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Exam warriors book is the best for students and parents. Our prime minister Honorable prime minister has written this book. The mission of the exam warriors book is for young students to help them deal with the stress of exams. In this book, Modi Ji has narrated golden tips of preparation during board exams.

This book has been translated into many Indian languages as well as the Braille version. During exam times, students and parents face many problems like preparation and number scoring.

About Exams Warriors Book

Initially, this book was launched on 3rd February 2018. Every year this comes with the latest edition of exam warriors. Penguin has published this book in the English language in India. And anyone can buy exam warriors books from Amazon. This is an inspiring book not only for students but also for teachers and parents. Many suggestions of expert and teachers ideas have been added in this book.

Points of Exams Warriors Book 


The book contains the yoga benefits for students and their life goals. If students, teachers and parents do yoga practice the whole year. Positivity comes from the inner soul of human beings. By regular practice of yoga, we can control our stress and always feel energetic. Yoga brings good health and happiness and makes the mind hassle-free. This augurs well for the exam season.

Check Your Potential:

This book teaches us not only to be a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer. Just check your knowledge and interest to become. Think of how best you can make a difference to society and let that ideal guide you. This means always following your passion and doing your best for those. Everyone can not be a doctor, engineer, and lawyer.

Encourage your child:

Exam warriors teach to the parents and guardians. Do not force the children and do not insist on scoring good marks. Behave with them like friends and have a good bonding with your children. Always stand for your child in all situations and fulfil all essential requirements.

Technology Awareness:

It reveals the importance of the latest technology like mobile, laptop, tablet etc. During the coronavirus, all educational institutes and classes had been shifted online. The use of mobile and the internet were increased. Students have been studying via mobile and tablet. So make sure to use the latest technology for getting an education. But parents and guardians are responsible to track them not using them unnecessarily.

Exam warriors new edition
Why should you buy and read?

In this book, there are many educational concepts and tips. I have given a few points about this book but there are many facts and educational theories in this book. For getting more details in depth buy this book and read it.

Exam Warriors PDF:

Few of us do not know how to buy this book online. But if you are eager to read this book, tell your relatives and friends to order this book from online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. The publisher did not say to download the exam warriors book pdf. There is no official announcement of exam warriors pdf free download. Few elements are found on the Internet free of cost exam warriors book pdf format. You can check but there is no certainty this will be original or fake. For getting this book’s original copy from Amazon. 

Exam Warriors Books: Q&A

Q. Who is the author of the exam warriors book?

A. Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. Modi Ji has written this book.

Q. एग्जाम वॉरियर्स नामक पुस्तक के लेखक कौन है?

A. मोदी जी 

Q. एग्जाम वॉरियर्स के लेखक का क्या नाम है?

A. मोदी जी

Q. How to download exam warriors pdf free?

A. This is not a free pdf of exam warriors. So buy this from Amazon.

Q. How can I buy exam warrior books?

A. You can buy this book from Amazon or the nearest book depot. 

Q. Who should read exam warrior books?

A. Anyone can read this book. But best for Students, Teachers and Parents.

Q. What is an exam warriors book?

A. This is a motivational book for all students and parents.

Q. Can I buy exam warriors online?

A. Yes you can buy this book from any online store.

Q. What is the exam warrior book price online?

A. Price of exam warrior is Rs. 100/-

Q. When exam warriors were published for the first time?

A. This book was launched on 3rd February 2018.

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