Full form of FUP – What is the full form of FUP?

Do you want to know what is the full form of FUP? This is the best word in the field of telecom. Reasonable Usage Policy (FUP) is a term utilized by Internet Service Provider (ISP) which characterizes the transfer speed cap (information cap) for limitless Internet plans gave by the separate broadband specialist co-ops.

In basic words, FUP implies that despite the fact that you may buy into a limitless broadband arrangement state for instance 4 Mbps limitless every month, and on the off chance that your utilization crosses a certain breaking point, at that point your Internet speed will be decreased for the excess month to keep up nature of administration for all clients in the organization. FUP is intended to guarantee that network assets are accessible to everyone without huge drops in speed.

What is the full form of FUP?

FUP or Fair Usage Policy means there's a limit set by the operator and crossing the set calling minutes the user will be charged. For instance, under the Rs 199 plan, Jio has set the voice calling FUP limit to 300 minutes.

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Long form of FUP

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