Patanjali Cow Ghee-price

Patanjali Cow Ghee Price, Benefits, Uses, Side effects, Dosage in India

We must know Patanjali cow ghee price while purchasing this product. Today we would give you the list of Patanjali ghee benefits. What is the Patanjali cow ghee? As usual, we all know about the advantages of cow ghee for our daily life. Its importance is wide throughout the world. Ghee is used basically in […]

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CCTV Full form – What is the full form of CCTV – Full form of CCTV

We must know the CCTV full form is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). Mostly we see this equipment always around us. But we do not have complete technical information about CCTV cameras. It is a system where all the elements like video camera, display monitors, recording devices are directly connected. We use this device to shoot […]

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MRF full form – What is MRF full meaning in Hindi

I think you should know MRF full form. Mostly we have seen this name on Schine Tendulkar bat while playing cricket. But this brand is the most popular brand for tire manufacturing. The full form of MRF is Madras Rubber Factory as usual this name is very common and simple. The full meaning of MRF […]

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DHL Full form – What is the full form of DHL?

We must know DHL full form because this is the world’s largest courier company. The report of this company has created a remarkable history in the field of logistics. The Company covers all over the world in shipment. DHL – Dalsey Hillblom Lynn The DHL full form This courier company delivers products throughout the world. […]

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ICICI Bank Full form – What is the full form of ICICI Bank?

Each one wants to know ICICI Bank Full form whenever sees this bank holding. ICICI Bank is the most popular private bank that provides all types of banking services like Insurance, Netbanking, Account Opening including loans and many more. ICICI Bank Full form – Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Therefore we must know […]

states and captials of india 2020
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States and Capitals of India – states and capitals – All States and Capitals in India

States and Capitals of India List of all states and the capital of India is a very important topic for all Indians. Welcome to our website Jankarihub Today we would discuss all states and capitals of India. As we all know in all competitive exams such types of questions come. We suggest all aspirant remember […]

Rajasthan police gk in hindi
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Rajasthan Police GK in Hindi – Rajasthan General Knowledge in Hindi

Today we would talk about Rajasthan Police GK in Hindi. Nowadays the Rajasthan Government has announced a good vacancy for defense interested young. So we have provided you important Rajasthan Police gk in Hindi. For the candidates of Rajasthan should know about the culture of Rajasthan in details. That is why we have listed the […]

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Chief Ministers of India 2020 – CM of all States – Current Chief Ministers List

Chief Ministers of India is the most important topic for all Indian Students. So we have tried to explain about this topic at Jankarihub. In this article, we would discuss the chief ministers of India. We update this list every week for new updates. Recently few Vidhan sabha elections were completed. Now we want to […]

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SC, ST, and OBC full form – SC, ST और OBC का फुल फॉर्म क्या है?

SC, ST, and OBC full form is in further lines. We disclose in detail the SC and SC including the OBC category in our country especially for applying for government jobs. SC – Schedule Castes ST- Schedule Tribes OBC – Other Backward Classes Full form of SC, ST, and OBC The government of India has […]