Chandrayaan-3 Related GK Questions in Hind, Chandrayaan-3 GK Quiz

Recently Chandrayaan-3 has successfully launched and reached its destination place on the south pole of the Moon. This is the historical achievement of India still there are no countries in the world to reach this place. All the world congratulated India for this achievement. The lander’s name of Vikram and Rover’s name was Pragyan. Chandrayaan-3 … Read more

100+ Vegetables Name in Hindi and English PDF – 100 सब्जियों के नाम हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में

Vegetables Name (सब्जियों के नाम) Welcome to our website today we will give you a list of 100 vegetable names in Hindi and English. These names are very significant for all kids and parents. Sometimes students search for 10 vegetable names in Hindi. Or search for 10 vegetables’ names in English. Readout Sabziyon KE Naam … Read more

15 Best Laptop Table For Beds Under 500 in India

best laptop table for bed under 500-min

Best Laptop Table For Bed Are you looking for the best laptop table for a bed under 500? In this article, we have included such types of latest laptop tables and trays to give you relaxation while doing work on your bed. Mainly laptop tables give us a comfort zone for long-time work. The portable … Read more

Questions Related to Qutub Minar, GK Quiz on Red Fort

Questions on Qutub Minar

The Qutub Minar, completed in 1193 by Qutub-ud-din Aibak, the founder of the Delhi Sultanate, serves as a lasting testament to India’s rich heritage. It was built to commemorate the victory of Muslim rule in India and the establishment of Islamic supremacy. The Minar’s construction marked the beginning of Indo-Islamic architecture in the country, blending … Read more

National Sports Day 2023: Theme, Image and Wishes

National Sports Day in India is an annual event held on 29 August, commemorating the birth anniversary of the iconic hockey champion, Major Dhyan Chand. This occasion serves to recognize and pay tribute to the nation’s accomplished athletes, who have garnered prestigious accolades for their exceptional contributions across various sports. The central objective of observing … Read more

Happy Onam 2023 Wishes and Greetings

Thiruvonam Nakshathram begins at 02:43 AM and will end at 11:50 PM on Aug 29, 2023. Onam is Kerala’s most famous festival which is celebrated by all Kerala people with joy and happiness. There are many Happy Onam wishes that are given. The Onam festivities commence with Atham day, marked by the presence of the … Read more

Neeraj Chopra Biography: Age, Family, Education, and Net Worth

In the realm of athletics, where dedication, perseverance, and raw talent converge, one name shines brilliantly – Neeraj Chopra. Hailing from the vibrant land of India, Neeraj has captured the hearts of millions not only through his extraordinary achievements but also through his inspiring journey. This article delves into the life, accomplishments, and remarkable story … Read more