PNR Full Form – Passenger Name Record

PNR Full Form

Everyone wants to know PNR’s full form but few of us know the full form of PNR. Basically, the PNR number is very famous on Indian Railway. This number is not only used in railway tickets but also on the bus along with air tickets. I think now we should share what is the full form of PNR. Now you have got the What is the full form of PNR? this is very simple and informative for you.

Now you have understood the full meaning of PNR in the Indian railway. When we booked the railway ticket 10 digit PNR Number is available on the ticket.

What is PNR and PNR Number?

PNR is the record of a passenger travelling from train, bus, and flight. When we book the ticket for us, we give the complete details, like name, mobile number, and gender. All information is stored in the computer reservation system (CRS). In place of that computer generate a 10-digit number. With the help of that number, we can check our ticket position. If we book the in-group computer generates only one PNR number. We hope you have understood the importance of PNR’s full form of meaning.

PNR Full Form in Hindi

In our country, there are many states who speak only Hindi. That is why they want to know PNR ka full form kya hota hai – पैसेंजर नाम रिकार्ड्स, अब तो आप सभी को इसका पता लग गया। We have told you what stands for pnr in both languages Hindi and English.

PNR Number format: In the PNR there are 10 digits that contain two parts. First 3 and then the rest of 7 digits for an example you can see this 263-3625158.

PNR Number Benefits

You have got complete knowledge and the full name of PNR. But now the time is to know what is the advantage of the PNR Number. PNR number is helpful for a railway journey as it provides the facility of inquiry, the status of the train, finding a seat on the train, etc. If any misshaping takes place at that moment this would be the best identification of passengers. With the help of the PNR railway or police find out full information about passengers. This would be best when you book awaiting or RAC tickets. You can check the current position and availability of your ticket.

Meaning of PNR in railway

This is a great question in our minds. Because we use the railway or flight ticket but we don’t know the full form of PNR on the railway. Or we search for the full name of PNR on the internet. After seeing the positive result we get satisfaction. The importance of PNR is best for claiming any misshaping in the railway or filing any case against the railway. Thus the value of a PNR is good for our peaceful journey in railways and Flight.

PNR Full Form in Flight

Surely you are so excited to know about the value of PNR full form in Airlines or Flight. There is no difference between Railway PNR and Airline PNR. Both work the same types. So we must know about the importance of PNR in railway and Airlines. Overall ticketing agency or website generates a unique number to track your seat and the current status of your booked ticket. With the help of the Airline PNR number, we can check the latest status of our flight take-off time and landing times. Thus it makes our journey very comfortable and peaceful. I think you have got more and more information about the PNR full form in airlines.

पीएनआर का पूरा नाम क्या होता है?

Jaisa ki hum sab ko pta hai ki pnr ka full form kya hota hai. aksar log internet pe dhoondhate rahate hai ki pnr ka full form kya hota hai. Ye bahut hi asan sa sawal hai. Vaise to eska poora naam hota hai pasenger naa record. to aap log samajh gaye honge eska pura naam kya hai.

Full Form of PNR in Indian Railway-

This is the best question in our minds. Passenger name records in the Indian railway help us to find out the latest status of the train. This means which time will arrive and depart from the starting point. Moreover, we get satisfaction from checking. Indian Railways is the major earning source of the Indian government. But if we discuss Metro there is no use of PNR in Metro. Overall we narrated the importance of PNR uses in Indian Railway for a passenger.

How to check PNR status?

We use this number for checking the status of our seat availability or booked status. But the question is how to check the PNR of our ticket. This is a very simple and smart way to find out the latest status of your ticket and train schedule. Below we give you a few important steps to check our PNR status. Everyone checks the PNR Status before going to the Railway Station or Airport.

  • Open google on your mobile.
  • Search PNR status.
  • Click on this website – www.Indianrailways.govt
  • Fill your PNR No in the empty box.
  • Then click on submit.
  • You can check the current status of your ticket.

PNR Full Form in Railway

The meaning of PNR in the railway is very significant for all travellers. The use of PNR in the E-Ticket. When we book the railway ticket through the IRCTC website instantly generate unique passenger name records for future evidence if any case or accident happens. The value of PNR in the railway is very essential. The Ministry of Railways stores each passenger’s KYC details on its server for further assistance. Thus you have got the PNR full form in the railway in detail.

Long Form of PNR

The sense of long-form creates the same meaning full form of PNR. The significance of PNR in railway is as valuable as you think. For future use of PNR is to help us for claiming insurance if any mishappening to us. I think you have got PNR long-form in Hindi and English.

What is the PNR in an E-Ticket?

PNR is the main digit to track any ticket status on Railway or any flight’s current location. This is the best way to check the ticket status along with train cancellation also. PNR works are the same on both offline tickets and e-tickets. So you must know the value of PNR on hard tickets or e-tickets.

PNR Full Form List

PNR Full Form word is not only used in Trains and Aeroplanes but also in other fields. PNR word is used in the Medical and banking sectors. Below we give the other PNR full meaning so check below also.

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PNR Full Form FAQs

Q. What is the meaning of PNR status?

A. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record and It is a unique 10-digit code. Which tells about the customer records like Name, Age, Train Number, Ticket Status, Destination, and personal details for further legal investigation.

Q. Will my PNR status be confirmed?

A. There is no 100% guarantee if you have booked the ticket on the waiting list. When anyone cancels the ticket who booked before you. There will be a possibility.

Q. How can I check if my ticket is confirmed?

A. This is very simple to check the confirmed ticket from the official website of IRCTC. Just open the PNR status and enter your PNR number and check. An immediate system will show the current status of your confirmed ticket.

Q. What is a 10-digit PNR number?

A. PNR numbers tell these further things.  The first 3 digits specify the PRS (Passenger Reservation System) from which the ticket is booked. The first digit of the PNR number specifies the zone of the train (starting station of the train) of the ticket.

Q. Is the PNR number unique?

A. Yes each PNR number is unique and all are different and do not match any other passenger PNR number.

Q. Is PNR and ticket number the same?

A. No these are not the same, both are different PNR and Ticket Numbers.

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