Scientific Name of Animals, Birds, Fruit, Plants and Vegetables

Animal Scientific Name

The list of Scientific Name of Animals, Birds, Fruit, Plants and Vegetables is a very important general knowledge topic. Are you preparing for Government jobs? If yes this section is the most important for your competitive exams. These types of questions come in all competitive exams. So we recommend to all aspirants to remember the scientific names of the animal list. This topic is a very number scoring topic at least one or two questions come from this section.

Therefore we have given a detailed list of animal scientific names to remember easily. After studying this section you would be surely perfect in general knowledge in this section. So don’t wait for more look below the chart. These questions are the best for Railway Group D and other competitive exams. The aspirant must prepare Scientific Name of Animals to crack the railway exams or other government jobs.

Animal Scientific Name

To make this simple for all kinds of Kids and parents. We have given all animals scientific names. This topic is very important for all kinds of students or competitive exam preparation.

Animals NameScientific Names
Lion Panthera leo
Cat Felis catus
Donkey Equus Africanus asinus
Cow Bos taurus
Tiger Panthera tigris
Sheep Ovis aries
Dog Canis lupus
Indian Elephant Elephas maximus
Tendu (Leopard)Panthera Pardus
Wolf Canis lupus
Rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis
Horse Equus caballus
Indian Cobra Naja naja
Crocodile Crocodylus palustris
Wild Ass Equus Africanus asinus
Peacock Pavo cristatus
Giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis
Kala Hiran Antelope Cervicapra
AlpacaVicugna pacos
Sun bearHelarctos malayanus
GoatCapra aegagrus hircus
CheetahAcinonyx jubatus
Arabian camelCamelus dromedarius
GaurBos Gaurus
Black ratRattus rattus
Red foxVulpes vulpes
African elephantLoxodonta
Brown Tree SnakeBoiga irregularis
ChinkaraGazella bennettii
CrocodileCrocodylus palustris
HippopotamusHippopotamus amphibius
Indian PythonPython molurus
Polar bearUrsus maritimus
BuffaloBubalus bubalis

Animal Scientific Name PDF

Leopard or pantherPanthera pardus
Rhesus monkeyMacaca mulatta
Wild AssEquus Africanus asinus
MonkeySimiiformes (infraorder)
ZebraEquus quagga
NilgaiBoselaphus tragocamelus
Wild boarSus scrofa
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus
RhinocerosRhinoceros unicornis

Birds Scientific Name

In the below list, we have given the bird scientific name as well as the insects name. This is a very important topic for all kinds of students like govt preparation or schooling. For making the scientific name of insects and birds easy and comfortable to learn. We have created all-important birds scientific names in PDF form so download this list from below. We have added the most popular Birds scientific name list to remember always.

Generally birds scientific name related questions are asked in all government jobs in India. If you are preparing for SSC RLY BANK, Police etc exam. You need to have good knowledge about Birds biological names. We have created this table for all kinds of students from primary to college levels. Now you can also download the Bird scientific name list.

HouseflyMusca domestica
HenGallus gallus domesticus
House crowCorvus splendens
PigeonColumba livia
Great horned owlBubo virginianus
House mouseMus musculus
Tiger SnakeNotechis scutatus
Siberian craneGrus leucogeranus
Honey BeeApis
Rat snakePtyas mucosa
SparrowPasser domesticus
Sea snakeHydrophiinae
PeacockPavo cristatus
KoelEudynamys scolopaceus
House sparrowPasser domesticus
House wall LizardHemidactylus flaviviridis
Indian CobraNaja naja
King cobraOphiophagus hannah
NilgaiBoselaphus tragocamelus

Vegetables and Fruits Scientific Name

As usually, we eat fruits and vegetables daily but we do not care for the scientific name of vegetables and fruits. We have added the names of the most prominent vegetables for scientific. Sometimes students search the jackfruit scientific name or other vegetables scientific name list. 100 Vegetable Name in Hindi and English you can check from here also.

BananaMusa paradisiaca
BrinjalSolanum melongena
CarrotDaucus Carota
Curry plantMurraya koenigii
AppleMalus Domestica
Black GramPlasoes mungo
CottonGossypium herbaceum
Black PepperPiper nigrum
GarlicAllium sativum
CorianderCoriandrum sativum
GuavaPsidium guajava
CapsicumCapsicum frutescens
DrumstickMoringa oleifera
CucumberCucumis sativus
CloveSyzygium aromaticum
GingerZingiber officinale
Green GramPhaseolus aulicus
JowarSorghum Vulgare
MaizeZea mays
Horse GramDolichos biffoeus
LettuceLactuca sativa
MangoMangifera indica
LemonCitrus Limonium
OnionAllium cepa
PineappleAnanas comosus
RadishRaphanus sativus
OrangeCitrus aurantium
Red GramCajanus cajan
MintMentha arvensis
SpinachSpinacia oleracea
PotatoSolanum tuberosum
WatermelonCitrullus vulgaris
TurmericCurcuma longa
TomatoSolanum Lycopersicum

Scientific names of animals and plants both are the most important exam point of view. This topic is very prominent for all types of govt jobs. Because the examiner asks many questions about these topics. Therefore we have given the list of all important scientific names of animals.

In the coming exam especially in Railway Exam, these are important. So study these in detail. Hence aspirants must keep visiting this website.

Animal Scientific Name: FAQs

  • What is the elephant scientific name – Elephas maximus
  • What is the Lion scientific name – Panthera leo
  • Tell Horse scientific name – Equus caballus
  • Tiger scientific name – Panthera Tigris
  • Giraffe scientific name kya hai – Giraffa camelopardalis
  • Zebra ka vaigyanik naam kya hai – Equus quagga
  • Fox ka vaigyanik name kya hai – Vulpes vulpes
  • Dog ka vaigyanik naam kya hai – Canis lupus familiaris
  • Wolf animal scientific name – Canis lupus
  • Cat Scientific name in hindi- Felis catus
  • Cow Scientific name of this animal – Bos taurus
  • What is the Sheep scientific name – Ovis aries
  • Rhinoceros ka scientific name kya hai – Rhinoceros unicornis
  • Kala Hiran scientific name what is – Antelope Cervicapra
  • Ass scientific name kya hai – Equus africanus asinus
  • Peacock scientific name – Pavo cristatus
  • What is the Indian Cobra scientific name – Naja naja

Animal Scientific Name List

  • Tendua(Leopard) ka vaigyanic name kya hai – Panthera Pardus
  • Crocodile scientific name – Crocodylus palustris
  • Donkey animal scientific name is Equus africanus asinus
  • Arabian camel scientific name is what – Camelus dromedaries
  • Rabbit scientific name what is – Oryctolagus cuniculus
  • Lizard vaigyanic name kya hai – flaviviridis

Overall we have covered most of the important animal scientific names for all competitive exams. Because these are very number scoring questions for all govt jobs. General knowledge is the big source of qualifying for the exams. Hence students of govt jobs preparation must visit this website regularly.

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