DC Full form – What is DC full form in Hindi?

We are going to explain about DC full form in Hind and English Language. There are many full names of DC but the most demanded full form in Deputy Commissioner. In our country, this designation is very important for us because he controls a district. And the exam of DC is very tough in India and the selection process is also very tough. We would give the many full forms of DC as below all are very IMP for your knowledge and increase the IQ level.

What is DC full form?

The deputy commissioner or district magistrate is the executive head of a district, an administrative sub-unit of a state. The district magistrates are entrusted with overall responsibility for law and order, implementation of government schemes and are also authorized to hear revenue cases pertaining to the district. A district magistrate is also authorized to collect Land Revenue and is therefore also referred to as a collector (revenue) and also to control encroachment of government land in the district. In India officers of the Indian Administrative Service cadre are appointed this office.

How to qualify the DC exam

This exam is very tough in India. For cracking this exam you need to have cracked the Graduation after that you have to attend the IAS exam. There are many coaching to give facilities to teach us. District commissioner is found in each country in the world. Every country has its own DC to control the loyal order. This is not only for India whole world appoint these types of an officer in the disctrick. This means this is an amazing fact to know the full name of DC.

There are many DC full form as below we have written properly to check that. Read these and spread such types of knowledge with your friends and relatives. Share this website and article with your friends and relative.

DC Full Form

  • Dominic Chacko
  • District collector
  • District controller
  • Dublin Core
  • Data Controller
  • Domain Controller
  • Delhi Commissioner
  • District of Chhattisgarh
  • Dilip Chhatriya
  • Delhi Champion

Above you have got the many long form of DC in India and other countries. So keep reading Jankarihub to get such types of knowledge.

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