Neeraj Chopra Creates History with Gold Medal Win and 88.17m Javelin Throw at World Athletics Championships

Neeraj Chopra achieved another remarkable milestone on Sunday, emerging as the first Indian athlete to clinch a gold medal in the World Athletics Championships during the men’s javelin throw finals held in Budapest. Chopra’s second endeavor in the finals propelled the javelin to an impressive distance of 88.17 meters, which remained unbeaten throughout the event. This accomplishment marks a significant advancement from his performance in the 2022 edition of the Championships, where he secured a silver medal.

Despite a less-than-ideal start in the finals, with his initial throw covering just 79 meters, Neeraj expressed dissatisfaction and chose not to register the score, deliberately stepping over the line to incur a foul. Nonetheless, he redeemed himself with his second attempt, capitalizing on fervent crowd support. In his signature style, Chopra began celebrating even before the javelin made its landing.

Chopra’s fellow competitor from Pakistan, Arshad Nadeem, secured the second position with a close 87.82 meters, trailing just behind the Indian gold medalist. The bronze was claimed by Jakub Vadlejch from the Czech Republic with a distance of 86.67 meters.

During the qualification round leading up to the men’s javelin finals in the 2023 event, Neeraj displayed exceptional prowess by clinching a spot for the Sunday event with just one throw. The reigning Olympic champion achieved an impressive 88.77 meters in his initial attempt, securing an automatic qualification for the ultimate round. Neeraj’s throws in the final on Sunday included distances of 88.17m, 86.32m, 84.64m, 87.73m, and 83.98m, following his initial foul.

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