How to earn from YouTube – Earn Money on YouTube – Best tips For YouTube earning

How to earn from YouTube

We would discuss in detail how to earn from youtube. No more need to explain YouTube in details but in short, we give some information about it. This is a video streaming platform.

Youtube is very famous and the most popular video streaming application and website. Today we give you a few simple and very easy steps to make the Youtube channel and start earning from today.

How to create the Youtube channel step by step in short

  1. For creating the channel you need to have Gmail id
  2. Choose your channel name.
  3. Describe your channel description.
  4. Channel name Logo
  5. Create YouTube channel art with an attractive format
  6. Upload the video daily according to your choice.
  7. Make very attractive Thumbnail
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Tips of YouTube Earning

Field Selection:

According to the successful YouTuber they always say to select the field where you have the best knowledge and interest. Avoid copying any channel or anyone content.

Always create unique content to publish the video on youtube. For earning more and more money on youtube your content and idea should be deferred to others.

You can select the filed in that you are perfect. Suppose you want to make the Tech Video after watching other YouTuber’s videos. This type of curiosity will not help you in the youtube field.

As always you have heard that youtube is a very easy way to earn money in the dollar.

There are many fields below but select that in which you have an interest and go with that for a long time

Education, Technical, Personality Development, Motivational videos, Agriculture and farming, Comedy, Products reviews, Decoration, Playing games, Language teaching, Regional Activities, Personal Blogs, Tour Travel, Food making etc.

You can choose above the topics and start creating the content to earn money from YouTube. I hope this would be the best idea to select the field for making money on YouTube.

Good Quality Video Content

If you have made the mind to earn money from YouTube. Keep your content unique and different from other YouTuber. Always try to upload such type videos that were never uploaded.

To Earn money online means at youtube. Make a video in HD quality and upload regularly to earn money and fame.

Give your best effort to create a new video better than previous videos. In the starting period, this may be tough but if you continue it would be very easy.

Improve your videos always by using good quality DSL Camera, Mic, Video Editing Laptop and best quality Tripod. These are very essential to create the video.

For good content shooting always keep the best quality Light in your office or studio.

Your audience can be a fan if you care for them always. Because On the internet they are the king who has a number of Audiences.

Increase Subscriber on YouTube

Most of the Young search on the Internet how to earn money without Investment. This is a common question to make money online.

For Increasing the Youtube subscriber what you should do we give you practical methods.

  1. Good Quality Content
  2. Share your videos on WhatsApp
  3. Post your videos on Your Facebook Page with the help of Fblinker
  4. Your Subject title should be related to your video content
  5. Create good quality Thumbnail related to your Video Content.
  6. Your video description should be matched to your video.
  7. Your Tags should be around your video content
  8. Don’t Misguide your Audience
  9. Try to reply to each comment to your audience.

Above all topics should be followed by you if you want to make good money from YouTube. Earning through YouTube share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. For more click now

Always reply to your subscriber question in the next video or the same video comment. Because this subscriber will be your client after sometimes and increase your YouTube earnings.

How to earn money from YouTube by Monetize Your Video

How to earn from YouTube? First of all, monetize your video from your channel options. In order to start earning money on your videos, you’ll need to enable monetization.

So everyone can reach this section but to monetize your video on YouTube. There are some requirements is further. Your channel subscriber should be more than 1000 and 4000 Hours of watching times the last one year.

A date will be counted from when you apply. To increase Your YouTube earning follow the above formula.

After monetization, your channel YouTube would give you the percentage of your videos adds.

Therefore to get the money from YouTube monetization is an initial step.

Set Up Google AdSense

After completion of the Monetization request, you have to create a Google AdSense account from your registered Email id. In Google AdSense, you would have to put our correct name and address with the mobile number.

When you earn a minimum of 10 $ google will send you a verification pin to your address. In the verification section, you will have to enter the code then your account will be verified.

Collab with other YouTubers to earn money from YouTube

For promoting your YouTube Channel collab with other YouTube Channel. If you do so your audience and other YouTuber’s subscriber become familiar to each other.

Nowadays this is the best way to gain the quality and genius subscriber. This will be a very easy mode to earn from youtube.

How to earn from YouTube

  1. First of all, Monetize your video is the best and easy method to earn on the internet.
  2. For earning a dollar on YouTube. Give the Products Reviews positive and negative both.
  3. Create an Affiliate link from your Channel and put the affiliate link in the description and suggest your audience to buy that.
  4. In order to earn a handsome amount from YouTube. Post blog link in your descriptions.
  5. Making money on the Internet is not as simple as you think. Try to make the long tutorial for more than 10 minutes. In such a video, you can place many multiple adds according to your choice.
  6. Make a huge amount on YouTube from YouTube Partner Programs.
  7. The best and easy method for making smart money by Merchandising.
  8. Affiliate is the biggest and the most medium to make money is Affiliate Marketing.
  9. The latest feature of YouTube is YouTube Premium to make money on YouTube.

Best Example YouTube Sponsorship


This is owned by YouTube and Minimum Subscriber Should be 10,000 to get these options.

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