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Important Days of the Year – List of National and International important days – Important days

Important days of the year is a very significant topic for all Indian people. Today we will discuss in detail about important national and international days of the years. According to previous years’ papers of all types of competitive exams, at least one question came related to important days. There are two types of Important days one is National Important days and the second is International days. Mostly such questions come in competitive exams like Bank, SSC, Railways, etc. Important days are very useful for the nation and society to know about the specified day.

Today we will give you the most important days of the year list to remember always. we will start from January to December and include both National and International important days.

Why we celebrate Important Days

Behind this only one reason to spread awareness in society and nation. All people should know about the national and international days’ value. For example, if we celebrate World Aids Day. Behind the Aids, we spread awareness about the Aids disease and how it infects the people and the government wants to give the tips to control this disease. So we have understood the role of the Important days which falls in the years. A few of the days are International days and celebrated throughout the world.

Let see the list of Important National and International days.

Important days of the January Month

In this list we would talk about all the important days of January Month we will include National and International Days fall in January Month. We will cover From 1st January to 31st January. You can say in many types like world important days of the year.

  • 1st January: DRDO Day establishment day
  • 1st January: Global Family Day
  • 4 January – World Braille Day “International Braille Day”
  • 9 January – NRI Day – Non-Resident Indian Day
  • 10 January: World Laughing Day “International Laughing Day”
  • 10 January: World Hindi Day “International Hindi Day”
  • 12 January: National Youth Day
  • 13 January: Guru Govind Singh Jayanti
  • 14 January: Lohri Festival
  • 15 January: National Army Day
  • 16 January: Religious Freedom Day
  • 23 January: Desh Prem Diwas ” National Patriotism Day”
  • 24 January; National Girls Child Day ” Rashtreey Balika Diwas”
  • 25 January: National Voters Day
  • 25 January: National Tourism Day
  • 26 January: Republic Day
  • 26 January: International Customs Day ” World Customs Day”
  • 27 January: International Day of Commemoration
  • 28 January: Lala Lajpat Rai Birthday
  • Last Sunday of January: World Leprosy Day
  • 30 January: Martyrs’ Day

Important Days of The February month International Day & National

In this section, we would discuss world important days including national days. According to the Expert, this Month is very special for all national and international to celebrate the special day. If we talk about the list of Important days there are many more. We give you some important and the most important days for your all competitive exams. Look at the list of a special day of the year.

  • 1 February: Indian Coast Guard Day
  • 2 February: World Wetland Day
  • 4 February: World Cancer Day
  • 6 February: International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
  • 10 February: National De-Worming Day
  • 11 February: International Day of Women and Girls in Science
  • 12 February: National productivity Day
  • 12 February: Darwin Day
  • 13 February: National Women’s Day
  • 13 February: World Radio Day
  • 14 February: Valentine Day
  • 20 February: World Day of Social Justice
  • 21 February: International Day of Mother Language
  • 22 February: World Thinking Day
  • 22 February: World Scout Day
  • 24 February: Central Excise Day
  • 27 February: World NGO Day (Non-Governmental Organization)
  • 28 February: National Science Day

List of National and International day in March

Many Festival national and international fall in March month. According to Weather summer starts and wheat crops grows and religious fest Holi comes in march mostly. March month is the most important for SSC exams. Below is the most significant day. See the below list of the special day.

  • 1 March: Zero Discrimination Day
  • 1 March: World Civil Defense Day
  • 3 March: World Wildlife Day
  • 3 March: National Defense Day
  • 3 March: World Hearing Day
  • 4 March: National Security Day
  • 4 March: National Safety Day
  • 8 March: International Women’s Day
  • 2nd Thursday Day of March: World Kidney Day
  • 12 March: Mauritius Day
  • 13 March: No Smoking Day (Second Wednesday of March)
  • 14 March: PI Day
  • 15 March: World Consumer Right’s Day
  • 15 March: World Sleep Day
  • 16 March: National Vaccination Day
  • 20 March: World Happiness Day
  • 20 March: World Sparrow Day
  • 21 March: World Forestry Day
  • 21 March: World Poetry Day
  • 21 March: World Down Syndrome Day
  • 22 March: Bihar Day
  • 22 March: World Water Day
  • 23 March: World Meteorological Day
  • 23 March: Martyr’s Day
  • 24 March: World TB Day
  • 27 March: World Theatre Day

Famous Days of April Month National and International Day

All People of the world including India celebrate the Famous Days of the Year. Getting good marks students to prepare this topic very seriously. To get the most rank in the government examinations. We are trying to give you the best and suitable methods to remember these special days. None of the Exams avoids adding such types of questions.

We are giving you all the details step by step to make a very easy format. Our Mission To enhance the knowledge in Students about important days in April Month. According to the April month, special days starts from 1st April as Fool Day. But Many significant days come in April month. we can not avoid them to remember.

Consequently the most important religious and non-religious day we should remember. Because each question is very important. Come with us to study in detail about the International and national days of the year.

  • 1st April: Odisha Formation Day (Utkal Day)
  • 2 April: World Autism Awareness Day
  • 4 April: International Day for Mine Awareness
  • 5 April: National Maritime Day
  • 7 April: World Health Day
  • 10 April: World Homeopathy Day
  • 11 April: National Safe Motherhood Day
  • 11 April: National Pet Day
  • 14 April: Dr. B.R.A Birth Day
  • 17 April: World Hemophilia Day
  • 18 April: World Heritage Day
  • 19 April: World Liver Day
  • 21 April: Civil Services Day
  • 22 April: Earth Day
  • 23 April: World Book & Copyright Day
  • 24 April: National Panchayati Day
  • 25 April: World Malaria Day
  • 26 April: World Intellectual Property Day
  • 28 April: World Day for Safety and Health
  • 29 April: World Dance Day ” International Dance Day”
  • 30 April: Ayush Bharat Diwas

National and International in May Month

Today we would talk about May Month Important days List according to your coming Exam. For Example World Labour Day comes on 1st May. Like this all-important days of May will come. In other words, we can explain the World Days in years. We do not say to the student to remember in a day but we suggest practice these on a daily basis. Last few years Most important days’ questions ratio have been increased. None of the competitive exams organized without these topics. So we narrate the list of Latest days of May Month.

  • 1 May: International Labour Day
  • 1 May: Maharashtra Day
  • 3 May: World Laughter Day
  • 3 May: Press Freedom Day
  • 4 May: International Firefighter’s Day
  • 7 May: International Atheistic Day
  • 8 May: World Red Cross Day
  • 8 May: International Thalassaemia Day
  • 11 May: National Technology Day
  • 12 May: International Nurses Day
  • 12 May: Mother’s Day (Second Sunday of May)
  • 15 May: International Family Day
  • 17 May: World Hypertension Day
  • 17 May: World Telecommunication Day
  • 18 May: World AIDS Vaccine Day
  • 18 May: World Museum Day
  • 20 May: World Bee Day
  • 20 May: World Metrology Day
  • 21 May: National Anti-Terrorism Day
  • 22 May: World Biological Diversity
  • 23 May: World Turtle Day
  • 24 May: Commonwealth Day
  • 25 May: International Missing Children’s Day
  • 31 May: World No Tabacco Day

June Month Important Date

June month is the 6th Month of the year. There are many good days and dates come in this month. If you are preparing for government jobs. Important days are very significant to score any numbers. For making this topic easy we have given you all important days and dates according to month. So that you can easily prepare. For more information in-depth, you need to read the dates in detail. Nowadays each student wants to know in detail about important days. Let’s learn something in details about the international days.

  • 1 June: World Milk Day
  • 1 June: Wold Global day of Parent
  • 2 June: Telangana Formation Day
  • 3 June: International Bicycle day
  • 4 June: International day of innocent children victims of aggression
  • 5 June: World Environment Day
  • June 3rd Sunday: World Father’s Day
  • 7 June: World Food Safety Day
  • 8 June: World Oceans Day
  • 12 June: World Day against child labour
  • 13 June: International Albinism Awareness Day
  • 14 June: World Blood Donar Day
  • 15 June: World Elder abuse awareness Day
  • 15 June: ASEAN Dengue Day
  • 18 June – International Picnic Day
  • 19 June: World Sauntering Day
  • 20 June: World Refugee Day
  • 21 June: International Yoga Day
  • 21 June: World Hydrography Day
  • 21 June: World Music Day
  • 23 June: World Widow Day
  • 23 June: International Olympic Day
  • 25 -26 June: Anti-Emergency Day
  • 27 June: MSME Day ( Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day)
  • 29 June: National Statics Day
  • 30 June: International Asteroid Day 
  • 30 June: International Day of Parliamentarism

List of all days and dates in July Month

July is the seventh month of the year. And it comes with rain and good weather. This month is very special for the tourist. If we see this month according to the competitive exam. Students must prepare this days because there 31 days in this month and more that 20 days are very important for the point of government exam. So be ready to study in detail.

  • 1 July: Doctor’s Day
  • 1 July: Canada Day
  • 1 July: GST Day
  • 1 July: State Bank of India establishment Day
  • 1 July: National Gingersnap Day
  • 2 July: World Sports Journalist Day
  • 2 July: World UFO Day
  • 3 July: International Plastic free day
  • 6 July: World Zoonoses Day
  • 7 July: World Forgiveness Day
  • 11 July: World Population Day
  • 11 July: National Simplicity Day
  • 12 July: World Malala Day
  • 12 July: Paper Bag Day
  • 12 July: Save Water Day
  • 14 July: French National Day
  • 14 July: Bastille Day
  • 14 July: International Shark Awareness Day
  • 15 July: World Youth Skills Day
  • 17 July: National Justice Day
  • 18 July: Nelson Mandela Day
  • 23 July: National Broadcasting Day
  • 24 July: Aaykar Diwas
  • 26 July: Kargil Vijay Diwas
  • 27 July: Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Foundation Day
  • 28 July: World Hepatitis Day
  • 28 July: National Parent’s Day
  • 28 July: World Nature Conservation Day
  • 29 July: World Tiger Day
  • 30 July: World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
  • 30 July: Tamil Nadu Hospital Day
Important days of august
Important days of august

Dates and Days of August

August month is very special for all candidates who are preparing for the government jobs. Our motto is to give the complete and exact knowledge about the list of important days falls in years. In this moth we celebrate india’s best national festival Independence Day. Our country does not forget this national festival anyhow.

  • 1 – 7 August: World Breastfeeding week
  • 6 August: Hiroshima Day
  • 7 August: National Handloom Day
  • 9 August: Nagasaki Day
  • 9 August: Quit India Movement Day
  • 10 August: World Biofuel Day
  • 12 August: International Youth Day
  • 12 August: World Elephant Day
  • 13 August: International Lefthanders Day
  • 14 August: Pakistan Independent Day
  • 15 August: Independence Day
  • 16 August: Bennington Battle Day
  • 17 August: Indonesian Independence Day
  • 19 August: World Humanitarian Day
  • 19 August: World Photography Day
  • 20 August: Sadbhavna Diwas
  • 20 August: World Mosquito Day
  • 26 August: Womens Equality Day
  • 29 August: National Sports Day
  • 30 August: Small Industry Day

National and International Days in September

September month comes with 30 days. There are many festival in this month along with special day. lets talk about this significant month in deep. There are many such days that can not be forgetton by all. Like coconut day international teachers many more. for preparing these important days follow our website daily basis to get educational article.

  • 2 September: Coconut Day
  • 3 September: Skyscraper Day
  • 5 September: International Day of Charity
  • 5 September: National Teachers Day
  • 7 September: Forgiveness Day
  • 7 September – Brazilian Independence Day
  • 8 September: International Literacy Day
  • 10 September: World Suicide Prevention Day
  • 14 September: National Hindi Day
  • 15 September: Engineers Day
  • 15 September: International Democracy Day
  • 16 September: Malaysia Day
  • 16 September: International Day of Preservation
  • 16 September: World Ozone Day
  • 20 September: RPF Foundation Day
  • 21 September: World Peace Day
  • 26 September: World Maritime Day
  • 27 September: World Tourism Day
  • 28 September: World Rabies Day
  • 28 September: World Maritime Day
  • 29 September: World Heart Day
  • 30 September: World Translation Day

October Month Important Days

  • 1 October: World old Personal Day
  • 1 October: International Coffee Day
  • 1 October: World Vegetarian Day
  • 2 October: International Non-Violence Day
  • 2 October: World Habitat Day
  • 3 October: World Nature Day
  • 4 October: World Animal Welfare Day
  • 5 October: International Teacher’s Day
  • 8 October: Indian Air Force Day
  • 9 October: World Post Day
  • 10 October: World Mental Health Day
  • 11 October: International Day of Girls Child
  • 15 October: World Students Day
  • 16 October: World Food Day
  • 20 October: World Statistics Day
  • 24 October: World Polio Day
  • 24 October: World Nations Day
  • 27 October: Infantry Day
  • 28 October: International Animation Day
  • 29 October: World Stroke Day

List of Important Days and Dates in November

  • 1 November: World Vegan Day
  • 7 November: Infant Protection Day
  • 7 November: World Cancer Awareness Day
  • 8 November: World Radiology Day
  • 9 November: Legal Service Day
  • 11 November: National Education Day
  • 13 November: World Kindness Day
  • 14 November: World Diabetes Day
  • 14 November: Children’s Day
  • 17 November: International Student’s Day
  • 19 November: World Toilet Day
  • 19 November: International Men’s Day
  • 20 November: Universal Children’s Day
  • 21 November: World Television Day
  • 26 November: Constitution Day

Very Important Days of December Month

  • 1 December: World AIDS Day
  • 3 December: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • 4 December: Navy Day
  • 5 December: World Soil Day
  • 7 December: International Civil Aviation Day
  • 9 December: International Anti-Corruption Day
  • 10 December: Human Rights Day
  • 11 December: International Mountain Day
  • 16 December: Vijay Diwas
  • 22 December: National Mathematics Day
  • 23 December: Kisan Diwas
  • 24 December: National Consumer Day
  • 25 December: Good Governance Day

Above all information is very significant for all your competitive exams. Therefore you must remember all the questions. That is to say, these are the best number of scoring topics in your exam. If you want to download all the important days of the year. Prominent days of the year reveals to spread awareness on particular days of the year.

Significant days of the year PDF

In order to prepare in detail. You should keep with you as pdf so that easily you can learn without any internet. So you can download the list of important days of the year. Download Now

We have tried our best to give complete information about Important Days of the year. Therefore we inform you all to learn this completely. In other words, this is a very simple and easiest way. However, we have prepared with accuracy. Above all Information gathered from all types of websites. Consequently, our mission is to give real knowledge.

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