AP Police GK Questions in English PDF Download

Andhra Pradesh police GK

If you are searching the Andhra Pradesh police gk questions PDF. you have come to the right place. We have added the most necessary gk questions pdf if you want to crack the Andhra Pradesh police exam on the first attempt and score a good number in this exam. Which is a very important question for you. If you want to pass this exam, then you should study with full dedication. GK is the most critical subject for scoring well. 25 GK questions come in this exam. All the questions we have given in this question have appeared in many competitive exams before.

After a lot of research, we have prepared this pdf which will help you a lot in this exam so that you can crack this exam. Andhra Pradesh police exam pattern and syllabus are declared by the Andhra Pradesh recruitment board. This year Andhra Pradesh Recruitment Board has come out with this recruitment for 6100 vacancies.

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Andhra Pradesh police gk PDF

The gk questions are very useful for the Andhra Pradesh police exam. I have very good general knowledge questions for those candidates who have applied for this exam. In this PDF we have added the most question and answers. We have given each question’s answer in this PDF. If you want to pass this exam then you must download this  AP police gk pdf.

Andhra Pradesh police GK

These English questions and answers are very vital for the Andhra Pradesh police exam. many candidates used this PDF to crack this exam. we have followed the new syllabus and pattern for the Andhra Pradesh police exam. you can download this pdf click here

Question- In what is the flow of water measured?

Answer – in cusecs

Question- What is the unit of pressure?

Answer- newton / square meter

Question- How does the color of the sky appear to the astronaut?

Answer – black

Question- How many colors are there in the sun’s light?

Answer – Seven colors

Question- With the help of which gas the room is cooled?

Answer – Compressed gas

Question- How is the length of a word measured in a computer?

Answer – from bits

Question- Who was the father of the Indian Space Program?

Answer- Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

Question- Who is the world’s first woman astronaut?

Answer- Valentina Tereshkova

Question- Who discovered heavy water?

Answer – H. C. Ure

Question- Which acid is used in photography?

Answer – Of oxalic acid

Question- Who propounded the theory of evolution?

Answer – In Charles Darwin

Question- How many legs are there in a spider?

Answer – eight legs

Question- How many bones are there in the human skull?

Answer- 22

Question- What is the chemical name of Vitamin C?

Answer – ascorbic acid

Question- Which protein is hair made of?

Answer – Keratin

Question- Calciferal is the chemical name of which vitamin?

Answer – Vitamin D

Question- Which organ is affected by malaria?

Answer – spleen

Question- Deficiency of which element causes goiter?

Answer – Iodine

Question- White rust is an important fungal disease of which crop?

Answer – Mustard

Question- In which country is the world’s first camel hospital located?

Answer – In Dubai

Question- What is the collection of local flora called?

Answer – Herbarium

Question- In which city of India is the Central Tropical Horticulture Research Institute located?

Answer – In Lucknow

Question- Which snake has neurotoxic poison?

Answer – Cobra

Question- In which state of India is Dholavira located?

Answer – In Gujarat

Question- In which Veda was Gayatri Mantra first found?

Answer – in Rigveda

Question- Who was the founder of Nalanda University?

Answer – Kumaragupta I

Question- What is the number of forms of devotion in the Bhagwat sect?

Answer- 9

Question- By what name was Chanakya known in his childhood?

Answer – In the name of Vishnugupta

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