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This article has brought the most important One Word Substitution PDF for all competitive exams. More than 5 Questions come in your Bank, SSC, Exam from One Word Substitution section. Never think that it is useful for the only exam perspective but helps in English speaking. Always prepare this topic for your govt exam and improve your English vocab. At present people prefer to speak the sentence in fewer words and less time. That is why your One Word Substitution topic must be strong to speak fluently.

What is One Word Substitution?

Well, Mostly you have heard about this word but you must know about this in detail. Important one-word substitution sort your long sentence into one word. In simple lines, we can say One Word Substitution means to minimise long line in One Word. I hope you have understood properly. Although there are many fields in this topic we give you a few important fields where there are many sentences. Lets study. For making your exam easy and smart we have created a PDF file of One Word Substitution PDF with 1500+ Important words.

One Word Substitution means to covert the long sentence into one word. To become a master in One Word Substitution you need to do the practice regularly on the word. One word substitution questions frequently occur in many national-level exams such as SBI PO, UPSC, CAPF, CDS, RRB, SSC etc. We have listed the most significant word for all types of govt jobs. Now the term is that how to solve the One Word Substitution.

How to Solve One Word Substitution?

As you all know that this topic is very vital for all kinds of govt jobs in India. To prepare the One Word Substitution for govt jobs need to have better planning. These can be solved by identifying its root wordor core meaning and then identifying the prefix and suffix. If you want to prepare completely just follow the below tips and tricks.

  • Make the short notes of important One Word Substitution
  • Do practice daily basis and add in your speaking
  • Make the notes as per the section and situation

One Word Substitutions Dictionary: Govt Related

Democracy – Where people of states or country rule.

Anarchy – The States where there are no government rules. Such types of states are anarchy.

Secular – Government not by the law of religion.

Bureaucracy – Where the official of states rules there is no particular person or king rules.

Monarchy – A states or country where a particular person means Kings or Queens manage all things.

Aristocracy – Where governed by nobles or lords

Plutocracy – It means where a rich man rules and gives order to his citizen/people.

Gerontocracy – Sounds good that means where old personal rules and give the orders to state general people.

Neocracy – Government by the person who does not have any knowledge or experience about the rules of states.

Autocracy – A single person rules and does not have any team. Means the government by one person.

Oligarchy – That means government by a few persons or teams.

Thearchy – Means government by the power of God. People of states have trust that god rules on us.

Kakistocracy – a state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens.

Autonomy – The right of self Government.

Ochlocracy – That means mobs run the government

One Word Substitution PDF

2. One Word Substitution: Phobia Related

Phobia means a person who fears any particular thing. Like Mukesh fears from heights. So he does not go to hill stations. Because his body does not allow him to visit such places. That means Mukesh is “Acrophobia”. You can download these One Word Substitution PDF forms from below.

Aerophobia – Means a person who fears air. so he does not go to a forest visit.

Lipophobia – This means who fears Body fat and always cares about diet.

Anglophobia – An abnormal and persistent fear of pain that is far more powerful than that of a normal person.

Acrophobia – Fears of height so Mukesh fears of high hills.

Hydrophobia – Fears of water. Mukesh does not go swimming because he fears deep water.

Androphobia – A person who fears males, not any women or their things.

Agoraphobia – A fear of an open place or public place. Ravi fears open places so do not go to move here and there.

Gynephobia – Means the fears of women who fear from women, not men.

Bibliophobia – That means who fear books. A person does not have the interest to read any books and fears this.

Graphophobia – Fears of writing

Cynophobia– Fear of dogs. A person who fears dog bitting.

Gamophobia – Ritu fear of getting married means fear of Marriage.

Cancerophobia – Mahi does of the go-to clinic because he fears of Doctor. Fear of Doctor.

Entomophobia – This means the fear of Insects or worms. Nisha fears earthworms in rainy sessions.

Chronophobia – Means fear of time.

Bathophobia – An abnormal and persistent fear of depths

Cellophobia – An extreme fear of beauty

Logophobia – Who fears study and does not go to school or college

Toxicophobia – Fear of Poison.

Logomania – Who speaks more than the requirement. Means useless talking.

Nyctophobia – Fear of Darkness. After going the electricity ram does not go to the toilet due to darkness.

Theophobia – Naveen fears God so he warships to god every day.

Monophobia – Who feels alone and fears after becoming alone in home.

Thanatophobia – Everyone fears dying. Means fear of death. No one wants to die.

Ochlophobia – The fear of crown. Richa denied attending the seminar because she fears crowds and rush.

Phasmophobia – Means fear of ghosts or the devil.

Pathophobia – Fear of Illness or sickness.

Pharmacophobia – Who does not take medicine and fears of this.

3. One Word Substitution Examples: Place

Aquarium – The tank where we keep the live fish. For example, Richa gave an Aquarium on the occasion of her boyfriend birthday.

Convent – A place where nun lives and spend their life.

Sanatorium – Where sick persons are treated to recover their health.

Pantry – This is a very common word most of us know about this. This means the place where is to provide foods or snacks.

Sty – Where we keep the pig animal.

Casino – Where we play the game or gamble.

Orphanage – Such a place where orphan lives and spend their life.

Decanter – The things which we use for keeping the wine. Means the ornamental glass bottle.

Wardrobe – A cupboard where we hung our shirt and jeans or other clothes.

Morgue – Such a place where the dead bodies are kept for further identification.

Monastery – A place Sadhu and sant live. Means such a place where monks and priests live.

Dormitory – A place where we sleep. Means the place of sleeping. A great word for one-word substitution.

Apiary – Good place for keeping the bees to produce the honey. SO we can say this is a good place.

Scullery – Means the place where we wash the kitchen dishes and pots.

Lair – Where there are many kinds of Wild animals live.

Burrow – Underground Residence place. Means a place where animals live in a hole. Like Rabbits, Rats etc.

Arsenal – A place where weapons and military equipment.

Hive – Where bees live.

Orchard – Such types of place where we grow the fruits plant.

Stable – A unique place where horses live. means the residence of a horse.

Abattoir – A dwelling where animals are slaughtered.

Archives – A set of historical documents or records providing data about a place, institution, or collection of people

Hutch – A box or cage, typically with a wire mesh front, for keeping rabbits or other small domesticated animals.

Kennel – A small house in which the dogs live.

Cage – Very small house of living birds.

Reservoir – A place where we accumulate the raining water or other water. means a place where water is stored.

Granary – A section where we store the grain-like wheat, Pulse etc. Or a godown of grain.

Infirmary – A place where old persons live and spent their life.

4. One Word Substitution in English: denoting “Murder or Death

Uxoricide – A person who kills his wife. For Example, Ritesh killed his wife.

Cemetery – Such a place where the dead body is buried.

Mortuary – A place where the dead body is kept for examination or postmortem.

Epitaph – Word which is written on grave/tomb in the memory of a dead person. This question came many exams several times. So keep in your mind.

Sororicide – The killings of self sister. Richa killed her own sister.

Genocide – one who murdered a collection of people.

Parricide – A man who killed his parents means mother and father.

Homicide – A man who killed men or women.

Regicide – Who killed a queen or king. Means the killing of Royal/king/queen.

Patricide – Ritesh murdered his own father. Means killing of father.

Fratricide – Murders of one’s brother. Kiran killed her brother.

Matricide – Who kills the individual mother. That means Kuldeep killed his mother because she did not give part of the land.

Foeticide – Who kills an unborn child.

Filicide – One who kills one’s children.

5. One Word Substitution PDF of Groups

Gallery – A place where many types of Images are stored.

Hamlet – A group of a house in a village.

Brace – A pair of pigeons.

Bale – A bundle of cotton or clothes.

Catalogue – A list or collection of books or infographics.

Note: We are creating the 1500+ One Word Substitution PDF next month you can download.

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