CID Full form – What is the full name of CID

We all want to know CID Full form for general information or for any competitive exams. CID stands for Crime Investigation Department. Thus This department has been very famous to solve crime cases. Always CID helps us and pulls out from difficulty. The British government has established the CID department in 1902. While the British government was ruling in our country. This is an investigation and intelligence wing of the Indian State Police. Crime Investigation Department comes under the police department.

Full form of CID – Crime Investigation Department

So we can say this is the most important part of the police organization. The headquarter of this organization is in Pune Maharashtra. The mission of the CID is to maintain the law and rules. The person who involved in this they take the charge as detective or CID officers.

The work of CID

There is a great contribution to the nation. They cut the crime and solve the case as soon as possible. The main task of CID is to investigate criminal cases like murder, rape, theft, robbery, etc. They collect evidence of the crime to solve the case. Officers solve these cases with purity and give a decisive decision. They give the proof in court against the accused. The officer helps local police to investigate the crime. Such you have got the complete information about this organization.

CID full form in Hindi

We give you the full form of CID in Hindi. So you must know the full name of CID in Hindi and English both. Complete name of CID in Hindi is – सी आई डी का पूरा नाम क्या है – क्राइम इन्वेस्टीगेशन डिपार्टमेंट होता है। तो इस तरह से आप सभी ने CID के पूरे नाम का मतलब जान गए होंगे।

यदि आप सभी को ये आर्टिकल पसंद आया तो जरूर शेयर कीजिये

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