Best Books for SSC GD Constable Exam 2024

Are you looking for the best books for SSC gd Constable 2024? You have come to the right to know which is the best study material for the SSC gk constable exam 2024. As you all know the notification of SSC GD constable multiple vacancies have come. In this article, we would like to introduce you to important books for SSC GD preparation 2024. Always read the latest notification of SSC gd and check the syllabus carefully before applying the application and buying the study materials. 

Certainly, books play a crucial role in a student’s life, particularly when gearing up for competitive exams. This significance intensifies when preparing for challenging assessments like the SSC GD Constable. To secure success in such a demanding exam, candidates should initiate their preparation well in advance. To facilitate this process, we have compiled a list of essential books tailored to the exam’s requirements.

Syllabus of SSC GD constable

According to the notification, the complete syllabus of the SSC GD constable. To crack the SSC GD constable exam, you have to have complete syllabus knowledge. Each subject consists of 25 marks and the time for this exam is 90 minutes.

 This is the basic concept of the SSC GD exam syllabus. Overall like other competitive exams, the SSC GD constable was also held. It is not as tough as you think; easily anyone can crack this exam if he practices for 6 months continuously. Let’s see which books are the best for the SSC GD constable exam 2024. 

Best Books List for SSC GD Constable

There are many books and study materials in the market and online stores. But you have to select the best SSC gd constable book out of them. For selecting the vital study materials we would assist you. The below books are suggested by experts and qualified candidates in recent years. After much research, we have added the important SSC GD practice sets as well as books.

Best General Knowledge Books for SSC GD

General knowledge is a very vital subject for the SSC GD exam 2024. So you must follow such types of study materials which are the best for this exam. As there are many published books for GK you have to select after observation. General Knowledge checks the general awareness of candidates for their nation and surroundings. According to the syllabus of SSC GD, there are all types of questions In general knowledge subjects.

This section requires more time and practice so that candidates can solve the questions in less time. For making your exam easy we have listed the best general study books list for the SSC GD exam 2024. You can add buy the one or two from below according to your choice but both are significant.

General Knowledge by LucentBuy on Amazon
General Knowledge by Arihant Buy on Amazon
Lucent GK Book

Lucent GK

No need for an introduction to the Lucent general knowledge book. It is such books that provide all-important general knowledge questions for all types of competitive exams. It consists of all important questions related to the SSC GD Constable exam. You can check all types of questions according to the latest syllabus of SSC gd. In this book, you will get questions from these topics, Ancient History, Medieval History, Geography, Economics, General Science, etc. Lucent is the best study material for the SSC GD constable exam preparation 2024.

General Knowledge

The Arihant publication is another selling competitive exam book in India. Mainly this company compiled such questions which are very significant for govt exam. In this book, the writer has added important topics and questions given the SSC GD Constable syllabus 2024. Manohar Pandey is a very famous GK book writer in aspirants and adds more important questions from History, Geography, general science, economics, etc subjects. That is why Arihant publication gk books are the best book for SSC gd constable 2024.

For current affairs, you need to check the last 6 months current affairs questions from any book or YouTube channel of your choice. Current affairs-related questions also will come in the SSC GD exam.

SSC GD Constable Best Books for Elementary Mathematics

As we all know, qualitative aptitude is the toughest subject in all types of competitive exams. Even though this is a hard and tough subject. But this subject will help you score well in your exam as compared to other subjects. To assist you, we have provided you with the books list which is highly recommended for the SSC GD constable preparation. These are books that cover all important facts according to your SSC GD syllabus latest. 

For better results, you can buy one book out of them as both are very important mathematics books for the SSC GD constable exam 2024. Both books included the basic concept of mathematics from easy to modern. The questions under the advanced maths session are of a very high standard. Both also provide practice sets as well as previous year question papers. Many experts and teachers of SSC GD along with qualified candidates also say to prepare with these important books. 

Elementary and Advanced Mathematics by KD CampusBuy on Amazon
Play with Advanced Maths by Abhinay SharmaBuy on Amazon

Best Reasoning Book for SSC GD Constable

Reasoning is another important decisive subject in the SSC GD exam and number scoring subject. There are a few points you have to check very carefully before buying the best SSC GD study materials. Check the book content which should be matched according to your syllabus.

Always notice the syllabus and find out who meets. This General Intelligence and Reasoning section requires a lot of practice so that students can attempt all the questions in less time. To help you we have added such very important SSC GD reasoning books which are suggested by qualified candidates. So buy one book out of them or two books. 

Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS AgrawalBuy on Amazon
Analytical reasoning by Manohar PandeyBuy on Amazon

Best SSC GD Books for English/Hindi

There are many publications in the market and each one guarantees success. But don’t trust it all blindly. For your support, we have brought the list of best English Language and Hindi language books for the SSC GD constable exam. Below are books that provide you best study materials and fulfill your requirements. It is also based on the latest syllabus of the SSC GD constable exam. If you have these below books with you, your exam will be easy to crack on the first attempt. Most qualified candidates recommend this book to aspirants of SSC gd.

English Language by SP BakshiBuy on Amazon
English for General Competition by KD CampusBuy on Amazon
Aadhunik Hindi Vyakrank aur Rachna by ManormaBuy on Amazon

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Best Books for SSC GD Constable: FAQs

Q. Which are the best GK books for SSC GD constables?

A. Lucent and Arihant by Manohar Pandey both are the best books for the SSC GD Constables exam 2024.

Q. What is the best English language Book for the SSC GD Constables exam 2024?

A. The best English language book is SP Bakshi.

Q. What is the salary of the SSC GD Constable?

A. The grade pay of SSC GD is around 21K Indian Rupees.

Q. Which is the best reasoning book for the SSC GD exam?

A. The best reasoning book for SSC GD is KD Campus publication.

Q. What publication Elementry Mathematics is best for the SSC GD exam?

A. Kiran Publican’s mathematics book is the best for SSC GD constable exam preparation.


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