Important One word Substitution part – 1 for All Competitive Exams SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO

Today i would tell you most important One word substitution questions for all kinds of sssc examinations. Below i tell you most important questions those were asked many times in previous exams . Kindly study for secure your exams.


1) Arbitrator

Example – A person who is hired for solving any disputes between two person or Parties.


2) Chauffeur

Example – A person who is hired for personal driving car. As Mr. Sharma has hired a person to drive his own car.


3) Cacographer

Example – A man who does not have good knowledge in spelling in all kinds of Language .


4) Agnostics

Example – A person who has no trust about the presence of gold is called ?


5) Arsonist

Example – A person who sets fire in a building deliberately?



Example – A person who has changed his faith


7) Amateur

Example – One who does a thing for pleasure and not have interest in the profession


8) Contemporaries

Example – A person does the work at same time or period is called


9) Cynosure

Example – A person who is the main center of attraction in any party or function ?



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