Best ITI Trade for Govt Jobs and Private Organizations

Best ITI Trades For Govt and Private Jobs

Today, we will explore the optimal ITI courses available for students who have completed their 12th grade. Many students aspire to secure government jobs in sectors such as railways or other government organizations after completing their 12th grade.

This article aims to provide insights into the best ITI course options for both 12th and 10th-grade graduates. ITI courses are highly regarded for paving the way to lucrative opportunities in both government and private sectors.

Presently, there is a prevalent inclination among students to opt for courses like electricians, fitters, and turners. However, a significant number of students lack comprehensive information about alternative courses that hold equal, if not greater, significance. To discover the most suitable trade, it is essential to read this article in its entirety.

Through thorough research and consultation with ITI educators, we have compiled a list of the best ITI courses. Consequently, readers can place their trust in the information presented in this article. It is advised to carefully peruse the content before making any decisions regarding course admissions.

If you want to become an electrician or mechanic and don’t want to become a doctor and engineer. These courses ensure your jobs and a good salary. And it does not mean everyone can be a doctor or other professional.

We will narrate more than 40 best ITI courses that you can choose according to your choice. Therefore we have given the trending ITI trade list below.

What is ITI?

ITI Full form is the Industrial Training Institute. This is the government boy whose aim is to give vocational training to Indian students. ITI comes under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and the Union Government. The mission of ITI institutes is to train students in the field of Industrial work. Every year railway releases the job notifications for ITI holders and students for all types of trades. The main aim of such institutes is to develop a skilled workforce in India.

What is the ITI course?

ITI courses or trades play very important roles in shaping our careers and help to get govt and private jobs. Generally, this is an industrial training course where students are trained to do any workshop or repair the machine or instruments. Overall we can say the ITI Course means to give training to the students for standing on foot.

What is the full form of ITI?

At this time there are many ITI institutes in India. There are two types of ITI institutes private and government. After completion of the ITI, most institutes provide placement services in the best private companies.

The course duration of ITI is 6 months to 2 years. There are two types of durations few are for 6 months and a few are for 2 years. According to student choice, they can select and go ahead.

Types of Courses

There are two categories of ITI courses, namely technical and non-engineering, as previously mentioned. The technical courses involve the creation and application of technical concepts, while the non-engineering courses, as the name implies, typically do not revolve around technical aspects. Instead, they emphasize soft skills, languages, and other industry-specific skills and knowledge.

This article will delve into both technical and non-technical trades, providing an overview of each. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences and career goals. Presently, ITI institutes are admitting candidates with an interest in technical fields. For detailed information on the best and trending ITI courses, it is recommended to read this article thoroughly.

Eligibility for ITI Courses

What is the eligibility to be admitted to ITI institutes study? Whey you complete your course of 8th standard. You can elect to take the best ITI Trade depending upon the course. So you can take any type of best ITI Course. For taking the ITI course our education should be between 8th class to 12th class passed out.

45 Best ITI Courses/Trades in India

Most students get government and private jobs after completion. Thus you can choose according to your education.

1. Electrician

The electrician trade stands out as the most popular choice among ITI courses. A detailed explanation is unnecessary as this course is well-known to every student. Following completion of school, many enthusiastic candidates actively pursue the electrician trade due to its promising prospects in both government and private sectors.

It is particularly appealing for those who have completed only the 10th standard. The ITI electrician course spans a minimum of 2 years, and it is referred to as the “loco pilot” trade within the ITI domain, specifically catering to those aspiring to become locomotive pilots in the railway industry.

2. Plumber

A plumber is the most important ITI trade for the student. Because there are many government jobs, especially on the railway. You can not avoid the value of plumber ITI trade in private sector jobs. A good opportunity for self-business. Most of the students have started the plumbing service in their area to do pipe fitting etc works. Under this trade, there are a few important works like Pipefitting, Gas pipe fitting, water pipe fitting, and many more.

3. Fitter

Fitter trade is the most essential in ITI courses. It has a unique place in the list of ITI courses. The fitter course is available in all types of ITI institutes. There is no more skill required to opt in for this trade. So you can select this course after the 10th and 12th. I think you have got the completed information. There is a big demand in the market for the Fitter degree holder.

4. Carpenter

Carpenter ITI trade is one of the most prominent courses. You can take this trade after completing your 10th class passed. There is the most requirement in the railway department. After doing this course you can start your self business. This certificate holder never wonders here and there.

5. Welder

There are many forms of welder trade. In the welding trade, you will get training in gas welding, arc welding, and many more. Thus you can take admission to this trade. The welding course is for 2 years and can be admitted after the 10th class.

6. Tool and Die Maker

The tool and die maker trade course duration is for one year. In this course, you get training to make the die and tool. Nowadays there is a good requirement for private companies. Thus you can acquire this diploma in one year.

7. Turner

Turner is the choicest trade for the students. The demand for this course is more on the railway. The duration of this diploma is 2 years. After taking this diploma you can get the best job in Limited companies like GAIL, and SAIL. Educational qualification for this trade is only the 10th standard.

8. Machinist

Machinist is the best ITI diploma course for the 10th standard students. There are many jobs in government jobs and in private. This is the best ITI course for railway jobs. On the railway, only two years’ diplomas were demanded. The period of the mechanist course is for 2 years and qualification is the only 10th passed.

9. Moulder

The moulder diploma course period is 2 years and the 10th standard pass. Under this course, there are many works. Good opportunity to get jobs.

10. Interior Designing

In this modern age, there is the most demand for interior designers. Because day by day shops and malls are being opened throughout our country. Good companies and private organizations hire interior designers to decorate their shops or personal homes. Diploma time is only one year.

11. Cutting and Sewing

Cutting and sewing are the best options for women to select this trade. Moreover, girls can get jobs in readymade garment manufacturing companies. If girls are not interested to do the job they can start a self-business like a boutique etc. At this time the government encourages women’s power. Best trade choice for girls.

12. Hair and Skin Care

At this time beauty parlors and hair, and dressing work is very famous. For any party or function, girls or women visit the nearest beauty parlor to get makeup and cut. So the demand for this ITI course is progressing. Women’s best choice course. In very little time you can complete this with a 10th pass qualification.

13. Network Technician

The Hardware Networking technician course duration is only 6 months. However, this is not available in all ITI institutes. If we talk about a career as a Network Technician that is great. In the market good opportunities for Network technician diploma holders.

14. Best ITI Trades after 10th “Computer Operator”

Generally, computer operators get jobs in all types of private companies. The computer Operator ITI course duration is only for one year and the qualification for this is 10th passed. You have learned all the basic concepts about a computer.

15. Architectural Draughtsman ship

The architectural ITI course is the best ITI diploma for the 10th-standard student. You can complete this course in 3 years easily. This is best for men and women.

16. Food Beverage

Food Beverage is the most significant ITI course for all. After receiving this course you can get jobs in a private-sector food manufacturing company.

17. Mechanic Diesel

Mechanic Diesel ITI course is the best alternative diploma for the student of the 8th pass standard. Students can get a Mechanic Diesel diploma in one year from the nearest ITI institute.

18. Instrument Mechanic

There are big demands for Instrument Mechanic degree holders. The company hires them with a smart salary and gives them good facilities. By taking this ITI degree candidates can start a self-business. Good occasions to develop a career in the Instrument Mechanic field.

19. Radio and TV Mechanic

As we all know the demand for this course is less but it does not mean there is no job. There are many jobs in this field because of the manufacturing of TV, an LED company hires those who hold this diploma and offers good salaries.

20. Painter

Now the career of a painter is bright because there are many vacancies. You would get jobs in motor companies like Hero, Honda, Maruti, etc. Because they recruit painter ITI diploma holders. These materials are painted manually and automated. The course duration of this for 2 years.

21. Laboratory Assistant

In the government, sector laboratory assistant demand is more than in other jobs. Always government releases Laboratory Assistant assistant jobs in DRDO, ISRO, etc organization. Sometimes the government announces notifications for Laboratory assistants in the medical field or any hospital. So we recommend you visit the nearest ITI institute and contact them for this diploma.

22. Travel and Tour Assistant

Good demand for Travel and Tour Assistant ITI degree holders in tour travel companies. The government of India has given many facilities to the students to learn this course to enhance their knowledge in the tour travel industry.

23. Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet Metal Worker does the work of metal-related materials. You can take the Sheet Metal Worker ITI course from your nearest ITI institute. So go and talk to the institute. For doing this ITI course you need to have only 8th standard education.

24. Draughtsman Mechanical

The work of Draughtsman Mechanical is to draw machine designs. For this course, you need to have the 10th pass in science and mathematics. It is a good choice for Draughtsman Mechanical.

25. Computer Hardware and Networking

The computer Hardware and Networking course is the best ITI diploma course. The time period of Computer Hardware and Networking ITI is 2 to 3 years. After getting a diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking you will get jobs as well as start your personal business or shop.

26. Food and Vegetable Processing

Food and Vegetable Processing is one of the best ITI courses after the 10th pass. This ITI course is available in most of the institutions in India.

27. Firemen

Firemen are the most popular ITI Course. After completing this course you will get jobs easily. The value of this in the government sector is good. This is the top ITI course after the 10th and 12 passed students. After completion of the firemen course, you can get government jobs with a handsome salary. Surely we keep this on our list of best courses for ITI.

28. Spa Therapy

Nowadays spa and massage business is running well. So everyone wants to open a salon or massage shop. Therefore we recommend you to attend this ITI latest course for getting jobs or establishing a business.

29. Marine Engine Fitter

This is the best ITI course for Marine Engine Fitter. Marine Fitter demand is very high at this time. So most of the students want to complete this course but due to the absence of this course in each institute. Take admission to complete this course near your location. You can search with this “ITI Institute near me”.

Best ITI Trade in India

No doubt that the ITI course is the topmost course option to shape your career. There are a number of ITI Schools and courses to learn for students. After completing the course of ITI you can get many job options in govt and private sector or you can open a self-business. Our mission is to provide the fresh and latest information about ITI courses and colleges.

30. Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician

Good opportunity in marketing for Lab technician holder. But the reason behind this course is there are few possibilities to get this course near you. But good chances to get government jobs and private jobs. This is the top ITI course after 10th passed students. By the way, if you go for this course a good opportunity generates for you. You can get a private job near your location at the Dental clinic. You can also establish a self-business.

31. Stenography

The stenography ITI Course is the best in the government job and news channel. After doing this course candidates can get government jobs. Every year SSC announces stenographer vacancies for 10th passed students and knows about the steno. Steno is the best career option after 10th passed students.

32. Painter General

In this course, you are trained to paint material outer side and the inner side. This course duration is 2 years and candidates can join this course after the 8th passed. Painter General is the best ITI course for self-business and private jobs.

33. Wireman

Wireman ITI course career is very bright and good chances to get jobs and self business. After the wireman, ITI course candidates will get jobs in wiring. What is the work of an ITI wireman? Wireman does the work of electric wire fitting and setting. They get jobs in the government sector and private sector, Anyone can start a self-business after the Wireman ITI course.

34. Tractor Mechanic

The tractor mechanic ITI course is the best course at this time. Because the requirement of a tractor mechanic is ample. So the youngest student should prefer to take admission in a tractor mechanic TIT course.

35. Secretarial Practice

This course is only for one year and any 10th passed candidates can take this course. Nowadays student likes to take this course to do good practice on the computer.

36. Rubber Technician

Rubber Technician ITI is one of the most demanding courses in India. In Delhi, there are few ITI institutes that provide this course. Although this is not only in Delhi also you can visit the nearest ITI institute to complete this course. In the rubber manufacturing company, there is a big requirement for the Rubber Technician diploma holder. So your efforts will be rewarded.

37. Civil Draughtsman

In this era, the demand for Civil draftsmen is more than for other ITI diploma holders. Civil Draughtsman is the most important ITI course after graduation and 10th along with 12th passed. Therefore this is a demanded course at this time. And the salary of a civil draftsman Draughtsman is good.

38. Escalator Mechanic

Escalator Mechanic or Lift mechanic is a good career option for all candidates of 10th passed students. There are many jobs for a lift mechanic in the real estate industry. All types of multistory buildings have lift service and they hire Escalator Mechanic or lift mechanics. The salary of a lift mechanic is best compared to other ITI course diploma holders.

39. Mining Machinery Mechanic

The mining industry searches for the mechanic of the mining machine. And this course time is very less and easily 10th passed students can take admitted to this course. At this time this is the best ITI trade.

40. Digital Photography

The digital photography ITI course is the best diploma at this time. Always we hire a professional photographer to shoot the photos for our function. And there is a wide range of careers in photography. we will have an in-depth analysis of the Digital Photography course offered by ITIs. It is a job-oriented vocational trade. This article covers topics such as trade details, duration, syllabus, admission process, and career prospects. It is ITI’s most demanding course at this time. Digital Photography course is one year course from any government and a private college.

41. Surveyor

Surveyor is the best ITI diploma in the Indian Institute. But this course is available only at a few institutes. A good job opportunity is in this field. So for this.

42. Fashion Design and Technology

The fashion designing course is the most demanding ITI course. As usual, this course is very expensive but under this ITI you can finish Fashion Designing within two years. So for this and shape your career bright. After completing this course you can get a good job in a readymade manufacturing company.

43) AutoCAD

Most private and government institutes provide the AutoCAD course for students. ITI provides a 3-month “AutoCAD” training course with a certificate. We are giving the knowledge for your safety at Globe ITI because expert engineers are available at our institute. Without having any doubts about AutoCAD candidates can be admitted. AutoCAD is the best ITI course for plugging your career.

44. Electroplater

Electroplater is the best choice for the ITI diploma. This is for 2 year course. In terms of career, this is the best choice for the youngster. In this course, you are taught about coating gold, silver, nickel, etc. Therefore go for this course and take admission.

45. Welding Gas and Electric

This is the most popular ITI course after the 8th passed students. And job advantage is more than other ITI diplomas. If you have qualified only 8th standard you need to visit the nearest ITI institute to take admission. After having this diploma you can start your own business or do a job at any building company. Welding gas and the electric course is the very best choice for students. So go for this course.

Best ITI courses/Trade Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which trade is best in ITI?

A. At this time ITI courses are most demanded in Government jobs and private jobs. As per the expert which trade is the best in ITI? We have selected the above most important and lovely course for all. There are many opportunities for getting a job. Starting top five trades are the best for all types of jobs. This is the best ITI trade. That is why this is the best trade in ITI for govt jobs.

Q. What is the full form of ITI?

A. This is the best question for students who want to do an ITI course after the 10th passed. The full form of ITI is the Industrial Training Institute. This is a government organization where students get a diploma in technical according to their choice. ITI comes under the Ministry of skill development and Entrepreneurship.

Q. Is ITI from a private college worth it?

A. There is no problem with doing an ITI diploma from any Government institute or private institute. The value of both certificates is the same. There will be no problem in your career. But you need to check the registered Institute for the ITI course.

Q. Will, we get a government Job after ITI?

A. Yes, but you will have to crack the government exam entrance. You can use this certificate in government job applications. Only in the ITI course, you can not get government jobs. So you have to prepare for competitive exams.

Q. Is it valid for a railway job application?

A. Yes, this course is valid for government jobs but if we talk about Railway vacancies. Mostly 2 years course is valid for railway jobs. These are the best ITI courses after the 10th and 12th pass.

Q. Which is the best ITI course for girls?

A. In this era, there is no difference between boys and girls in terms of careers. And the government is giving the same priority to both. But these further ITI diplomas are the best ITI courses for girls. First is Advanced Electronics, Arc welding, Tool and Die Making, Baker and Confectioner, Beauty Parlor, Haircutting, Painter General, Mechanic Watch and Clock, Cutting and Sewing, fashion designing, Hair and Skincare, Surveyor, Mechanic Watch and Clock, Stenography English, CAD-CAM, many more. Thus It depends on her choice and interest to make a career. therefore All doors are opened for the girls and boys this is in their hands to shape their destiny.

Q. Which ITI course is best for a government job?

A. Student always tries to know the best ITI course for Government jobs. But they don’t get the answer to these questions. So we have given you the best ITI course list for govt jobs. Mostly in a government organization, the ITI course is required for 2 years. If you want to get government jobs take the ITI course for 2 year’s diploma. In the railway department, you must have a diploma for 2 years. Most of the requirements in a government job are for electricians, welders, turner fitters, etc.

If you go for the government job preparation after the ITI competition. This is very complicated for students to select the best ITI course. You can go for a 1-year course. I think you have got your answers. The best course for government jobs is Fitter, Electrician, and Machinists.

Q. Which ITI Course for Railway Jobs?

A. We give you the list of the best ITI trades for railway jobs. Mostly railway hires candidates who have electrician, welder, turner, mechanic, or fitter trade certificates with 2 years. Railways hire not only for 2-year diploma holders but also it hires for 1-year diploma holders. The best course for government jobs is Fitter, Electrician, and Machinists. The government prefers all ITI trade. It depends on your interest or choice. The electrician trade of ITI is best for railway pilot jobs. You can select according to your choice and interest from the best ITI trade for the railway jobs list.

Which ITI trade is the best for train drivers?

This question is not as easy as you think. But we give you the best and correct information which is the best ITI course for railway loco pilots. Every student before taking admission wants to know which ITI trade is the best for railway jobs or railway trade drivers. To complete your dream to become a Railway train driver.

To become a railway loco pilot you need to have 2 2-year railway diploma relevant to trade. Electrician, Fitter, Turner, etc. So without having complete knowledge do not take admission. Because these will create problems in future shaping. I think you have got all the information related to the Best ITI for the loco pilot on the railway.

Which ITI course is best for a high salary?

Do you want to know which ITI course is best for a high salary? You have come to the right place to know what is the best ITI trade for a high salary in India. As per the reports, Electrician, Mechanics & Fitter ITI Trades are the best for good and high salaries in India. We have listed the good salary paying ITI crouse in this article. Always 2 years ITI trade course gives a high salary in all govt and private sectors.

Q. What are the benefits of ITI?

A. There are many advantages to completing the ITI course. If you have completed this ITI course. Your chances to get the best govt and private jobs according to your choice. Your salary and your occupation will be high if you complete the govt jobs.

Q. What is the top 5 ITI trade in India?

A. Below are the top 5 ITI trade name lists.

  1. Electrician
  2. Fitter
  3. Turner
  4. Motor mechanic
  5. Plumber

Q. What is the ITI top 10 trade list in India?

A. These are the ITI 10 trade lists with time duration. Remember the top 10 trade names for govt or private jobs. These are very famous ITI courses list. We have given the all-trade list to consider and take the admission. Most of the candidates prefer to be admitted to the ITI trade list. That is why these are the best ITI trade lists in India for govt and private jobs. If you want to download the Best ITI trade list PDF form below just click at the end of the article.

  1. Electrician
  2. Fitter
  3. Turner
  4. Motor mechanic
  5. Plumber
  6. Carpenter
  7. Welder
  8. Tool die, maker,
  9. Moulder
  10. Network Technician

Q. Will I get a govt job after the ITI course?

A. There is no 100% security to getting govt jobs after the ITI course. It depends on your study and preparation. Many candidates have got the govt jobs in Railway, Electricity, and Central govt mechanical and electrical departments. It depends on how you do hard work in your field.


Overall we have narrated all the important tips for completing the ITI course. If you complete only one course out of them. Your career will be bright and good in the coming time. After taking this diploma you can get government jobs and private jobs. We provided you with all the good options for selecting this course. If you have gained some knowledge from this article please share this with your all friends.


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