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How to earn Money From Whatsapp Application

Welcome to Jankarhub.com Today we are going to tell you about most popular and famous mobile application WhatApps. Each and every smartphone mobile users have this application. According to a report this application has been an important part of the life. Without this application mobile is not full filled itself. We will tell you best and easy method to make money online from whatsapp mobile application. If you read this article till the end you will be perfect to generate the revenue from whatsapp. Nowdays every person in the world check their whatsapp in the morning before doing anythings. Later on Facebook, Instagram etc. But Whatsapp is the best among all social media.

As we know there is no adds comes On whatsapp while using online. This is the best social media network in term of Advertising. If you are looking for to make money online and search on internet how to make money online this article will be prominent for you. So below we give you the tips and tricks of making the money. Follow the below steps.

1. Affiliate Programs :

Affiliate is the best and safe money making programs. There are many website and involving to give the permission to sell their products. When you sell their product you are get paid commission according to their advertising fee chart.

If you have good and ample contact number and joined many more groups. This is the best and very simple idea to make money online.

Simple generate your link from Amazon, Flipkart, Godaddy etc. and share this link with your friend on whatsapp group with particular contact number.

If you want to know in details about Affiliate Marketing Click Now.

2. Private Adds

If you are having good contacts and attached with many important Group. This is the golden chance for you. For Example – A Company has launched an application wants to get installed many more. And this company give you commission if you get company app installed other mobile. Now days such types company are in the market and offering handsome amount to spread their business. This marketing is like mouth Publicity.

3. Referral Program

Referral Program is the easiest tricks to make money from whatsapp. In the Internet Age there are many online referral programs. Like Online shopping, Cashwallet, Mobile recharge company many more. What you to do first of all you have to install these type apps in your mobile and generate the Referral code. If your followers install with your referral code , You will get the coupon or cashback many more. This work like affiliate Marketing.

4. Advertise on Behalf of Big Company –

For making money from whatsapp this the longtime online earning source. Some companies are hiring individual person who can sell or give the lead to company in the return of this company give the money.

If you want to make the payment from this mode, You have to coordinate with such industries as further restaurants, retail superstores and hotel chains etc.

5. Festival Massage : Viral Script

Start earning from whatsapp by using festival massages or wishes mostly you have observed many times on eve of Holi Deewali, Eid etc Festival. You receive the massage from your friend where ” Happy Diwali” by Rahul. And in bottom option is given to edit your name and share this to your all friends.

When you send this massage via whatsapp your name is displayed on your friends mobile.

I hope you have understood with this promotion. This is “Viral Massage” Marketing. For this massage you should have domain, hosting, with approved google Adsense account.

Earning goes to that who have created this Viral Script massage. This is the best event blogging.

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