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States and Capitals of India

List of all states and the capital of India is a very important topic for all Indians. Welcome to our website Jankarihub Today we would discuss all states and capitals of India. As we all know in all competitive exams such types of questions come. We suggest all aspirant remember these questions for your coming examination.

For more information related to the states and capital names. As we know that these questions are very significant. If you are preparing for all formats of SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS many more. All these states and capital names questions come. As there are 29 states in India and 7 are union territory. If you want to score one confirmed number learn by heart states and capitals of India name list.

States and Capitals of India 2021

All students search on the Internet for how many states in India along with capital names. Sometimes particular questions are asked like the capital of Uttar Pradesh etc. Every student should learn by heart states and capitals of India. Students can download the PDF of the States and capitals list. Do you know (how many states and capitals in India till 2021) if no this article would be best for you. Most of us don’t know how many states in India till now. For solving these questions we have given complete and full info about the counting of states and capitals till 2021. Each and every state of India has an administrative, legislative and judicial capital some states all three functions are conducted in one capital. Every state is ruled by a Chief Minister. 

For making strong a states chief ministers make good administration of his own states. Follow this article completely to know full and complete know about the states and capitals at present.

States and Capitals of India

State NameCapital Name
Andhra PradeshHyderabad
Arunachal PradeshItanager
GujaratGandhi Nagar
Himachal PradeshShimla
Madhya PradeshBhopal
Tamil NaduChennai
West BengalKolkata
Uttar PradeshLucknow

9 Union Territories of India

Union TerritoryCapital
Andaman Nikobar IslandPort Blair
Dadar and Nagar HaveliSilvasa
Daman and DiuDaman
Jammu Kashmir Srinagar (May–October) Jammu (Nov-April)
LaddakhLeh, Kargil

Above we have given all important states name and capital name. In all types of government exams, these questions come. So each student should know about all states and their capital name in detail. Below we give you the latest information about the state and capital names facts.

UP Police GK in Hindi

PDF of all States and Capitals till 2021

If you want to save this article on your mobile for further preparation. You can download these states and capitals of India 2021 pdf. We have included all the latest states and capitals of India till 2021 in PDF format. PDF format is the best way to check and remember any article or any information for the future. For your support, we have added new states and capitals of India 2021 pdf to download this. From the below link, you can download state and capital pdf 2021. Our mission to include all states and capitals of India in 2021 to provide comfort. Click now to download all articles in PDF. Download Now

1. Andhra Pradesh – Hyderabad (Amrawati)

  • Andhra Pradesh is the southern state of India. This state was named on 1 November 1956.
  • Vishakhapatnam is the biggest city of Andhra Pradesh. If we talk about the capital and states name is well known.
  • Recognizing Amravati’s ancient Buddhist roots, the developers also plan to a design the High Court in a way that it resembles the Buddhist Stupa
  • Buddhist stupa is the biggest stupa in the country and the most popular tourist place in India.

2. Assam capital is Dispur

  • Dispur is the capital of Assam State.
  • Assam is the southern state of India.
  • Initially, Assam Capital Name was Shillong but in 1972 Assam capital became Dispur.
  • There are many tourist places in Assam and religious also.
  • Guwahati is the biggest city in Assam India.
  • The official language of Assam is the Assamese Regional language.
  • Assam is the well-known name of states in India.
  • You can prepare the name and capital of states easily.

3. Arunachal Pradesh – Itanagar

Itanagar is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. On 20 April 1974, this state name came in Light. Arunachal Pradesh is the largest state in Northeast India. Its Official Language is English. It’s High Court in Guwahati.

4. States and Capitals of India (Bihar-Patna)

  • Patna is the best-known capital of India.
  • Every Indian knows about this capital name.
  • Patna is the largest city of Bihar and the capital of Bihar is Patna.
  • There is many rivers and religious place in Bihar.
  • According to records, there are 29 states and capital in India.
  • We would cover all states and capital list in this article.
  • Many are any freedom movement was started like quite a movement, Satyagrah Movement in these states and capital.
  • There is Hindi official language Bhojpuri and Maithili also.
  • This Bihar state nominates on 22 March 1912.
  • In ancient and classical India, the area that is now Bihar was considered a center of power, learning, and culture. From Magadha arose India’s first empire, the Maurya empire, as well as one of the world’s most widely adhered-to religions,

5. Chhatisgarh – Raipur

  • Capital of Chhattisgarh is Raipur
  • Chhatisgarh was divided from Madhya Pradesh.
  • Raipur is the biggest city of Chhatisgarh and the capital of Chhatisgarh.
  • There are 27 States in Chhatisgarh.
  • Formation of Chhatisgarh on 1 November 2000.
  • Chhatisgarh is a well-known state in the list of states and capital.

6. Gujarat – Gandhi Nagar

  • If we talk about Gujarat in all states of India.
  • Gujarat comes on top in India State List. Because there are many changes in these states for business. As all know Gujarat is the business hub in this era.
  • In 1960 two states Maharashtra and Gujarat were one but in this year both were separated.
  • Gandhinagar got its name from the Father of the Nation.
  • The largest city of Gujarat in Ahmedabad.
  • There are 33 Districts.

7. Goa – Panaji (states and capitals of India)

  • Goa is the Famous state in India in terms of Tourism.
  • There are many sea beaches for Indians and foreigners to visit.
  • Capital of Goa is Panaji
  • The largest city of Goa is Vasco Da Gama
  • There are only two districts in Goa.
  • Goa High Court Name Bombay
  • Goa State capital Panaji was formed in 1987.

8. Himachal Pradesh – Shimla

  • Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh is very famous for the valley and mountain.
  • Dharmashala cricket stadium is in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Dharmashala is known as the residence of Dalai Lama Hometown.
  • The official language of Himachal Pradesh is Hindi.
  • Official Website of Himachal Pradesh Click Now

9. Hariyana – Chandigarh

  • Chandigarh is the capital of two states one in Haryana and another is Chandigarh.
  • Chandigarh’s name has been taken from the Name of Chandi Temple.
  • There are many business hubs in Haryana state
  • One is Gurugram and another is Faridabad. Faridabad is the biggest district of Haryana.
  • Official Language of Haryana is Hindi but regional people prefer to speak Haryanvi Regional Language.

10. Kerala – Thiruvananthapuram

  • This is the best state in India to know about Literacy.
  • It’s High Court in Kochi.
  • The official language is Malayalam.
  • Statehood is 1st November 1956.
  • There are 46 Districts in Kerala.

11. Karnataka – Bengaluru

  • Bengaluru is the best city in India in terms of Information Technology.
  • Bengaluru is known as the valley Silicon Valley of India.
  • Indian technological organizations, such as ISRO, Infosys and Wipro are headquartered in the city.
  • Overall we can say this state is perfect in Information Technology.
  • Capital of Karnataka is Bengaluru and its biggest city of Karnataka.
  • Karnataka’s official Language is Kannada.

12. Jharkhand – Ranchi

  • Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand.
  • Jharkhand is the part of Bihar
  • Now days there 29 states and capital In India.
  • There is the best source of India for Coal and minerals.
  • Jharkhand is only such a state in India to provide the cooking coal whole India.
  • The largest city of Jharkhand is Jamshedpur.
  • There are many iron industries.

13. Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal (states and capitals of India)

  • There are many religious places in Madhya Pradesh and the best is Mahakal Ujjain District.
  • Madhya Pradesh Capital is Bhopal. Bhopal comes in Middle according to states and capitals map.
  • Madhya Pradesh is very Famous for Soyabean and Gram Grain.
  • There are many forests in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Bhopal was founded by King Bhoja in the 11th century. The city was thus named ‘Bhoj-pal’ and later came to be known as Bhopal.
  • Upper Lakes is in Bhopal
  • Famous City Indore is known as Mini Bombay of India.

14. Meghalaya – Shillong

  • As we know that Meghalaya state is very famous for Tourism and the Capital of Meghalaya is Shillong.
  • Shillong or Meghalaya Official Language of English.
  • There are 11 Districts in Meghalaya.
  • There are many Hill Stations in Meghalaya to attract the world of People.
  • The most popular hill station Garo is also here.
  • Cherrapunji, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Northeast India, is located in Meghalaya and holds the world record for most rain in a calendar month

15. Maharashtra – Mumbai

  • Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai is a very famous metro city in India. Along with Popularity, this is well known as Bollywood World.
  • Mumbai’s Previous name was Bombay Later on this became Mumbai.
  • Mumbai is very famous for the Gateway of India. Best Temple is Jeevdani.
  • There is Juhu sea beach and popular food Voda Paaw along with Bhelpuri.
  • There is good monsoon always
  • The official language of Maharashtra is Marathi.
  • There are 36 Districts.

16. Manipur – Imphal List of states and capitals of India

  • Imphal is the capital of Manipur. Manipur is the eastern state of India.
  • Manipur is such a state which Lohtak Lake, around 30 km from the capital Imphal.
  • There are 16 Districts in Manipur state.
  • official Language is Manipur.

17. Odisha – Bhubaneshwar

  • Bhubaneshwar is the capital of Odisha. and there are many temples in these states. As Bhubaneswar is known temple city of India
  • Konark Temple is in Odisha State.
  • Before Odisha, this was Cuttak as Capital of Odisha.
  • There are 30 Districts in This state.
  • The statehood date is 1 April 1936.
  • Official Language is Odia and website is – Click Now
  • The best revenue source is the Temple and religious places.

18. Nagaland – Kohima

  • Kohima is the capital of Nagaland and this city is very popular and famous. Its official language is English.
  • Kohima is the land of the Angami Naga Tribe place.
  • The largest city of Nagaland is Dimapur
  • There are 12 Districts in Nagaland State.
  • Famous for Religious point.

19. Punjab – Chandigarh

  • Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab and it is very famous for the Golden Temple of India.
  • And Five Rivers are running in these states.
  • Good place for the tourist especially for Sikh and Punjabi.
  • The largest city of Punjab is Ludhiana and known as the industry hub.
  • There are 22 districts in this State.
  • Official Language is Punjabi

20. Rajasthan – Jaipur

  • Rajasthan is the place of King.
  • There many forts in this state.
  • Capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur
  • Jaipur is known as the pink city.
  • The largest city of Rajasthan is Jaipur
  • Official Language is Hindi.

21. Sikkim – Gangtok

  • Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and this state is very famous.
  • There are 4 Districts in Sikkim State.
  • Official Language is English.
  • Gangtok is a famous center of Tibetan Buddhist culture.

22. Tamil Nadu – Chennai

  • Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu.
  • There are 33 Districts.
  • Official Language is English and Tamil.

23. Telangana – Hyderabad

  • Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana.
  • Telangana is the newly formed state from Andhra Pradesh.
  • Total Districts are 33 in Telangana State.
  • The official Language is Telugu and English.
  • The largest city of Telangana is Hyderabad.

24. Tripura – Agartala

  • Agartala is the capital of Tripura state.
  • Very famous state and capital of India.
  • There are 8 districts in this state.
  • Official Language is English.

25. West Bengal – states and capitals of India.

  • Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal.
  • There are many temples in this state.
  • The official language is Bengali and English.
  • Established Year. 26 January 1950.

26. Uttar Pradesh – Lucknow

  • Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh.
  • There are many famous places in UP.
  • Religious Places are Ayodhya, Varanasi, and Allahabad(Prayagaraj)
  • One world wonder Taj Mahal is in Agra UP.
  • Total Districts are 75. So we should know in detail about our states and capitals of India’s name.

27. Uttarakhand – Dehradun

Uttarakhand is a very famous religious place in India. Principally these states give us ayurvedic medicine raw material. Dehradun is mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata in the ancient puranic stories making it one of the oldest cities of India. Although Uttarakhand was the part of Uttar Pradesh before 2000. The official Language of Uttarakhand is Hindi and secondary is Sanskrit. The student of Uttarkhand takes many government jobs and they always search the topic states and capitals of India.

28. Mizoram – Aizwal

  • Aizwal is the capital of Mizoram.
  • Mizoram has 8 Districts.
  • Official Language is Mizo, English.
  • There are many types of tribes in this state.

How Many states in India?

As everyone wants to know how many states in our country. And exam preparation aspirants always search this name on google always before going to the exam. Because this is a very common question in our mind. We must know about the states and capitals of all states in our country along with the counting of states. As we know that recently govt of India has canceled the Jammu and Kashmir as full state authority. Currently, there are only 28 states in our country. Before 370 article removal in our country, there were 29 states.

For the time being Jammu and Kashmir have been divided into two parts with the name of 2 Union Territories. First is Leh and the second is Jammu. Thus at this moment only 28 states in our country and 9 Union territories. This is the latest information and you must know in detail about these. We think you have got the answer to “How many states in our country”. We have revealed each state’s capitals name list above look these names.

States and Capitals of India after 370 articles

In the next forthcoming article will be state and capital name along with Map. If you have a smart mobile this article will be very handy to prepare the name of states and capitals of India.

So the examiner asks the list of total states of India. In such a case, the student should prepare for giving the answer. There is a number of states in India.

Thus We have given the name of states along with Union territories of States. Indian state names relate to questions are asked in Bank SSC Railway and other exams also. We always recommend all aspirant of Government jobs they should keep the name of states and capitals of India

In Conclusion

Above all, we have covered all Important states and capitals of India Name. In each Competitive exams, Rajya aur Rajdhani related questions are asked. If you are making planes crack any regional government jobs. States and Capitals of India name is a very hot topic to prepare. For learning by All states and capitals names in a day. It will take time to prepare.

Although we have tried to display all state and capital names in a simple way. If you want to learn about all the state’s Capitals and CM names of all states.

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