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LPG Full form – What is the full form of LPG gas

We must know about LPG full form because everyone uses this gas cylinder to make food. Our family members use an LPG gas cylinder for cooking. Today we would discuss in detail the full form of LPG gas. Below we give the full name of LPG gas. LPG Full form – Liquefied Petroleum Gas This […]

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Full form of CNG, What is the full form of CNG

Sometimes we search the full form of CNG. As CNG Stands for Compressed Natural Gas. I think you have understood the full name of CNG gas. Mostly CNG gas is used to run the automobiles. In compressed natural gas consists of methane gas. This provides the power to engine for running with oxygen. We use […]

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Full form of BMW Car – What is the full form of BMW Luxury car

What is the full form of BMW Car? This is a very common question for everyone. Wherever we see any BMW car? the question comes in our mind about the BMW full form. In this article, we would discuss the full name of BMW Car along with the latest information. BMW Full Form: Bavarian Motor […]

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CID Full form – What is the full name of CID

We all want to know CID Full form for general information or for any competitive exams. CID stands for Crime Investigation Department. Thus This department has been very famous to solve crime cases. Always CID helps us and pulls out from difficulty. The British government has established the CID department in 1902. While the British […]

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What is the full form of DRDO? “DRDO Full Form”

DRDO full form is “Defence Research and Development Organization”. This is a government organization. This organization comes under the ministry of defence. DRDO stands for Defence Research and Development Organization. This is an agency of the Republic of India. DRDO was established in 1958 by the merger of the then Technical Development Establishment and the […]

NEFT Full form
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NEFT Full form – Full form of NEFT – What is the full form of NEFT?

This is very important to know NEFT Full form in the banking sector. It does not mean that only a banking person should know the full form of neft. We all must know the importance of NEFT for online money transactions from one account to another account. A few years ago Neft service was only […]