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LPG Full form – What is the full form of LPG gas

We must know about LPG full form because everyone uses this gas cylinder to make food. Our family members use an LPG gas cylinder for cooking. Today we would discuss in detail the full form of LPG gas. Below we give the full name of LPG gas.

LPG Full form – Liquefied Petroleum Gas

This gas is used on a daily basis. There is no color in this gas and it is in liquid form. Whenever we transfer gas from a big cylinder to a small cylinder we can see in liquid formate. It is a generic name that refers to a group of flammable hydrocarbon gasses like propane, butane, isobutane, etc. We use this gas to cook food or heat liquid in place of wood.

LPG has no color and heavier than air. This has a good high heating power and produces instant head to boil anything. There is no harm in this gas and easily transferable from one cylinder to another. LPG is a very portable heating energy and easily can be transferred.

Why LPG Smells?

Do you know the reason for LPG gas smells? Why this smells? Let’s go to understand the reason behind that. In this gas company adds an odorant for security reasons. Whenever gas leaks we understand with its smell.

How LPG gas is made?

Sometimes we think of how this company makes this gas. LPG is extracted from natural gas and crude oil through processing and refining respectively. There are many companies to take out the raw liquid from the earth. There are many processes to produce LPG gas for more click now.

LPG Full form in Hindi

Lpg ka full form kya hota hai ye prashn bahut hi samanya hai. तो चलिए हम सब देखते है इसका पूरा नाम क्या है। एल पी जी गैस को हम सभी भोजन बनाने में उपयोग करते है। एलपीजी का फुल फॉर्म क्या होता है – लिक्विफाइड पेट्रोलियम गैस होता है।

Uses of LPG

There are many uses of this gas. So must know the full form of LPG and CNG. Most important places where we use this gas.

  • Generally, people use this gas in making food.
  • Heating water
  • Burn industrial stove.
  • Automobile fuel uses.
  • Make electricity.

Thus you have got complete information about the full name of LPG and its uses. We have tried our best to make you understand.

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