Best Room Heaters in India (50% Discount)

Are you searching for the Best Room Heaters in India for your study room, Home, or Office? You have come to the right place to select the topmost Best Room Heaters under your pocket budget. As per the online and offline market, there are many electric companies that make top-level room heaters for home uses. Before buying the room heaters we must check a few points of the appliance. Generally, all room heaters warranty valid for one session means one year. Because this is a seasonal product and people buy these when winter comes. Let’s check a few points before buying the Room heaters.

What to check before Purchasing

Everyone must check the few major points while purchasing the Room Heaters. As below we have narrated the golden points that you should check and follow. This would be the best point for you before purchasing these items.

  • Check the numbers of heating elements.
  • Power consuption
  • Watt
  • Power Cut features
  • Boday covers
  • Portability
  • Indicators
  • Wires, Worranty
  • Tempreture setting

The 10 Best Room Heaters In India In 2021

As you all have read the few features before buying the room heaters. During the winter session, we feel very cold during the morning and evening. And basically, newborn baby faces more problems of winters and affect them while sleeping. In view of the time and budget, we have brought the top-rated Room heater for your home and study room. We have selected the most reviewed and most selling room heaters in India as given below.

1. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater (White)

As you all know Orpat is the leading electric company in India and producing many kinds of electronic appliances like iron, mixers etc. Orpat is a durable room heater bonded with original copper wire for keeping long life. If we talk about the selling point of view Orpa Room Heater is the most selling heater online in our country.

The life of this room heater is more than other companies because its motor is bound with 100% Pure Copper Wire. The body material of this is plastic and metal.


  • Orpat Brand
  • 2000 Watt
  • 100% Pure Copper Wire
  • Auto Cut with indicator
  • Electicity saving
  • Non sagging, stitching type
  • No noise, Heating Fan
  • One Year Worranty
  • Light weight 1 kg 10 g
  • Less space require to keep
  • No need any instalation

2. Best Room Heaters (Solimo 2000)

Solimo 2000 is another most selling online and offline Room Heater in India under your pocket budget. This is the most popular product and manufactured by Amazon. This is full of the latest features like instant heating and giving the worm air without taking more time. Solimo 2000 is the best for all types of Room small and medium because its air producing range is wide as compared to other room heaters.

If you are a student or work from home people this would be fit for you. The motor of this room heater is made with 100% genuine copper wire for keeping long life. It would not be dusty, because its body materials are made with metals and plastic. It’s rust-free.


  • Amazon brands
  • light weight 1 Kg
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Powerful 2400 RPM copper winded motor
  • quick heating
  • Fan Speed is fixed
  • Air wing to move the air direction
  • This is 2 KW heater
  • Less electricity consumption
  • ISI certified Room Heater

3. Best Room Heaters (Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts)

If you are searching for the fewer watts Room heater you can select the Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts. This is not built with a fan. It produces heating and less electricity consumption. As per the online reviews and demond, this is the most selling Room Heaters in India under budget. There is no more eclectic wiring and long life. Customize to your heating needs with an adjustable thermostat.

The amazing fact on this heater is 2 years manufacturing warranty. No need for any installation just plugs in your wire with an electric board. It is a top-rated Room heater in India.


  • Bajaj Brands
  • No noise
  • 2 Years worranty
  • No need any instalation
  • Blue color and full of safety
  • Instant Heating
  • Fit for all kinds of the Room
  • Best Heather for New Born baby
  • Cord Length:1.5 meters
  • 1000 Watts
  • Less Electricity Consuption
  • Voltage: 230 V

4. Best Room Heater (USHA Fan Heater)

Are you in search of the Best Room Heaters for your home? We have brought the top-rated Room heater for your home or study room. If we talk about the USHA Fan Heater this is the best brand of electrical appliances. USHA company has made the durable Room warmer or heater in India. In this product, you would get one year warranty with manuals. The watt of it is 1800. The vital features in this are Cool Wind, Low Heat & High Heat. You can control the heating of this heater as per your need. USHA fan is the energy saver due to 1000/1800W for Energy Saving. Very lightweight to carry anywhere in the home.


  • Usha brand with one year worranty
  • Energy saving feature in this
  • Instant heating
  • 2 Power Modes: 1000/1800W for Energy Saving
  • Tempreture controller
  • Sleek & light weight
  • Autocut when over heating
  • ISI Marks durablity
  • 1.62 Kilograms

5. Best Room Heater in India (Bajaj Blow Hot)

We all know that Bajaj is India’s leading electronic appliance company. And this has produced all kinds of electronics gadgets with durability. Bajaj company provides the product at an affordable price and everyone can afford the Bajaj items. If we talk about the Best brand of Room heater. Bajaj Room heater comes into our mind. In view of our requirement and need the company has made many kinds of Room heater that is suitable for Study Room, Big room or small room. There are many latest features in this Bajaj Room heater equipment. Let’s look few new features of this heating fan machine.

It comes with an auto cut with a safety wire. We can control its heating and adjust it according to our needs. Instant heating features is inbuild. There are three types of buttons to maintain the heating air for your room. The 2000 Watts machine gives us the amazing heating wave to maintain the room temperature. See the below features before buying the product.

  • No noise
  • Intant heating wave
  • Copper wired motor with worranty.
  • Outfit is very nice
  • Auto cut and controlling tempreture
  • Three button to chage the heat
  • Affordable to keep anywhere
  • Item Weight 4 Kg
  • Three pin wire for safety
  • Manuals with worranty card
  • 3,747 Rating on Amazon Check Now
  • Stand is fixed below and with metal cover

6. Best Room Heater in India (Orpat OEH-1260)

Again we introduce to you another Orpat OEH-1260. This is the best and most selling Room heater online at Amazon India. You can also purchase this from nearby the market but this offer is valid only on Amazon online store. It is full of the latest technology along with new features like Autocut. If we talk about the airflow that is amazing. The power source of this is Corded Electric with grey colour materials.

On this spot heating facilities is inbuild in this. Less noise produced but heated full room any size small and medium room. You can afford this because of the very less price. You can also use for newborn baby room to maintain the temperature.


  • Orpat brand with OEH 126O
  • Spot Heating, Safety Mesh Grill
  • 100% Pure Copper Wire Motor for longer life
  • Fit for all types of home room
  • Non sagging, stitching
  • Safety cut-off , Auto-revolving Heater ,
  • Overheat Protection , Touch Sensor
  • 1000 watts and 2000 watts two heat setting
  • Metal body
  • Fit for both weather winter and summer
  • Read the reviews and feedback on Amazon

7. Best USHA Room Heater in India

If you have trust in the Indian brand you must go with the Usha company. This company is the best in terms of electronics items and gadgets. Basically, this company manufactures electronic items with good durability. Here we introduce the best room heater in India under your budget. If you want to spend less energy in such conditions you should go with USHA Quartz Room Heater with Overheating Protection (3002, Ivory, 800-Watt). You would find the new feature based on the latest technology auto cut.

Usha room heater generates the instant heating blow. Along with this, you are introduced with Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz/1 Phase. This is fit for all types of rooms medium and small. There are two heating positions to suit your comfort. Look few new features in this.

Latest Features

  • Usha brand based India
  • Instant heating with autocut
  • Heating controller
  • Motor with copper wired
  • Tip-over Switch
  • One year worranty
  • Designed for low power consumption.
  • Auto cut with metal cover
  • Light weight 2Kg
  • Best reivews on online Amazon

8. Best Room Heater (Havells Cista)

Havells is the best brand in India and worldwide. Most people prefer to buy the electronics gadgets of Havells company. If your budget is less and wants to buy qualify room heater you must go with the Havell brand. Because it comes with new trending features and technology. The main feature is a cool body and auto cut overheating. Havells room heater comes with one year warranty. It produces hot air till your room get not wormed. There are Two heat Settings: 1000 W & 2000 We also control it according to our needs. Look few new features in this.


  • Havells brand with white color
  • Corded Electric with autocut
  • Two power setting 1000 W & 2000 W
  • One year worranty
  • Instant heating and three button to control
  • Indicators & Power input: (220 – 240)V
  • 3 kg 500 g portable to keep anywhere
  • Read the reviews on Amazon

9. Morphy Richards Orbit 2000

If your budget is bigger high and wants to buy a quality Room heater for your home. Morphy is the best choice because it is full of the latest features. It supports chilled winter along with less winter. All types of winter can manage because it comes with Instant Warmth: 2000 Watts. The auto cut feature is in this room wormer with less energy consumption. You are given two years warranty with manuals for further assistance. You can use all types of rooms small and medium-size to keep your room warm.


  • Morphy brand based in India
  • 27 x 16.5 x 34.5 Centimeters size
  • Auto cut and heating controller
  • Instant Warmth: 2000 Watts
  • Power Indicator with smooth body
  • No noise more and give worm air
  • 2 years worranty
  • Discounted price on Amazon

10. Best Room Heater for Baby in India (Bajaj Minor 1000)

If your budget is very less and wants to buy a quality room heater for baby or small kids. We have given you the best heater for your room or full home. Bajaj Minor 1000 is the most selling laptop online and offline. You can purchase this from below. It is full of the latest features of electronics gadgets. Bajaj Minor 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater is ISI certified. You can keep this electric room heater in India for winter. You can use this Bajaj 1000 watt for study room or small baby room to maintain the temperature. Bajaj Minor 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater is full of warranty for one year. Auto cut facilities are in this Room Heater.


  • Bajaj Minor 1000 brand
  • Instant heat the room
  • Auto cut with smooth body
  • This room heater comes with SS reflector and tilting legs for easy mobility
  • 2 years worranty
  • Cord Length (in meters : 1.5)
  • Tempreture controller
  • Less energy consumption

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Best Room Heater In India: FAQs

Q. Which type of room heater is best?

A. You can buy all types of Room Heater. But the best room heater under budget is the Fan room heater. If your budget is more you can go with for oiled room heater.

Q. Which Room Heater brand is the best in India?

A. Usha, Havells, Bajaj, Morphy are the best room heater brands in India. That provides the equipment in less price.

Q. What is the best room heater in India?

A. The Orpat OEH-1220 is one of the best-selling fan heaters on platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. It is designed for a room size of up to 250 square feet and has the option to switch heat settings between 1,000 and 2,000 watts.

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