CCTV Full form – What is the full form of CCTV – Full form of CCTV

We must know the CCTV full form is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). Mostly we see this equipment always around us. But we do not have complete technical information about CCTV cameras. It is a system where all the elements like video camera, display monitors, recording devices are directly connected. We use this device to shoot the live video insensitive area. Shopkeepers place CCTV cameras to monitor their shop from stealing the goods.

This is very useful to control the crime around our area and with the help of video recording, we can help the police to arrest them. The major role of CCTV camera is to control traffic accidents and monitor the vehicles over speeding.

What is the full form of CCTV cameras?

For installing the CCTV camera we have to buy LCD along with recording storage devices. CCTV device connects to monitor with quality cable It sends the visual to a storage device for future evidence. It can transmit video, audio or both. The latest wifi camera has come into the market that we can operate from anywhere in India. Means if you have wifi CCTV camera at your home and you can monitor from your office from any distance. So you have got the full meaning of CCTV camera is Closed Circuit Television.

Full form of CCTV camera

Obtaining comprehensive info about the full form of CCTV camera is Closed Circuit Television. Nowadays everyone installs the CCTV camera to their home and business area. At this time the national capital of India means in Delhi govt is installing public cameras for checking the crime in the New Delhi.

Basic Component of CCTV

It has a security camera along with cable. All video clips go to video recorder DVR for further assistant. And there is one hard disk come with CCTV camera gadget. For seeing the video recording we must have a monitor for seeing the video.

CCTV full form in Hindi

Hindi is our national language so most of our citizen loves to speak Hindi and love write Hindi. So it’s our responsibility to tell your CCTV camera full form in Hindi is Closed Circuit Television. on the internet, people search with the query CCTV Camera ka full form kya hota hai. Ye bahut hi simple and aasan hai sabhi ko janana. Eska full form hota hai Closed Circuit Television ab to aap sbhi ko pta chal gya hoga.

Where is used CCTV camera mostly

Generally, CCTV camera is used in these offices and school.

  • Banks
  • Shopping malls and small shops
  • Highways and on traffic light.
  • Building and residence apartment.
  • Schools and colleges.
  • Institutes
  • Government offices and residential area
  • Railway and Airport along with bus stands.
  • Corporates offices
  • Seaport

The first CCTV was installed at Test Stand VII in Peenemunde in Germany. It was installed by Siemens AG. The credit of technological design and installation of this system goes to a German engineer Walter Bruch.

Advantages of CCTV Camera

There are a lot of benefits from CCTV cameras. The main benefits of a CCTV camera is to protect from products stealing along with crime. It reduces the fear of crime and murder. It increases business and enhance productivity. This is the best way to secure the home from crime and theft. CCTV footage provides valuable assistance to the police in investigating crimes. Most of us say this 3rd eye of human beings.

Best CCTV Camera in India

In this digital age, we love to operate everything from one place. Means at this the most successful CCTV camera is wifi supporting. Because with the help of the camera we can check the live status of the office and home from any corner of India. So we must go with the latest version CCTV camera that we can operate on our mobile.

Overall you have got complete information in CCTV camera installation and its features. As we have provided you the best information on CCTV cameras.

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