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Patanjali Paridhan Store – Live Fit, Aastha, Sanskar Brands – Latest Patanjali Clothes

Patanjali Jeans (Paridhan jeans)

Patanjali Jeans (Paridhan Jeans) has come in the market – Live Fit, Aastha, Sanskar Brands. As we have been listing for several years for Patanjali Jeans and other clothes but this was a dream for Indian People. Whenever anyone used to ask questions to Baba Ramdev to launch Patanjali Jeans. He replied to launch about the jeans or the garments.

Paridhan Jeans “Patanjali Jeans”

Patanjali Paridhan Store is the most noteworthy Store where Three brands products are sold on different price. In Patanjali Paridhan Store there are three Brands – 1) Live Fit 2) Sanskar 3) Aastha. All Garments and accessories come under three brands. Patanjali Paridhan store has been opened in Pitam Pura New Delhi. While Innougration Many media channel were there because they were invited to telecast. This was the most promotion medium rather than another way.

On the occasion of the inauguration, Patanjali Paridhan Store two special guest was there.

Madhur Bhandarkar (Madhur Bhandarkar is an Indian film director, scriptwriter, and producer. He made his directorial debut with Trishakti and went on to direct several critically and commercially successful films.)

almost Products are very Good and the best quality. First of all Baba Ramdev inaugurated. After that, He explained all products and garments quality and durability.

How Patanjali Paridhan Stores works

Patanjali Paridhan Store is like Nike, Puma, Levis, Reebok etc. Here all types of Garments are available, Jeans, T-shirt, Shoes, Suit, Lahenga, Kurta, Kurti, sports shoes, sports cloth, vest, pyjama, saree, salwar, suit, coat, pant, readymade, non-readymade etc. All products will be only three brands – Live Fit, Sanskar, Aastha.

Why Patanjali Jeans is in trends because this is very awaited products from Patanjali. Hence many people are attracting towards this store for purchasing the products.

25% Discount on Dipawali Festival

On inauguration time that discount was 25% at all products because of the Diwali season. While interacting with News channel Baba Ramdev announced to open the 25 Store throughout India by December 2018. At last, he announced to open around 100 stores by March 2019. He supported the person who is making bamboo garments.

Most products are Denim and Khadi. His main aim to promote Indian products. Let look at the short information about the Brands.

1) Live Fit Brand

Live Fit brand is the best and most popular brand. According to Baba Ramdev, this name is unique and very famous. For announcing this name baba ram dev was very happy because of the Patanjali Jeans.

We would like to inform you that under these brands all men accessories are available. Above all the information have been taken from NDTV News channel. Live Fit Brand hence sports shoes with Memory Foam, T-shirts, Under Garments, Yoga Suit, Yoga mat, sleeper, Khanau, etc. consequently, all products are very good with Latest Trends.

2) Sanskar Brand

This is the best and important brand of Patanjali Paridhan Store under this brand all men’s and kids wear garments. Like – Coat, Jeans, Shirt, Sanskar Jeans is the name of Patanjali jeans. On Patanjali Jeans Baba Ramdev Told that Patanjali Name is the name of Muni (Monk) so this is not possible to name of Patanjali Jean. This Jean’s name is Sanskar Jeans.

Swadeshi Marketing business plan reveals about the country made products. Baba Ramdev business moves around the Swadeshi Marketing Business Plans. Patanjali Jeans is Known as new name Sanskar Jeans.  (Paridhan Jeans) Patanjali jeans online shopping will be available in the coming days. Patanjali apparels are available in store.

3) Aastha Brand

This is the 3rd and topmost brand of Patanjali Paridhan store because this brand covers all types of clothes of Ladies. Mostly products of Aastha brands are Patanjali Denim products. Patanjali Denim quality products are many more. Like suit salwar, Kurti, yoga dress, pyjama, Lahenga, Saree, Banarasi saree, Rajasthani Saree, Towel Bedsheet, Sleeper, many more. Another way is to promote products online.

These above attractive products are at an affordable price. If you have the interest to buy these above products. Kindly visit Delhi Pitam Pura Adress. In coming days Patanjali Paridhan store will be available nearby you in next 3 months. As Baba Ramdev always says that I am desi man means desibaba.

Under this brand’s many kinds of jewellery available in this store outlet. Baba Ramdev also compared his brands to Superdry, Armani, Buchy etc. He told we provide the products very cheap cost rather than other foreign products.

Moto of Patanjali Paridhan Store is to sell the products It means Modi’s target is “make in India”.

According to Baba Ramdev, this is the gold and most awaited desi jeans. And by opening this store’s many employments were increased in India. And there will be most chances to open the small and medium business in India

Patanjali Jeans Cost (Paridhan Jeans) is very affordable according to other foreign companies. Patanjali Paridhan Store has told to run with fashion age. They have provided the latest and the best style. Hence these brands will be the best in the coming days.

Purchase Sanskari Jeans in Affordable Price

While inauguration company has launched all kinds of garments for all generations. Patanjali company has not only made for women but also for men, girls, and children. Very famous products of Patanjali company is “Patanjali Paridhan Jeans”. Buyer searches the pics of Patanjali jeans photo to check the latest designs and colours.

According to many news channels, Sanskari Jeans price is around 500/- Rs. per piece. As per Baba Ram, Dev Patanjali company clothes will defeat the all-world level company. That means Patanjali company is growing in the field of Garment and readymade clothes.

India’s Growing Company

Well, we all know about Patanjali Company popularity and its growth. Recently Patanjali Company has launched Cow Toned Milk at a cheap price to beat India’s big milk production company. So How this company can back in the field of garment productions. The mission of Patanjali Paridhan Store is to beat all International company.

Patanjali Company covers all modern age weaning designs. So youngsters of our nation attract in this company. In the garment industry Nike, Puma, Levis etc companies are very famous for their products and quality. But Baba Ramdev stood to defeat such companies by his products.

Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd

Patanjali Ayurveda is the best and the most popular company in India. First of all, we will give you short information about this company. This is the most popular company for consumer goods company. Patanjali products are sold more because it is full of quality and purity. Therefore there are many demands for these products.

Patanjali is not only dealing with foods and medicine but also in Garments. Probably in the coming days, this will be the most popular store.

Patanjali Jeans Price

Patanjali Adress…

Corporate Office Address:
Patanjali Food & Herbal park
Vill – Padartha, Laksar Road
Haridwar 249404, Uttrakhand – 247663

Registered Office Address:
NEW DELHI  110061, India
Phone: 01334-265370

Telephone : 1800 180 4108


In Conclusion – Finally, Baba Ramdev has opened the Patanjali Paridhan Garment stores where all types of Garments available. Baba Ramdev is the brand ambassador of Patanjali Products.

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    Patanjali head office hardware phone number-1334+240008(BABA RAMDEV)
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  2. Patanjali products franchise distributorship dealership apply online… Patanjali head office contact number 7290988135

  3. Patanjali products franchise distributorship dealership apply online… Patanjali head office contact number 7290988135.
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  4. Patanjali products franchise distributorship dealership apply online… Patanjali head office contact number 7290988135

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