Best UGC NET Commerce Books List Suggested by Expert

The UGC NET exam, organized by the National Testing Agency (NTA), is a national-level test held biannually. Qualifying for this exam opens opportunities for Assistant Professor or Junior Fellow roles. It covers over 80 disciplines, with Commerce being one of the options for Paper II. Paper I assesses Teaching & Research Aptitude and is common for all candidates.

Those selecting Paper II’s Commerce (code 8) should prepare thoroughly using the recommended UGC NET Commerce books. These resources include textbooks for understanding concepts and materials containing practice questions and solved examples. Our article compiles a list of top books for UGC NET Commerce, alongside other study materials and preparation tips.

UGC NET Commerce Books List

To excel in the exam, it’s crucial to cover all topics outlined in the UGC NET Commerce Syllabus. The following table presents recommended books aligned with the latest syllabus for UGC NET Commerce preparation.

UnitsRecommended Books Buy Link
Unit 1: Business Environment and International BusinessThe International Business Environment by Sundaram K Anant & Black StewartBuy Online
International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace by Chrles W.L. Hill, G. Thomas M. Hult, Rohit MehtaniBuy Online
Unit 2: Accounting and AuditingFundamentals of Accounting & Auditing by Ruchi GuptaBuy Online
Unit 3: Business EconomicsBusiness Economics by H.L. AhujaBuy Online
Essentials of Business Economics by D.N. DwivediBuy Online 
Unit 4: Business FinanceBusiness Finance by S.P. GuptaBuy Online
Unit 5: Business Statistics and Research MethodsBusiness Statistics & Operation Research by Dr. S.P. Gupta, Dr. P.K. Gupta and Dr. Man MohanBuy Online 
Unit 6: Business Management and Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource Development And Business Growth by H.L. KailaBuy Online
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management by Raymond. A. Noe, Barry Gerhart, John R. Hollenbeck, Patrick W. WrightBuy Online
Unit 7: Banking and Financial InstitutionsBanking Awareness by Arihant ExpertsBuy Online
Unit 8: Marketing ManagementMarketing Management by Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller, Alexander Chernev, Jagdish N. Seth, G. ShaineshBuy Online
Unit 9: Legal Aspects of BusinessLegal Aspects of Business by P.K. PadhiBuy Online
Legal Aspects of Business by Ravinder KumarBuy Online 
Unit 10: Income-tax and Corporate Tax PlanningCorporate Tax Planning & Management by Dr. H.P. Mehrotra & Dr. S.P. GoyalBuy Online 

UGC NET Commerce Practice Set Books

While understanding concepts is vital, it’s insufficient for effective exam preparation. It’s crucial to practice with important questions, solved examples, sample papers, and more. Below are the UGC NET Commerce books that offer ample practice material for comprehensive preparation.

UGC NET preparation books for commerceAuthor/ Publisher
NTA UGC NET/JRF/SET Paper 2 CommerceArihant
NTA-UGC-NET: Commerce Previous Years PapersDr. Sima Kumari (R. Gupta)
NTA UGC NET/JRF/Set Paper 2 Commerce 24 Solved PapersPradeep Jain (Prabhat Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.)

How to Select the Best UGC NET Commerce Books?

Selecting the best UGC NET Commerce books involves considering several important points

  1. Alignment with Syllabus: Ensure that the books cover all the topics mentioned in the UGC NET Commerce syllabus comprehensively.
  2. Authoritative Authors: Opt for books authored by renowned experts or scholars in the field of Commerce. Their expertise ensures accurate and reliable content.
  3. Conceptual Clarity: Look for books that provide clear explanations and conceptual understanding of complex topics rather than focusing solely on rote learning.
  4. Updated Content: Choose books that are up-to-date with the latest developments, theories, and trends in Commerce to ensure relevance to the current exam pattern.
  5. Practice Material: Select books that offer ample practice material such as solved examples, practice questions, sample papers, and previous years’ question papers to aid in thorough preparation.
  6. Language and Presentation: Consider books that are written in clear and understandable language with a well-organized presentation of content, diagrams, and illustrations to facilitate easy comprehension.
  7. Reviews and Recommendations: Check reviews and recommendations from experienced candidates, teachers, or experts in Commerce to gauge the effectiveness and quality of the books.
  8. Publisher Reputation: Choose books published by reputable publishers known for their high-quality educational content and adherence to academic standards.

Preparation strategy with UGC NET Commerce Books

While preparing for the UGC NET Exam, candidates need to work and study thoroughly as per the below-mentioned steps to ace their UGC NET Exam. The stages included in the UGC NET Exam Preparation Tips are as follows.

  1. Understand the syllabus thoroughly.
  2. Choose books that cover all syllabus topics comprehensively.
  3. Focus on building conceptual clarity through selected books.
  4. Regularly practice solving questions from recommended books.
  5. Revise topics consistently to reinforce learning.
  6. Utilize books containing sample papers and previous years’ question papers for practice.
  7. Take mock tests to assess preparation and improve time management.
  8. Manage time effectively during practice sessions and exams.
  9. Stay updated with current trends in Commerce.
  10. Seek guidance from mentors or coaching institutes if needed.

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