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What is Current Affairs

Current affairs words are made with the help of 2 words, Current and Affairs. Current means Recent News and latest information in the worlds in all fields. Affairs mean any Event and issue in society or country. Today I would tell all important facts related to the Current affairs news and event. we will discuss in details about what is current affairs ?

Image result for latest current affairs hd imagesLatest current affairs are very useful for all personnel in the world. Basically competitive exams aspirant studies current affairs. In India, all competitive exams include the latest and important current affairs news and latest event etc.

Daily current affairs are useful for all people of the world. Because this is related to all fields like, Education, science, event, Movie news, Government schemes, latest government jobs, Indian affairs, world news, International Affairs, Banking and Finance, Resigns and appointment, Science technology, sports, Cricket, Bollywood news, Current affairs revolve around happenings in different field related to national, international, economy, sports, science and technology, environment etc.

current affairs quiz questions are very useful for all persons who are preparing for competitive exams like, Banking, SSC, Railway, Police, UPSC, CTET, All other state competitive exams. Jankarihub is the best and most prominent place to give the daily latest current news with event and affairs.

Fields of Current Affairs

There are many fields of current affairs below I give the few steps of the current news. Latest Current affairs questions become a Static GK after sometimes. Current affairs questions come in all competitive exams specifically in India. But each people should know about the latest news or event.

1) Sports Current Affairs (Sports News)

In this fields, daily news includes from different sports like Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis, etc. There are many types of a sports event or a game like Asian game, world cup, Agakhan trophy, Sahara trophy, etc. Daily Latest questions collect from these topics. Sometimes questions come from Sport man records like awards, scores etc.

2) Important Days Current affairs

This topic is very important for all competitive exams. Important days of the year questions are frequently asked in all competitive exams especially bank SSC railway etc. What is the important days of the years – This important day is related to any special event or any social works, any personality birthday or death day etc. At this time one topic is very popular and has been the current news for all the worlds. The “Statue of the unity” is related to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Because Unity day is celebrated on 31 October as the birthday of Sardar Patel.

So Current affairs quiz questions are important for all human being.

3) Appointment and Resigns

Appointment and resigns is the part of Current affairs  In this fields, any person appointed as MD, CEO etc. Like HDFC CEO/MD Mr. Adity Puri has been appointed as CEO/MD. These types gk current affairs questions are very good.

4) International Current affairs

Many Agencies Collect Latest News from each nook and corner from the worlds in all fields – Bank, Technology, Politics, Inventions, Sports, Environment, Agriculture, Discoveries, Brands etc. If any person has done the wonderful work from any country his name becomes a gk questions for the world.

5) Indian Current Affairs

Indian current affairs are very significant for all people of the worlds. This current affairs updates are useful for especially for an Indian student who is preparing for the government jobs. Current affairs of the year or current affairs of the month, current affairs of the month these types of current affairs questions are made by online or offline. In online we also provide the latest general knowledge at our website

For getting the latest Indian current affairs question you need to read the website of we provide daily current affairs news and updates from all fields.

6) Science and Tech Current News

This section is also prominent for all people in the world. because in this section, all Electronics Gadgets and inventions are important. If any missile or any robots are made these become a burning current affairs questions. If any organizations launch missile, it becomes the latest topics for the news.

7) Government Schemes

Government launches scheme for all the citizen of the country. Each country launches Government schemes for its citizen. In India, there are many Government schemes and every week at least one government scheme comes in light. This scheme is district-level state level or central level.

Now There are many latest scheme like Jandhan yojna, sukanya, Atal Pension etc. In all competitive exams, this types questions come. So this becomes the most important topic.

8) Current Affairs from Film Industry

This types questions are important for all competitive exams like BANK, SSC, Railway. News companies make the latest news from the films industries. Most questions come from the Oscar awards. if any movies selected for Oscar awards or dadasaheb Falke puraskar.

sometimes such types questions are asked like famous actors related the particular movie. Questions are asked by the movie director related.

9) Environmental Current affairs

Environmental current affairs are very powerful for competitive exams. This topic is very important and useful for the exams. This type question relates to environmental like mansoon, environment, atmosphere, climate, natural calamity, etc.


Daily Current Affairs in Hindi

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Jankari hub is the website where we provide the daily current affairs questions in both languages Hindi and English. we are the well known for providing the latest current affairs questions.

Current affairs in Hindi

Current affairs in Hindi is important for all competitive exams. Nowadays each one wants to read the newspaper in Hindi. Jankarihub is the best platform for competitive exams. Hindi is our national language. so we try our best to give the questions in Hindi.


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