Important One word Substitution part – 1 for All Competitive Exams SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO

One Word Substitution

Today I would tell you the most important One-word substitution questions for all kinds of such examinations. Below I tell you the most important questions that were asked many times in previous exams. Kindly study to secure your exams. One word substitution is the best number scoring in SSC cgl.

Always One-word substitution will assist you in speaking English. Although One Word Substitution gives us 10 to 15 Marks in SSC CGL. But most things are used in English speaking. It wraps up a long sentence in one word.

1) Arbitrator

Example – A person who is hired for solving any disputes between two-person or Parties.

2) Chauffeur

Example – A person who is hired for a personal driving car. Mr. Sharma has hired a person to drive his own car.

3) Cacographer

Example – A man who does not have good knowledge of spelling in all kinds of Language.

4) Agnostics

Example – A person who has no trust in the presence of gold is called?

5) Arsonist

Example – A person who sets fire in a building deliberately?


Example – A person who has changed his faith

7) Amateur

Example – One who does a thing for pleasure and not have an interest in the profession

8) Contemporaries

Example – A person does the work at the same time or period is called

9) Cynosure

Example – A person who is the main center of attraction at any party or function?

Learning through word roots will make it easy for you to grasp more and enhance your vocabulary. The above-given list of word roots will surely help you in this regard. It’s always advisable to learn one-word substitution with the help of word roots to ease your vocabulary building and expand your word base exponentially.

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