LBW full form – What is LBW full form in Cricket India?

Are you excited to know lbw full form in cricket? As you have heard this word many times but do not know what is the full form of lbw in cricket. Today article we would talk about the full meaning of lbw. Lbw word we use in cricket while playing. LBW is identified with the game of Cricket and is one of the manners by which a batsman can be excused. The umpire may preclude a batsman LBW following an intrigue by the handling side, if the ball would have struck the wicket, however, was rather captured by any piece of the batsman’s body (aside from the hand holding the bat).

LBW Full form – Leg Before Wicket

Very simple for us that when a batsman becomes unable to shot. And ball directly hits his leg from of middle wicket. The umpire’s decision will depend on a number of criteria, including where the ball pitched, whether the ball hit in line with the wickets and whether the batsman was attempting to hit the ball.

Full form of LBW

This is a very tough decision to announce lbw out. But with the help of a computer and replay empire can easily check the status of lbw. When batsman prevents the ball to collide to the wicket in place of a bat.

Long form of LBW

Today generation is playing cricket and day by day. They are accepting this game in our country. The day is not a way to become the national game of India. As hockey is our national game but according to the situation, cricket is a very famous game in our country. Although youngsters are attracting to this game.

I hope you have got the full meaning of lbw and its benefits in the cricket world. For more information, you can check the cricket official website.

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