Free travel for women in Delhi – Public Transport free in Delhi

Good News for the Women who are living in Delhi or have come on Tour. Delhi Government has announced the news to give the free transport for Women passenger in Delhi Metro and Buses. AAP chief has announced to give the facilities for women to move anywhere in Delhi Without any Fare.

According to the Kejariwal Ji those who can afford the fares of public transport give up the subsidy. This means those women can afford to they can take the tickets according to the Delhi chief minister.

Behind this government scheme, the AAP party has decided to give a changes in Delhi. As per the Delhi government if we give free transport to the women. They would use public transport to go anywhere instated of using their vehicle.

As per the Delhi Government Pollution is being increased day by day due to personal vehicles.

When will be started?

As per the government, This scheme will be implemented in the next 2 to 3 months. Delhi bus comes under the Delhi Government but if we talk for the Metro. Metro properly comes 50% central government and the rest of the state government.

The move, which is yet to be cleared by the center, will be launched in three months, said Mr. Kejriwal, adding that it would cost the Delhi government Rs. 700 crore this year. On whether he needed to run the plan by the Centre, given Delhi’s partial statehood status, he replied in the negative.

The officer of aam Adami party will take is out in the coming days. Those who want to buy tickets are free to do so, they need not take the subsidy. Several women can afford these modes of transport. Those who can afford it, can buy tickets and forgo subsidy so others could benefit,”

According to the Chief Minister of Delhi. He wants the safety of women and enhances their income by reducing the fare of public transport.

What they should do before implementation

According to me before applying this scheme Delhi government should increase the number of buses. According to the rush on the bus, this can not be possible in existing buses and metros.

Minimum 20 % of women travel by bus and 25 % of women travel via Delhi metro. After this scheme, these percentages will be increased immediately.

As I think If Delhi government really wants to implement this scheme. They should decrease the fare of buses along with metros. By doing this all Male and Female will get an advantage.

Free fare is not a permanent solution. If want to increase the public transport service. Reduce the fare of buses and Metros.

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