SC, ST, and OBC Full Form – SC, ST और OBC का फुल फॉर्म क्या है?

SC, ST, and OBC Full Form

SC, ST, and OBC’s full forms are in further lines. Generally, SC, ST, OBC, and General Category are required for reservation in govt service or govt scheme. According to the Indian constitution, reservation is given according to the person category not financially weak. Therefore candidates must know the SC, ST, and OBC Full form including the General Category. In our countries, there are many religions and cultures. India celebrates all festivals together with joy and happiness and shares sweets.

SC Full Form – Schedule Castes

ST- Schedule Tribes

OBC – Other Backward Classes

SC, ST, and OBC Full Form

The government of India has made these castes a category for giving the reservation of backward class people and scheduled classes. The mission of this reservation is to give equality in our country. For example, if anyone from a poor government provides these facilities to make them equal in wealth and living. As previously, we explained the full meaning of SC and ST including OBC. Now we give you the list for each caste.

DTC Full Form

SC Full Form in Hindi (SC, ST और OBC फुल का फॉर्म क्या है?)

According to history, this caste belongs to a very poor family. And SC Full Form in Hindi is अनुसूचित जाति means Schedule castes. The main work of scheduled castes was to clean the waste or mud water. Clean the toilet, and work on animal skin. Overall we can say they used to do the cleaning service and many more. In the past time, these castes were not permitted to touch any upper castes. But gone are the days now the government has removed these types of supervision from our society. This the tremendous work.

KGF Full Form

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ST Full Form (ST KA Full Form)

ST full form means schedule tribes. Those people who live in the forest or any alone place without having a good connection with society. Govt is increasing awareness in these cases to make a good connection with them. Their life is very different from normal. Their dressing, living, eating, festivals, and culture are very unique. So all the world says India is great.

As per the govt of India SC ST and OBC are reserved castes in India. As per the past time records SC-ST caste people were torched more by the upper caste in our country. After coming to the constitution in our country this tradition is being changed. ST Caste Full Form is asked in all govt exam application forms. So remember the full name of ST Caste.

DHL Full Form

OBC Full Form

We can not forget the full form of OBC. The full name of OBC is other backward classes. In Indian history, these were the formers. They were very weak in terms of wealth, education, and social. OBC comes over ST and SC caste yet general category persons used to hate them. They were so busy with farming and animal care they did not have any education. But nowadays govt has removed all such types of obstacles in our society and given us a good opportunity to go ahead.

LPG Full Form

What is the full form of SC, ST, and OBC?

Overall SC, ST, and OBC full meaning are Schedule caste, Schedule Tribes. These castes are very important to know every India. These categories get benefits in government schemes and govt jobs.

Full name of SC ST and OBC

The full type of SC, ST, and OBC have Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and Other Backward Classes (OBC). These classifications are fundamentally made to help the impeded and in reverse segments of specific ranks and clans. Once in a while likewise the minority, similar to Muslims has a place in OBC(M) class.

ITI Full Form

SC ST Full Form in English

The full type of ST is Scheduled Castes(SCs). The timetable Castes and calendar clans are authoritatively assigned gatherings of verifiably hindered individuals in India. The terms are perceived in the constitution of India and the gatherings are planned in one or other of the classes.

PNR Full Form

Full name of OBC

Other Backward Class (OBC) is an aggregate term utilized by the Government of India to order positions that are instructively or socially burdened. It is one of a few authority groupings of the number of inhabitants in India, alongside Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SCs and STs).

The OBCs were found to include 52% of the nation’s populace by the Mandal Commission report of 1980 and were resolved to be 41% in 2006 when the National Sample Survey Organization occurred. There is generous discussion over the specific number of OBCs in India.

It is commonly evaluated to be sizable, however many accept that it is higher than the figures cited by either the Mandal Commission or the National Sample Survey. I think you have got the full details about OBC Caste’s full form and full meaning.

IRCTC Full Form

SC Full Form in English

The full type of SC, ST, and OBC have Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and Other Backward Classes (OBC). These classes are essentially made to help the impeded and in reverse areas of certain stations and clans. Here and there additionally the minority, similar to Muslims has a place with OBC(M) classification.

National Helpline Number for SC/ST

As per the news agency, the Indian govt has announced the national helpline number for SC ST category people to help them. Due to many problems faced by the SC-ST Category. The central govt of India has launched a new toll-free number works 24*7. The National Helpline number of SC-ST Act (Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.) You can use this toll-free number 14566 across the country. SC-ST category person can call this number in all regional languages to get them every time help. Use this number to protect yourself.

SIM Full Form

Govt Rules for SC ST OBC and UR in Election

These questions come to our mind is there any reservation for SC ST OBC in the election of India? But this is not like you think. Only in Gram panchayat election, SC ST OBC category reservation is valid for Lok sabha Vidhan Sabha. So be prepared for this topic. Few of us are against reservation and relaxation of SC ST and OBC.

SC, ST, and OBC Full Form: FAQs

Q. What is SC ST and OBC?

A. The meaning of SC ST and OBC is a category of India. If we talk about the SC, ST and OBC Full Form. These are the full form of categories. SC Full Form: Schedule Caste, ST: Scheduled Tribes, OBC: Other Backward Class.

Q. What is full form SC-ST?

A. The full form of SC ST is SC Full Form: Schedule Caste, ST: Scheduled Tribes.

Q. What is the SC caste category?

A. SC Caste Category is Scheduled, Class.

Q. What is the full form of SC BC?

A. The Full Form of SC BC is Scheduled Caste/Backward Caste (Hindu castes; India).

Q. What is the sub-caste of St?

A. भील, भील ​​गरासिया, ढोली भील, डूंगरी भील, डूंगरी गरासिया, मेवासी भील, रावल भील, तड़वी भील, भगलिया, भिलाला, पवारा, वसावा, वसावे। चेंचू, चेंचवार। चोधरा। दुबला, तलविया, हलपाती। गामित, गमता, गावित, मावची, पड़वी,

Q. What is SC Full Form in Indian Constitution?

A. SC Full Form is Supreme Court according to the Indian Constitution.

Q. What is the UR Full Form in the category?

A. UR Full Form is Unreserved Category or General Category.

Q. What is SC-ST Certificate?

A. SC and ST certificate means to get the relaxation in govt jobs or other categories.

RAC Full Form

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