PDF Full form, What is the full form of PDF in Hindi?

PDF full for is a very good question that is being searched online. So we tried to provide the complete full form of PDF in Hindi and other languages. PDF is a soft copy or the collection of Images, Text, GIF, etc. With the help of this document, one can share the business messages along with very important messages to someone. About in deep information follow the below facts that will fulfill your questions.

PDF full form

The Full form of PDF – Portable Document Format.

Above we explained the full name of PDF. This is the computer language file name and you can create the file from Wordpad to pdf by saving the file. In competitive exams these types of questions come. Especially these golden questions come in IBPS, RRB, Bank PO, etc exams. Therefore you must have full knowledge about the importance “What is the full form of PDF”

History of PDF

If we display the portable documents formate history. Adobe company had developed this file in 1990. The company had included content, images, text formatting, etc. To make this easy reading adobe made it very light. You can print this portable document formate or send it by email, or any other sharing tools. Thus we use PDF for our daily life.

Full form of PDF

Well, you people have got complete info about PDF file. This is an electronic softcopy and very easy to print, send or make a presentation. Convenient Document Format is a record design that catches all the components of a printed report as an electronic picture that one can see, explore, print or advance to another person.

PDF Full form in Hindi

Hindi is our national language and everyone wants to know the full name of pdf in Hindi. Hindi has become very popular on Google or other online platform. Moreover, follow PDF full form in Hindi. “पोर्टेबल डाक्यूमेंट्स फॉर्मेट” is a very useful file formate in offices to transfer information one place to another. From the exam point of view learn this topic to get the best result.

How to convert Word to PDF

Few of us search how to convert word file to pdf. This is a very simple step to convert in PDF. Basically there are two steps one is online and another is the word to pdf while saving the word file. For example, make the word file and then click on save as later change file formate in PDF. This is the best way to change a word to offline pdf.

PDF Full name in Computer

This is the best known in the computer field. Because mostly this file is very popular in Computer. In the computer field, we use this file to share the information. We provided you complete information about the full form of PDF. If you have loved this article share this with your friends and relatives.

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