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If you are preparing for the WB TET entrance exam 2022 you have come to the right place to study the West Bengal TET child development-related questions. EVS is the common subject for all kinds of TET exams in India including the CTET. Before starting the preparation for the WB TET primary teacher exam test you must know about the latest syllabus and exam pattern. In this article, we have brought up the most important EVS Questions for the West Bengal TET exam. Below we mention the latest syllabus and exam pattern of the WB Primary TET exam.

WB TET EVS Syllabus

In every TET exam, EVS questions come in English and Regional languages. We mention the most important topics which would be covered in the EVS syllabus.

WB TET Syllabus 2023 PDF

Knowledge of EVS

  • Concept and scope of environmental studies
  • Significance of environmental studies.
  • Integrated approach in environmental studies.
  • Scope and relation of environmental studies to science and social science.
  • Approaches of presenting concepts.
  • Environmental studies and environmental education.
  • Learning principles.
  • Activities.
  • Discussion.
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Shelters: Types of shelters, characteristics of animal shelters.
  • Types of vehicles used, railways, waterways, and airways.
  • Water: Types of water resources, conservation of water resources, water pollution, cause and prevention of water pollution, the impact of water pollution on the environment, flood and drought.
  • Composition of air, causes and impact of air pollution on the environment, greenhouse effect, and global warming.
  • Different types of soil, soil erosion, the impact of soil pollution, and its prevention.

Pedagogical Issues

  • Concept and scope of EVS.
  • Significance of EVS and integrated EVS.
  • Environmental Studies & Environmental Education.
  • Learning Principles.
  • Scope & relation to Science & Social Science.
  • Approaches of presenting concepts.
  • Activities.

EVS Questions for WB TET

Jankari Hub is dedicated to providing the most important EVS questions that would help you to score a good number in this exam. We have tried to provide the most expected Environmental questions. There are many topics in EVS subject and most of the candidates prefer to score a good number. As per the expert and qualified candidates EVS is the most important subject of number scoring.

Question- Which is the largest river in the world which is called Nadi Deep?

Answer – Brahmaputra

Question- How many states of our country are situated on the seashore?

Answer – 9 states

Question- In which state of India is Loktak Lake located?

Answer – Manipur

Question- Which places receive the least rainfall during the south-to-west monsoon period?

Answer – Chennai

Question- Where is the least rainfall in India?

Answer – Leh

Question- In which state of India, the maximum coffee is produced?

Answer – In Karnataka

Question- Which international airport is located in New Delhi?

Answer- Indira Gandhi International Airport

Question- First of all, where is the Rail University opening in India?

Answer – Vadodara Gujarat

Question- Where is the longest platform in India located?

Answer – In Gorakhpur

Question- Which are the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu?

Answer – Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Karnataka

Question- Which is considered to be an effective way to involve children in environmental studies?

Answer- Tales Stories

 Question- When is Ozone Day celebrated?

Answer – 16 September

Question- When is International Biodiversity Day celebrated?

Answer – 22 May

EVS Questions for WB TET

Question- By what name is the mutual group of the food chain known?

Answer – Food World

Question- By whom has the ten percent rule been given?

Answer – by Lindemann

Question- What do lizards and frogs use to hunt?

Answer – Tongue

Question- Where is the Indian Wheat and Barley Research Institute located?

Answer – Karnal (Haryana)

Question- What should be the minimum age limit for the post of President?

Answer- 35 years

Question- Who has been considered the father of the Green Revolution globally?

Answer – Norman Borlaug

Question- In which state is Kara Korum Pass located?

Answer – Jammu Kashmir

Question- What is the water of the Dead Sea like?

Answer – Salty

Question- Which crop is sown the most in India?

Answer – Rice

Question- Tehri Dam is built on which river?

Answer – Bhagirathi

Question- On which river is the Bhakra Nangal project?

Answer – Satluj

Question- Where is the country of Mexico located?

Answer – in the continent of North America

Question- Which continents become mirror images of each other?

Answer – North Africa and South Africa

EVS Questions for WB TET

Question- Where is the country of Ecuador situated?

Answer- in North America

Question- Where is the Great Warrior Reef located?

Answer – in the North Pacific Ocean

Question- Which stream is not cold?

Answer – North- Brazil Current

Question- Which is the current that is different from one seawater current to other currents?

Answer – Labrador

Question- Which state of India has more forest area?

Answer – In Madhya Pradesh

Question- By what name is the study of the universe known?

Answer- Cosmology

Question- When did the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Act come into force?

Answer – in 1947

Question- Where is the mangrove vegetation most widespread in India?

Answer – In Sundarbans

Question- Which ecological system is spread over the largest area on the earth?

Answer – In the collective sector

Question- Who defined geography as a human condition?

Answer – Harlon Barrows

Question- By which instrument is the speed of jet planes measured?

Answer- Mac unit

Question- Which tree is called eco-terrorist?

Answer – Safeda

Question- What causes a burning sensation in the eyes due to smoke?

Answer – Nitric oxide

Question- Which state of India has completely banned plastic bags for the first time?

Answer – Himachal Pradesh

Question- Which metal is found in abundance in the earth’s crust?

Answer – Aluminum

Question- Which is the largest peninsular river in India?

Answer – Godavari

EVS Questions for WB TET

Question- Damodar river is a tributary of which river?

Answer – Hooghly River

Question- What is Gulf Stream?

Answer – an ocean current

Question- What is the forest found in marshy areas called?

Answer – Mangrove forest

Question- What is the time difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich Mean Time?

Answer- 5 hours 30 minutes

Question- Which are the two planets that do not have satellites?

Answer – Buddha and Venus

Question- Which planet is known as a dwarf planet?

Answer- Pluto (Yama)

Question- Tulatul project is related to which river?

Answer – Jhelum River

WB TET EVS Questions

Question- In which area the tired train is run?

Answer – in mountainous areas

Question- What is the general direction of the flow of the summer season in India?

north-south-east to south-west

Question- Which of the following is present in the soil of western Rajasthan?

Answer – Phosphorus

Question- Which is the tribe that celebrates the Sarhul festival?

Answer – Munda

Question- In which country is Mount Everest located?

Answer – Nepal

Question- Which scientist discovered the moon of our planet Jupiter?

Answer – Galileo

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