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PNR Status, Indian Railway PNR- How to check Railway ticket PNR

How to check PNR for your booked ticket from online or Ticket counter at Railway station. From below we can check the PNR Status of our tickets current status Waiting, Confirmed, RAC. This method is very simple and the most convenient.

Everyone wants to check the ticket status online nobody wants to go at railways station to check the PNR Status of his ticket. PNR number stands for Passenger Name Records. Full form of the PNR is very prominent for us to book the railway meal, to load the complaint or claim the railway insurance etc.

PNR Number is used multipurpose in our Journey by Railway train. When we book any ticket online from the Registered websites like IRCTC, PAYTM, MakemyTrip etc. PNR Number is generated automatically by the internet server. We should keep our PNR always safe till the end of the journey because with the help of this PNR number ticket collector checks the records.

What is the PNR Number

This question comes always in our mind what is the use of PNR Number in Indian railway or Another journey. First of all, we should know how many numbers are there in PNR. There is a Ten-Digit number in PNR. Railway website generates the PNR number after completion of the ticket and stores these records in its back-end to match further. Not only the IRCT website generates the IRCTC PNR But also other vendor does same.

PNR STATUS is very helpful in Airlines to check the status of our ticket booking. While booking the Airline tickets websites give us the Passenger Number Records automatically. Probably all every traveller knows about the Indian railways pnr status.

PNR NO is the best medium to know about passenger personal and travel information in details. With the use of PNR Number railway inquiry officers almost can check the passenger basic information like, Passenger’s Full Name, Passenger mobile number, Email id, Passenger home address, Date of birth, Boarding date, boarding stations, departure times, destinations, ticket number, coach number, traveling class, sleeper class, AC Class many more informations.

The purpose of railway inquiry PNR number provides almost information of Passengers. For checking the PNR Status we always use the Internet and avoid to go at railway stations. Whenever we travel by train or Flight we must check once PNR by online before 4 hours of Journey. In most of cases trains get cancelled due to some circumstances.

In these situations we can cancel the tickets easily on IRCT website and apply for refund the payment from Indian Railways.

Main purpose of using the PNR Records is mandatory in the waiting tickets including RAC. There is no needs to check your PNR Status in Confirmed tickets. There are further methods to check the PNR Status. You can check by sending SMS, by searching for websites on the internet, there are many mobile applications gives us options to verify the Indian railway pnr status also.

How to check PNR Status

We give you some latest information to check the PNR of your railway ticket. There are few steps to check your train ticket status.

  • Through SMS: We can check our railway ticket PNR by sending the SMS on 139 number “PNR – *******” After few minutes we receive the status of our seat, Compartment, Train number including departure time. This SMS is chargeable by the operators.
  • By Websites: For checking the PNR you need to go our website Jankarihub We give the right information about PNR records. This very fast and quick methods to check your ticket status.
  • With help of Mobile Application: We can track our train status along with PNR Status. Always use Official IRCTC Mobile App.
  • By Visiting Railway Stations: It’s very convenient for those who live nearby railway stations they can check the status but it’s not best for those who are away from the railway stations.

Consequently, we hopped you have understood all the steps of PNR Status checking. Basically, we gave you 4 steps on how to check the PNR status online, offline both methods. Although we use the above steps to verify our PNR Status of railway tickets.

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What is the RAC Ticket

In Indian railways, there are Few types of reservations tickets. RAC – It stands for “Reservation against Cancellation” “RAC Full Form” for Reservation against Cancellation. In these types, reservations seats are shared by two passengers. Mostly RAC Tickets seats become Lower Birth. In terms of RAC PNR STATUS, two pnr show same seats including birth, train names, compartment etc. What is the RAC PNR? RAC PNR is like confirmed ticket PNR there is no difference between them. So we do not have any doubts related to the RAC PNR. Always check your RAC PNR like other tickets PNR Used.

What is Confirmed Ticket

We can take A Confirmed ticket from railway ticket counter and also we can buy from Online Jankarihub we can take from the Ticket Counter. In this ticket category, we get a seat that we can use only nobody can take rest without our permission. Charges of both types of ticket RAC including it are same prices not difference. CNF Full for in railway language confirmed. Along with its very comfortable to travel. If we go out of stations at the moment we should have CNF Ticket.

What is the PQWL & RLWL Tickets

If we discuss these tickets first of all PQWL means the tickets ‘Pooled Quota Waiting List’ in Indian Railways. Mostly these types of ticket already fixed and there are no chances to confirm our tickets. Rarely this is not a very good ticket for travelling.

RLWL full for is (Remote Location Waiting List) – Fewer chances of confirmation. As we have checked the status of these types tickets according to Indian railways these types tickets have no more chances to get confirmed. By default, if you have booked such tickets so click here to check the PNR Status. I hope you have understood our message.

Thanks for Reading I hope this article is useful to you in checking the PNR STATUS.

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