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Hi Friends, I hope you are doing well. Today we would talk about most popular Hindi and English Indian writer Chetan Bhagat in detail. Chetan Bhagat was born in 22 April 1974. He is the very famous Indian English Novelist, Author, Columnist as well as Screen writer. He motivates mostly all Indian Youngsters girls and Boy both. Always he comes in the society and explain the issue in his novel.

Mainly he is well known as Indian English Novelist. Now he has been such Indian English Novelist whose books are best selling books in this era. His work is not only praised by Indian but also world books fans. Chetan Bhagat writes the novel in very simple language by that everyone can reads easily and understands his thoughts.

Chetan Bhagat writers the articles for the young boys and girls on their career development and Current affairs for Times of India English new paper. He does the work in Hindi Language for Hindi Audience North Indian Youngsters.

According to report of The New York Times his novel book copy was sold more than seven million in the world. Chetan Bhagat has created a history in English Language.

World the most popular English Magazine’s TIME listed his name in list of 100 most influential people in 2010. As this is the wonderful achievement for an Indian English Writer at this age.

Chetan Bhagat as Screen Writer

Well, Chetan Bhagat is most popular in Film Industry for his work and writing skills. He did the work for few Hindi and Tamil Movies as screen writer along with Dialogue. He is the screen writer of further movies – Kai Po Che, 2 States, Kick, Half Girl Friend. For his best contribution in Film Industry he won the award of Film Fare awards for best screen play writing. Overall we can say he is doing mind blowing work for our country.

Chetan Bhagat Personal Life

As previously he was born in punjabi family in Delhi. His was an Indian Army officer and his mother as government employee in Agriculture Department. His younger brother is also a Novelist and story writer. Chetan bhagat completed in schooling from New Delhi Army school.

Chetan bhagat has completed his engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. After getting mechanical engineering degree chetan bhagat did MBA from Ahmedabad Gujarat. He started his careen as Investment Banker from Hong Kong. He wrote an Novel while doing work in Hong Kong. His writing work was Five Point Someone. Overall this is the personal life of Chetan Bhagat.

While Preparing MBA in Ahmedabad Chetan Bhagat married with his friend Anushas. As his all marriage life he narrated in 2 States Novel and movie. According to the movies both family was difference in Culture and custom and tendency.

Chetan Bhagat has done the work in Goldman Sachs as Investment banker more than 10 yeas in Hong Kong. After returning from Hong Kong he shifted with family from New Delhi to Mumbai. After doing good work for Five Point Someone he selected full time as career as Writer.

Chetan Bhagat as Writer

He is not only a writer but also he is the most popular Novelist, Columnist, screen writer and Television Personality. Chetan ji is the author of bestselling Novel Five Point Someone in 2004. Later on he gave us another Novel One Night @ call center in 2015. After coming both Novel he became very famous and most popular English Writer in India.

The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008), 2 States (2009), Revolution 2020 (2011), What Young India Wants (2012) (speeches and columns), Half Girlfriend (2014), Making India Awesome (2015), One Indian Girl (2016) and The Girl in Room 105 (2018).

Most of his novels are being used in Movies in difference Indian Language. Chetan Bhagat writes the article for The Times of India and Hindustan Times. He contributed to the television anchor competition show Star Anchor Hunt.

He goes the news channel to promote his upcoming Novels and article. Always he works for the latest Novel and short story related to Social issues. Now day chetal bhagat novels and stories moves around Social issues and youth careers.

Chetan Bhagat as Motivational Speaker

He is very famous in Young boys and girls for his good writing skills. Inspite of having Mechanical Engineering Degree. He accepted writing career and quit all types of Jobs like Investment banker. He attends the seminar to deliver the lecture for the Youngest about the career and selection of Fields. Chetan Bhagat’s Quotes are very prominent for the all types of people.

He has good skills to attract the people by writing novels and news article. Some times he narrates about the social issue in our country and how this can be solved. He attends the television programs as Judge. We like the Chetan Bhagat Quotes.

2 States (Real Story of his Life)

In this Movie Chetan Bhagat has narrated about marriage of my life. This novel is an Autobiographical Novel. This Novel moves around his MBA College Life Ahmadabad Gujarat. 2 States Novel focuses on the prevailing issue of interstate marriage in India. This novel reveals the personal experience of their life. Who like the protagonist of the novel relentlessly tried to convince their respective families of different casts to approve of their marriage.

Overall we can there are many problem for Interstate marriage and cast problem. In Two states Chetan Bhagat Shown the problem which comes in Marriage like States, cast , Language etc. Fore Details you should watch this Movie Once. You may understand completely.

Chetan Bhagat Novels List

Chetan Bhagat Novels

There are many most popular novel of Chetan Bhagat which are being sold all times. Below we give the Books name and you should read this once.

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Non Fiction Work of Chetan Bhagat

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