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Odiah police gk questions are the most important topics to crack this exam. In this article, we would discuss about the Odiah police general knowledge question in Odia and English. In most of the govt exams General, knowledge-related questions are asked to check the knowledge of candidates. In all types of state govt jobs of Odisha. General Knowledge questions are asked in this exam according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

General Knowledge of Odisha contains many topics like History, Politics, Geography, Current Affairs, etc. To crack this exam your Odisha GK topics must be strong and solid. Most of the candidates who cracked this exam followed the many general knowledge books and related topics.

Odisha Police GK

Question- Who got the Sompur Mahavihar built?

Answer – Dharampal Dev

Question- Who is the first Agricultural University of India?

Answer- Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology

Question- Who inaugurated the Govind Ballabh Pant Agricultural University?

Answer – Jawaharlal Nehru

Question- In which year India Brand Equity Fund was established?

Answer – In the year 1996

Question- In which state of India, irrigation is done in maximum quantity through tube wells?

Answer – Uttar Pradesh

Question- When was the National Calendar adopted?

Answer – On 22 March 1957

Question- In which state of India was the first woman Chief Minister?

Answer – Uttar Pradesh

Question- Where is the National Blind Institute?

Answer – In Dehradun

Question- Which acid is used in car batteries?

Answer – Sulfuric acid

Question- Which flying bird does not come in the bird class?

Answer – Bat

Question- How many liters of urine does a healthy person pass in a day?

Answer- 1.5 liters

Odisha Police GK PDF

Question- Who is the author of ‘Servant’s Shirt’?

Answer- Vinod Kumar Shukla

Question- Who has written the poem named ‘Subhe Azadi’?

Answer – Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Question- Who is the author of the book ‘One of the Wonders’?

Answer- Sunil Gavaskar

Question- What is the currency of China?

Answer – Yuan

Question- Which bank is called the bank of banks in India?

Answer – Reserve Bank of India

Question- In which city is Dalal Street located?

Answer – In Mumbai

Question- In which year’s budget effective revenue deficit was presented?

Answer- In the Union Budget 2011-12

Question- In which year did the Sarkaria Commission submit its report?

Answer – In January 1988

Question- In which article of the constitution, agriculture and animal husbandry have been mentioned?

Answer- Article 48

Question- When was the state of Jharkhand formed?

Answer – 15 in November 2000

Question- Which state was first formed on a linguistic basis?

Answer – of Andhra Pradesh

Odisha Police Police General Knowledge

Question- In which year the United Nations Organization was established?

Answer – in 1945

Question- Which gas do green plants absorb during photosynthesis?

Answer – Carbon dioxide

Question- Abhindukta is the disease of which organ?

Answer – of the eyes

Question- Which person first read Ashoka’s inscriptions?

Answer – James Prinsep

Question- What is the main cash crop of Uttar Pradesh?

Answer – Sugarcane

Question- In which city of Uttar Pradesh is the “School of Paper Technology” located?

Answer – In Saharanpur

Question- In which state of India is the Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary located?

Answer – Bihar

Question- Which tree is called an ecological terrorist?

Answer – Eucalyptus

Question- Which gas is formed by combining three atoms of oxygen?

Answer- Ozone (O3)

Question- Who first used the term deep ecology?

Answer – Arnies Ness

Question- In which year the Indian Wildlife Protection Act was implemented?

Answer – In the year 1972

Odisha Police GK in Odia

Question- In which state is the Chapchap Kut festival celebrated?

Answer – Mizoram

Question- In which year Quit India Movement took place?

Answer – In the year 1942

Question- In which year was the session of Meerut held?

Answer – In the year 1946

Question- In which state is the Sun Temple of Modhero located?

Answer – In Gujarat

Question- Who got the Sarnath pillar built?

Answer – Ashoka

Question- Which farming is called Floriculture?

Answer – To the cultivation of flowers

Question- What is the full form of SMPS?

Answer- Switch Mode Power Supply

Question- From which state Chandrayaan 1 was launched?

Answer – From Andhra Pradesh

Question- How many pairs of ribs are there in the human body?

Answer- 12 pairs

Question- Which city was the center of the Gadkari rebellion?

Answer – Kolhapur

Question- Which American journalists were with Mahatma Gandhi during the Quit India Movement?

Answer – Lewis Fisher

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