamins and minerals that provide us healthy life as well as energy if we use the daily fresh fruit.

In India, we have fruits changing according to the season. There are some fruits that are perennial like bananas or coconut. And some fruits are strictly seasonal like mangoes, various berries, jackfruit.

Fruits Name Lists are a very popular topic in kids education. Every kid and small child are given the homework to write down fruits name with vitamins. If you are young and student, Must-know about the fruits minerals and vitamins in it.

100 Flowers Name

20 Fruits Name in Hindi and English List

We have given the 100 fruits name in Hindi and English to remember easily. In view of the kid’s education, we listed only the most popular those belong to our life and daily usages. These fruits names would help in your speaking English. When we speak English but do not know the name of Fruits in English. This is the daily use of fruits but we do not know the name in English or Hindi. Sometimes we know the fruits name in Hindi but we do not know the same fruit name in English.

Below 20 fruits name list would be very important in your life in terms of education. You can share these names with your friends and relatives to spread the knowledge.

Sr. NoFruits Name in EnglishFruits Name in Hindi
1Apple (एप्पल)सेब
2Banana (बनाना)केला
3Orange (ऑरेंज)संतरा
4Guava (गाभा)अमरुद
5Pineapple (पाइनएप्पल)अनानास
6Papaya (पपाया)पपीता
7Coconut (कोकोनट)नारियल
8Almond (आलमंड)बादाम
9Wood Apple (वुड एप्पल)बेल
10Cashews (कश्यु)काजू
11Custard Apple (कस्टर्ड एप्पल)सरीफा
12Watermelon (वाटरमेलन)तरबूज
13Pomegranate ( पोमिग्रेनेट )अनार्
14Sapota, Naseberry ( स्पोता, नसबेरी )चीकू
15Lemon (लेमन)निम्बू
16Gooseberry ( गूसबेरी )आँवला
17Pear ( पियर )नाशपाती
18Plum ( पल्म )बेर
19Grapes ( ग्रेप्स )अंगूर्
20Litchi ( लीची )लीची

10 Fruits Name

To make your study easy and simple we have brought the topmost 10 fruits name. These fruits names are very important for all kinds of education. Basically, the fruits name list would help the students who are in school. Teachers give the fruits name, Vegetable name, Flower name in the homework. These fruits name lists would help from students to teachers. Sometimes parents search the name of fruits to get completed the homework of their children. In the below list you would note down 10 fruits names. Overall in this article, you would get 100 fruits names in Hindi and English.

21Avocado (एवोकाडो)मक्खनफल
22Barberry (बारबेर्री)दारुहल्दी
23Cherry (चेरी)चेरी फल
24Blackberry (ब्लैकबेरी )जामुन
25Dragon Fruit (ड्रैगन फ्रूट)ड्रैगन फल
26Breadfruit (ब्रेडफ्रूट)विलायती फल
27Tamarind ( टेमरिंड )इमली
28Raisins ( रेसिन )किसमिस
29Blueberry (ब्लुबेरी)नीलबदरी
30Date fruit (डेट फ्रूट)खजूर

Fruits Name with Image

To make your understanding easy and simple we have added the fruits name in Hindi and English with pictures. These fruits are full of vitamins and minerals. Always doctors suggest using fruits in our diet. To keep yourself healthy and active we must use fruits daily in our breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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