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Welcome to our website today we will discuss about Patanjali Ayurved Company in details. How patanjali company is growing day by day in India along with the world. Now days Patanjali company is not popular in India but in the world.

What is Patanjali Company

Patanjali Company is an Indian Consumer goods company. This company was founded in 2006 by swami Ramdev and his friend Acharya Balkrishan. Patanjali company is located in Haridwar Uttarkhan India. Initially this company was started from Uttarakhand to make ayurdik medicine.

Patanjali products are being sold in the world wide by Online and office line. This company model is unique and very different from others. In same products manufacturing company has tried to keep it back but not possible.

Company mainly manufactures mineral and herbal products. Patanjali products are being manufacturing in Nepal also and its the good manufacturing plant. In Haridwar Manufacturing unit is suited.

Patanjali company is the fasted growing FMCG company in India. And this company has got first position in India.

History Of Patanjali Production

If we talk in details bout the history of this organization. Baba Ramdev has started this company along with Acharya Balkrishan in 2006 more than 13 years ago. Overall this company is making many kinds of daily uses products. Future Group has joined with this company to boot the Products selling.

Production :

Patanjali Food and Herbal Park at Haridwar is the main production facility operated by Patanjali Ayurved. The company has a production capacity of ₹350 billion (US$5.1 billion) and is in the process of expanding to a capacity of ₹60,000 crore (equivalent to ₹640 billion or US$9.3 billion in 2018) through its new production units at several places, including Noida, Nagpur, and Indore. The company plans to establish further units in India and in Nepal.

In 2016, the Patanjali Food and Herbal Park was given a full-time security cover of 35 armed Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) commandos.The park will be the eighth private institute in India to be guarded by CISF paramilitary forces. Baba Ramdev is himself a “Z” category protectee of central paramilitary forces

Patanjali Products List –

Patanjali company is making many types products like eating and wearing products. Now days Patanjali paridhan and patanjali jeans are very famous store throughout India. In starting production medicine was main manufacturing product. Patanjali Paridhan online is the best source of making more inquiry.

Patanjali company is making more than 900 products including 45 types of cosmetic products and 30 types of Food Product. Now days there are many outlet of patanjali in India. There are many types products are sold and every one can reach there easily.

In 2016, Patanjali has announced to enter the textile manufacturing centre. The company is reported to manufacture not only traditional clothes such as KurtaPayjama but also popular western clothes such as jeans.

Patanjali Paridhan Store

Patanjali Paridhan Store is the most noteworthy Store where Three brands products are sold on different price. In Patanjali Paridhan Store there are three Brands – 1) Live Fit 2) Sanskar 3) Aastha. All Garments and accessories come under three brands. Patanjali Paridhan store has been opened in Pitam Pura New Delhi. While Innougration Many media channel were there because they were invited to telecast. This was the most promotion medium rather than another way.

Patanjali Paridhan Store is like Nike, Puma, Levis, Reebok etc. Here all types of Garments are available, Jeans, T-shirt, Shoes, Suit, Lahenga, Kurta, Kurti, sports shoes, sports cloth, vest, pajama, saree, salwar, suit, coat, pant, readymade, non-readymade etc. All products will be only three brands – Live Fit, Sanskar, Aastha.

1) Live Fit Brand

Live Fit brand is the best and most popular brand. According to Baba Ramdev, this name is unique and very famous. For announcing this name baba ram dev was very happy because of the Patanjali Jeans.

Image result for live fit patanjali

We would like to inform you that under this brands all men accessories are available. Above all the information have been taken from NDTV News channel. Live Fit Brand hence sports shoes with Memory Foam, T-shirts, Under Garments, Yoga Suit, Yoga mat, sleeper, khanau, etc. consequently, all products are very good with Latest Trends.

2) Sanskar Brand

This is the best and important brand of Patanjali Paridhan Store under this brand all men’s and kids wear garments. Like – Coat, Jeans, Shirt, Sanskar Jeans is the name of Patanjali jeans. On Patanjali Jeans Baba Ramdev Told that Patanajali Name is the name of Muni (Monk) so this is not possible to name of Patanjali Jean. This Jean’s name is Sanskar Jeans.

Swadeshi Marketing business plan reveals about the country made products. Baba Ramdev business moves around the Swadeshi Marketing Business Plans. Patanjali Jeans is Known as new name Sanskar Jeans.  (Paridhan Jeans) Patanjali jeans online shopping will be available in coming days. Patanjali apparels are available in store.

3) Aastha Brand

This is the 3rd and topmost brand of Patanjali Paridhan store because this brand covers all types of clothes of Ladies. Mostly products of Aastha brands are Patanjali Denim products. Patanjali Denim quality products are many more. Like suit salwar, kurti, yoga dress, pajama, Lahenga, Saree, Banarasi saree, Rajasthani Saree, Towel Bed sheet, Sleeper, many more. Another way is to promote the products online.

These above attractive products are at the affordable price. If you are interested to buy these above products. Kindly visit Delhi Pitam Pura Adress. In coming days Patanjali Paridhan store will be available nearby you in next 3 Months.

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