RAC Full Form – आर ए सी का फुल फॉर्म क्या होता है?

Today we would tell you RAC full form in railway. Most of the time people take the RAC ticket from online either railway ticket counter. But does not understand what is the full form of RAC and how it works. If we share about the RAC full form and its benefits and disadvantage. There are a lot of benefits from a RAC ticket but few of us face the problem while traveling.

RAC full form – Reservation Against Cancellation

Full form of RAC Ticket

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Everyone becomes so curious to know the full meaning of RAC in the railway while traveling. This is such types of railway ticket where we travel two passengers on one seat or berth. In the simple word, we tell you It is a type of ticket that is sold by the Indian Railways for travel to those passengers whose tickets are not confirmed. In this ticket, the railway does not take any guaranty to provide a single seat to each one.

What is the full form of RAC?

The RAC stands fro Reservation against cancellation. These tickets are provided by the Indian railway via online either ticket counter. To know the full name of RAC read this article properly. As usual, this ticket is a seat share ticket. We have to do our journey with a stranger person on one seat. This is very typical to manage each one. According to me, this is very useful when you have to go urgently.

आर ए सी का फुल फॉर्म क्या होता है?

आर ए सी एक ऐसा टिकट होता है जिसमे यात्री को पूरी सीट नहीं मिलती है। और पैसेंजर को एक सीट पे दो लोगों को एडजस्ट करना पड़ता है। ये टिकट रेलवे के द्वारा दिया जाता है। जिन पैसेंजर का टिकट निश्चित नहीं होता है उन्हें ही ये टिकट मिलता है। आर ए सी का फुल फॉर्म होता है रिजर्वेशन अगेस्ट कैंसलेशन। दो आर ए सी सीट वालों को रेलवे केवल एक ही सीट देती है और दोनों पैसेंजर को उसी में शेयर करना होता है। कहने का मतलब है एक सीट पे दो लोगों को यात्रा करनी होती है।

और आप आर ए सी के टिकट को ऑनलाइन या रेलवे काउंटर से बुक करा सकते है। इसके फायदे और नुकशान दोनों है। यदि आप टिकट बुक कर रहे है और उसी वक्त पे सभी सीटें बुक हो जाती है तो सर्वर आपको आर ए सी या वेटिंग का टिकट देता है। जब आपके टिकट वेटिंग लिस्ट में होते है तो उसके कन्फर्म होने के अवसर कम हो जाते है यदि आपकी वेटिंग लिस्ट ज्यादा है तो। सबसे पहले वेटिंग टिकट आर ए सी में बदलता है यदि नहीं तो कन्फर्म में बदल जाता है। और यदि दोनों नहीं हुवा तो आपका टिकट केवल वेटिंग में ही रहेगा। मैं आशा करता हु की आपसभी को आर ए सी का पूरा मतलब पता चल गया होगा।

The benefits of RAC Ticket

There are many advantages to the RAC ticket. Whenever we travel on an urgent basis at the last moment if you get a RAC ticket. This would very fine for us. The RAC ticket railway provides a sharing sleeper seat. In this seat, we can travel with other people. For security reasons, the railway provides a different PNR number for each passenger. So we can say “something is better than nothing”. This ticket is better than general tickets. In general tickets, there are many rushes while traveling.

RAC Ticket Disadvantage

The list of disadvantages are more than the benefits. When we sleep on this berth we have to adjust. There is no more rood to sleep. Along with we travel with a stranger that is not good for us. Sometimes other does not cooperate while sleeping. The whole night we have to manage ourselves. We do not know who is how? Overall these berths are so so.

Can a RAC ticket be confirmed?

Yes, Definitely RAC ticket can be confirmed but sometimes. When your ARC number is very less at that time your chances become more to clear. For example, If your RAC ticket number is 20 and your journey time is more than 20 to 25 days after. There will be more chances to confirm your ticket. How you can check your RAC ticket status? this is a very simple step. Click on the Indian railway and click on PNR status. By entering your PNR number you will get the current status of your RAC ticket. Thus you have got the full name of RAC in Hindi.

Long-form of RAC

Basically RAC word we hear in a train journey or while booking the ticket. I have narrated in detail about RAC full form along with RAC benefits. We provided your full name of RAC in Hindi and the English language by that you can easily understand the RAC ka full form.

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