Best Computer Courses after 12th in 2022

Today we would explain the best computer courses after 12th passed. Everyone students and their parents think which is the best computer courses after the eleventh passed children. As we all are living in the digital era and a computer is very essential in our life. Last few years information technology has become a booming career for each one. And our country is playing a good role in the field of information technology. a job as a technology professional is among the most preferred career options for the youth of today. The below courses are the best computer courses for the job.

According to a report our country youngster uses more mobile and computer as compared to the last few years. In each office, a computer is mandatory to operate any type of file or store the records of the company. A computer does not provide only jobs but it increases our IQ level. To make your selection easy we have given the best computer courses list in this article. These are the top computer course for high salaries in India.

After completion of 10th and 12th students seek which is the best career option to get immediate jobs in the private sector. Below we provide the top 5 computer courses in India. When you complete this course your job possibility will be increased. Let see which are the best computer courses after 12th passed in our country.

Best Computer Courses after 12th

There are uncountable computer courses after 12th but which is the best and job providing the course. Most of the institutes are misguiding us and encouraging us to take this course and take admission. But is there any career opportunity or not. They do not think about our careers. For solving this issue I have written this article for you. Read this article completely to choose a course. Further, we give you the best 5 computer courses in our country.

Top 10 Best Computer courses After 12th

Digital Marketing

This is the world popular course after completing the 12th standard. In this era, most of the work is being done with the help of the Internet. There are many Digital Marketing courses and the scope of digital marketing. But which is the best digital marketing course for you.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • Email Marketing
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Online Brand Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writing
  • DM Teacher
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Lead Generation

The above courses are very demanded in the market. Along with there are many jobs opportunity in the Digital Marketing field. You can select any of them from the above list. Overall all courses are interconnected to one another. According to my, SEO is the best digital marketing course at this time. Because there are many jobs in this field and every company wants to promote its business free of cost. This is possible in a search engine optimization service. SEO is a very vast course in Digital Marketing and very potent in the market. Every SEO executive takes a salary minimum of 25 plus in starting.

If you have completed the SEO course you can start your own business or start an affiliate website. In the digital era, the company hires those who is an expert in the field of SEO. SEO expert promotes business naturally without spending any extra expense on a company. Normally we can say SEO is the backbone of Digital Marketing.

To do this course there is no education foundation. Everyone can learn SEO courses who understand the internet and search engine.

Best Computer courses After 12th: Web Designing

Each company has its own website and they hire a person who can handle the website. A lot of opportunities is waiting for you in the field of web designing. There are many jobs and the organization is paying a high salary for a web developer. You can do a web designing course after the 12th or 10th passes. Normally you can complete this course within a year and if you are so intelligent it can complete within 6 months. An integral part of Computer Science, it’s all about teaching you how to design and maintain websites.

Web designing is a great career option who want to do self business or any job. At this time these are the most popular languages PHP, JavaScript, HTML. If you are perfect in these languages there is a golden opportunity.

There are many institutes in the market. But before taking the admission take the revies of that institute where you go. Check the quality of education along with the course syllabus.

The duration of web designing is typically 1 year. And we recommend you go for the 1-year course because this is a long process. Always take deep knowledge in web designing. After completing the course, you may work independently or join a company. Whether you get successful or not depends on your skills.

According to my, this is another best computer course after 12th passed students.

Best Computer courses After 12th

VFX and Animation

In this course, students study these topics, visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics, etc. Last few years there is a good opportunity in the field of VFX and Animation. This is the most demanded course in the video creating industry like TV serials, Gaming, Video Editing, Film industry.

Currently, there are a number of quality institutes in the market but few of them are good. One of the best among them is Arena Multimedia. The fees vary from institute to institute. The film industry is demanding those candidates who have good knowledge in the field of VFX and Animation.

This is the best computer course after 12th passed students. The salary of VFX creators is more than other normal jobs. Mostly VFX creator takes a salary of more than 1 Lakh per month. Nowadays, the number of animation movies has increased. People love such movies.

Also, the importance of using good visual effects in movies has increased. So graduates of this course can find jobs easily in such film industries.

After having good knowledge you can start a self business from your home. If your skill is very good in the animation company will approach from its own end. No need to search for any job. The job will search for you. This course requires more hardworking along with good knowledge. Choose this course if you are so curious about the animation field.

Data Entry Operator

The data entry operator is the basic computer course after 12th exam students. In this course, the computer teacher trains the students for typing speed via keyboards. In entry jobs, candidate skills require only typing speed. Most of the offices hire data entry operator executives to maintain their files on the computer. This IT computer course is the best for those who do not know deep knowledge.

For getting data entry jobs to join any computer training institute. Normally this course is only for 6 months. This is a very easy and most popular computer course after 12th passed students.

Naturally, the Data entry operator executive salary is around 15k each month. Take training the data entry operator from any computer institute.

Graphic Designing Course

In this digital age, the most demanding course is graphic design. If you learn a graphic designing course means your value will be increased. Graphic design provides unique career options and a good platform. With the onset of the computer, this stream of design is being used everywhere and has multiple applications in varied fields. Image

After completing the graphic designing course you will be perfect in designing the images, photos, etc. Graphic designer, Corporate training. This is the most valuable course in the computer field.

Best Computer courses After 12th: App Development

Nowadays mobile has been an authentic friend of human beings. Means everyone has a smartphone especially young boys and girls. Everyone uses the mobile for playing music, games, listening to songs, online shopping, ordering food. For completing these hobbies we have to install the mobile application on our mobile. Thus the demons of apps are being increased day by day.

There are two types of major app construction courses one is Android, IOS. Mobile apps developer designs apps that run very smoothly and fast with the latest options. The app holding company implements the most modern version of its feature.

Naturally, you can complete this course after the 12th passed. The duration of this course is up to 6 months normally.

If you complete this course there are a lot of jobs in a company and a good opportunity for self business at this time. The salary of the app developer becomes more than 35K each month. This means a good possibility to make a career in the field of apps construction.

For completing the app development course visit the best Institute in your area. One thing you must notice before taking admission to any kind of institute. The thing is the duration of the course because this course is not as easy as we think. It takes more time and experiments to become professional. If any institute says we would train you in 3 months. That is totally misguiding. The best time duration of the App Development course is around 1 year. And the career of App Developer is bright in the coming time. After all we gave you all info in detail about the app development course.

Hardware Networking

This is also the best computer course for the 12th passed candidates. It does not require any special qualifications. If any student has completed the 10th or 12th level exam can take admission in Hardware Networking Course from any reputed institute to take the training.

Generally, if we face any trouble with our computer or laptop we search for a mechanic or hardware networking person. There is a good opportunity to open a self business than doing any job. But the possibility of both is good.

There are many types of Hardware Networking courses. But the best is a chip-level in that course you will learn more and more deep knowledge. But just as software needs to be updated continuously, computer hardware is also prone to developing faults and minor/major niggles. Mainly you are trained to repair and troubleshoot computers like Monitor, CPU, Mouse, Printer and many more hardware products.

In this course, a student learns to repair the laptop and computer including assembling the CPU. No doubts about the career and job opportunity in the Hardware Networking course. This is the best computer course for 12th passed students.

Make your career bright and successful after doing Hardware Networking Jobs. If we talk about the salary of a Hardware Networking candidates might make 15k to 20k each month. If they go for a workshop and opens a repairing shop of laptop and computer. This would be the best option to make handsome money. I think this is the top computer course after the 12th.

Tally Operating

How we can avoid this computer course from our top list. Tally is the most wanted computer course for youngsters. Because every company has at least one accountant to maintain the company files or records. The tally operator is a major employee of any company who stores all records of sale and buys. And tally operator gives the profile or loss records to the company owner. But which tally you are learning like the old version or the latest version. As per my advice always go with the latest version of Tally.

Although there are many institutes in the market that are giving this training you have to be conscious before taking the admission. Always ask them for the latest tally operating course, not for any old version. They offer diploma courses in Finance and Accounting. After finishing the course, you will easily get jobs in private companies. Do this course from any famous tally operating Institute.

Best Computer courses After 12th: MS Office Course

MS Office is the basic computer course that every Institute trains to their students initially. This is the best choice for those who do not know much about computers. MS Office includes these topics MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint including typing. If you do this course continuously your typing speed might be increased in a few days. After finishing MS Office you can get the data entry jobs in any office easily. This is not the most paying salary course but the best way for home best work.

Cyber Security Course

Nowadays cyber crime is being increased. And companies are hiring those who are experts in cybersecurity. Now you can imagine this is the potential course on the computer list. So there is a good opportunity for jobs and self business. Criminals are doing crimes in online transactions, banking, online shopping. Only a cyber expert can protect from data theft.

Cyber Security Course is mainly to protect the website and banking fraud. After completing this choicest you will receive the job of cyber specialist designation. Not interested candidates in jobs can do as a cyber consultant. A good salary is in this course. So go for this after completing your schooling.

Best Computer courses After 12th: Q&A

Q. Which is the best computer course after 12th?

A. Now we have reached the end of this article. Which is the best computer course after schooling. According to my, the best computer course is Digital Marketing and another is web designing. You can select one out of two that is the most salary paid course. The future of these is bright.

Q. Will we get a government Job after the computer course?

A. There is no guaranty of govt jobs after completing this course. For this question, you will have to consult your certificate providing Institute. Is it valid for govt jobs or not? They will answer you.

Q. Which is the best computer course for girls?

A. If you ask me which is the best? as per my analysis, Digital Marketing and Data entry operator course will be best for girls. The reason behind that this is a very convenient and bright future. The most running course in girls and girls can do these from their homes. This means this course will be home-based work also.

Q. Which computer course is best for job?

A. There are many good computer courses to get jobs. If you do a digital marketing course you will get good jobs in fewer times as compared to other courses.

Q. Which computer course is best for high salary?

A. Digital Marketing is the best computer course for a high salary in India. This is the best computer course for 12th science or art students.

Q. What is the best short term computer course?

A. Web designing, WordPress Development, HTML Development, SEO, SMO, PPC, are the best short-term computer courses after the 12th and 10th academic pass. So join any institute to do this best short-term computer course in India.

Q. What computer course is in demand?

A. The most demanding computer courses are Digital Marketing, Tally, Web Development, PHP, Cybersecurity courses, Diploma in IT, Artificial Intelligence Course is best for a successful and bright future.

Q. Which is the best computer course after 12th arts?

A. Digital Marketing is the best computer course for 12th art students.


At the end of this article, we again suggest you read each section and then select the course. We included the best running computer courses list after 12th schooling. Now turns is your for selection. Chose one of them and go ahead in your life. If you have loved this article.

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