CVV Full form – What is the full form of CVV number on the credit and debit card?

Are you seeking CVV full form in Hindi and English? In today’s article, we would discuss the full name of CVV and its uses in our life. CVV is a major thing in any credit or debit card. Without CVV we can not do any online transaction through our credit and debit card. This is a very special three digits number that we should never ever share with any person.

CVV Full Form – Card Verification Value

It is a security feature that is found on the back of credit and debit cards or any other transaction card. We can find this three-digit unique number on the backside of card on the right side over strips. Basically banks give this feature to identify the customer and aware of fraud.

Full name of CVV

What is the full name of the CVV number in English? Few of us know this name as follows as a card verification code (CVC) or card security code (CSC). If we see the CVV stands for on American Express card (Amex) is usually 4 digits. Nowadays few banks provide a 4 to 6 digit transaction pin to withdraw the cash from ATM.

CVV Full form in English

Earlier we have disclosed the full name of CVV in Card Verification Value. For more details about the CVV or credit card read the full article. Banks always inform their customer not to share any personal information or card details. We never share any credit card number debit card number or CVV numb along with CVV expiry.

How we can secure card from cyber attack?

This is very simple to protect our debit and credit card. Banks always inform the customer not to share any personal details with any unknown person. Even we do not click on any email or any SMS. No one should share any OTP to anyone. CVV number is different from the PIN (personal identification number) of your card. So, never enter your PIN number when you are asked to enter your CVV number.

What is different debit and credit card

There are a number of differences in credit and debit cards. You can do transactions from the debit cards when you have balance or money in your account. But in credit card, you can use any time without having any bank balance. After using a credit card you will get the statement to pay the payment. This the major difference in credit and debit cards.

What is the use of CVV

There are two types of transactions online and offline. While doing online you have to enter CVV number. But in offline transactions no need to enter CVV number. In an offline transaction, you have to enter PIN number 4 to 6 digits. As you have generated according to choice. At the end of this article, we suggest you never share any credit and debit cards with anyone.

List of CVV Full forms

  • CVV – Customer Verification Value
  • CVV – Creditcard Validation Value
  • CVV – Creditcard Verification Value
  • CVV – Cue Validity Variance
  • CVV – Credit card Validation or Verification
  • CVV – Commissie Vervoers Vergunningen
  • CVV – Credit Verification Value
  • CVV – Colorado Vincentian Volunteers
  • CVV – Culinary Ventures Vending
  • CVV – Candidate Vaccine Virus
  • CVV – Culture Vulture Victoria

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