BLO Full Form – BLO का फुल फॉर्म क्या होता है?

The BLO Full Form is Booth Level Officer in India. Generally, this word is used for election timing and most people want to know the full meaning of BLO in India. We have brought wide information about BLO’s full meaning as well as BLO’s Definition. There are many kinds of work of Booth-level officers during the Lokshabha election and the Bidhan Sabha election.

BLO Full Form

The work of a BLO is very tough during the election. When an election comes very near all regional or village BLO get ready to provide the slip of voters and make them aware of the value of the election. BLO does the main work especially adding the name and removing the name and forwarding them to the head office of the Election commission of India. BLO post comes under the local govt body or Anganwadi etc.

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BLO Full Form in Hindi

BLO Full Form in Hindi is बूथ लेवल ऑफिसर. BLO is the main or grass root person of the Election commission of India. This Means BLO does the work in village and block-level in India. They collect the correct data and forward it to the Election commission office to give correct information. BLOs are appointed from among the officers of the governmental bodies under Section 13B (2) of the Representation of People Act, 1950. According to Section 13B (2), there would be one BLO with the election commission of India.

BLO Full Meaning

The Full meaning of BLO is Booth Level Officer. During the election, the responsibility of BLO increased. The election commission of India. In 2006 election commission of India decided to appoint a village-based BLO office to get the latest status. The main mission of ECI is to hire the BLO to keep the correct data error-free. BLO assists eligible individuals in registering to vote and obtaining a voter card.

BLO Full Form in English

Before the BLO data of the voters was wrong and not perfect. But after coming to the BLO position all Voter details have been right. BLO moves the village and collects the correct name and address same details are forward to ECI to make the voter ID or other things. BLO offers various forms for the addition, deletion, and correction of Electoral Roll entries. The BLO Full Form in English is Booth Level Officers.

BLO other Full Form

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  • BLO Full Form: Back Loop Only
  • BLO Full Form: Boiled Linseed Oil
  • BLO Full Form: Barbie Liberation Organisation
  • BLO Full Form: Blondous Airport

What is BLO?

BLO is a post and designation in your village and area. There are many works of BLO in your area they manage the Election commission of India services and orders. BLO’s full meaning is Booth Level Officer. During any kind of election in India BLO distribute the election slips to the voters and trains them to cast the vote. He always moves in his village and block area and time to time submits the election card.

BLO Full Form: FAQs

Q. What is the full form of BLO in Elections (India)?

A. The full form of BLO is Booth Level Officer

Q. What is the full form of BLO in Governmental?

A. Booth Level Officer is the full form of BLO.

Q. What is the BLO?

A. BLO (Booth Level Officer) is the Full Form of BLO. It is the govt body of India.

Q. What is the power of BLO?

A. BLO assists eligible citizens to become voters and obtain voter cards. BLO provides forms for addition, deletion and correction of Electoral Roll entries as well as carries out physical verification.

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