PNR Status, Indian Railway PNR- How to check Railway ticket PNR

How to check PNR for your booked ticket from online or Ticket counter at Railway station. From below we can check the PNR Status of our tickets current status Waiting, Confirmed, RAC. This method is very simple and the most convenient.

Everyone wants to check the ticket status online nobody wants to go at railways station to check the PNR Status of his ticket. PNR number stands for Passenger Name Records. Full form of the PNR is very prominent for us to book the railway meal, to load the complaint or claim the railway insurance etc.

PNR Number is used multipurpose in our Journey by Railway train. When we book any ticket online from the Registered websites like IRCTC, PAYTM, MakemyTrip etc. PNR Number is generated automatically by the internet server. We should keep our PNR always safe till the end of the journey because with the help of this PNR number ticket collector checks the records.

What is the PNR Number

This question comes always in our mind what is the use of PNR Number in Indian railway or Another journey. First of all, we should know how many numbers are there in PNR. There is a Ten-Digit number in PNR. Railway website generates the PNR number after completion of the ticket and stores these records in its back-end to match further. Not only the IRCT website generates the IRCTC PNR But also other vendor does same.

PNR STATUS is very helpful in Airlines to check the status of our ticket booking. While booking the Airline tickets websites give us the Passenger Number Records automatically. Probably all every traveller knows about the Indian railways pnr status.

PNR NO is the best medium to know about passenger personal and travel information in details. With the use of PNR Number railway inquiry officers almost can check the passenger basic information like, Passenger’s Full Name, Passenger mobile number, Email id, Passenger home address, Date of birth, Boarding date, boarding stations, departure times, destinations, ticket number, coach number, traveling class, sleeper class, AC Class many more informations.

The purpose of railway inquiry PNR number provides almost information of Passengers. For checking the PNR Status we always use the Internet and avoid to go at railway stations. Whenever we travel by train or Flight we must check once PNR by online before 4 hours of Journey. In most of cases trains get cancelled due to some circumstances.

In these situations we can cancel the tickets easily on IRCT website and apply for refund the payment from Indian Railways.

Main purpose of using the PNR Records is mandatory in the waiting tickets including RAC. There is no needs to check your PNR Status in Confirmed tickets. There are further methods to check the PNR Status. You can check by sending SMS, by searching for websites on the internet, there are many mobile applications gives us options to verify the Indian railway pnr status also.

How to check PNR Status

We give you some latest information to check the PNR of your railway ticket. There are few steps to check your train ticket status.

  • Through SMS: We can check our railway ticket PNR by sending the SMS on 139 number “PNR – *******” After few minutes we receive the status of our seat, Compartment, Train number including departure time. This SMS is chargeable by the operators.
  • By Websites: For checking the PNR you need to go our website Jankarihub We give the right information about PNR records. This very fast and quick methods to check your ticket status.
  • With help of Mobile Application: We can track our train status along with PNR Status. Always use Official IRCTC Mobile App.
  • By Visiting Railway Stations: It’s very convenient for those who live nearby railway stations they can check the status but it’s not best for those who are away from the railway stations.

Consequently, we hopped you have understood all the steps of PNR Status checking. Basically, we gave you 4 steps on how to check the PNR status online, offline both methods. Although we use the above steps to verify our PNR Status of railway tickets.

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What is the RAC Ticket

In Indian railways, there are Few types of reservations tickets. RAC – It stands for “Reservation against Cancellation” “RAC Full Form” for Reservation against Cancellation. In these types, reservations seats are shared by two passengers. Mostly RAC Tickets seats become Lower Birth. In terms of RAC PNR STATUS, two pnr show same seats including birth, train names, compartment etc. What is the RAC PNR? RAC PNR is like confirmed ticket PNR there is no difference between them. So we do not have any doubts related to the RAC PNR. Always check your RAC PNR like other tickets PNR Used.

What is Confirmed Ticket

We can take A Confirmed ticket from railway ticket counter and also we can buy from Online Jankarihub we can take from the Ticket Counter. In this ticket category, we get a seat that we can use only nobody can take rest without our permission. Charges of both types of ticket RAC including it are same prices not difference. CNF Full for in railway language confirmed. Along with its very comfortable to travel. If we go out of stations at the moment we should have CNF Ticket.

What is the PQWL & RLWL Tickets

If we discuss these tickets first of all PQWL means the tickets ‘Pooled Quota Waiting List’ in Indian Railways. Mostly these types of ticket already fixed and there are no chances to confirm our tickets. Rarely this is not a very good ticket for travelling.

RLWL full for is (Remote Location Waiting List) – Fewer chances of confirmation. As we have checked the status of these types tickets according to Indian railways these types tickets have no more chances to get confirmed. By default, if you have booked such tickets so click here to check the PNR Status. I hope you have understood our message.

Thanks for Reading I hope this article is useful to you in checking the PNR STATUS.

UP Police Fireman Books, Important books for up Police fireman

Hello Friends…

Today we will talk about UP Police Fireman books and related to the syllabus. As we know the notification of Uttar Pradesh Police Fireman Recruitment has been announced. This is the most important vacancy for the Fireman, Horse Rider. We don’t talk about the details of the recruitment we talk about only a few important books for these examinations.

Syllabus of Firman-

Above Information is the Syllabus and how you have to prepare the examination. For preparation of any competitive exams books are very useful medium with Video. We can not say to qualify the exam without any help of important books. Below we give some important options to select the best and latest books for Uttar Pradesh Fireman exams.

1. UP Police Fireman, Jail Warder, Ghudsawar Exam Guide Practice Sets

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This is the Latest and most prominent books combo for UP Police Fireman, Jail warder, and Gudsawar. This book is the very latest edition for these examinations. Books cover all three exams as in Cover pages. This book gives us complete syllabus as we have given the details in about paragraphs.

This book is in Hindi Version and publication Vidya Prakashan Mandir Pvt. Ltd (2019).

2. Guider UP Police Arakshi Ghudsawar, Fireman, Jailwarder Complete Study Package ( Guide ) Bharti Pariksha 2019

Buy Now : Amazon.In

Complete Study Package is the most valuable competitive books for up police fireman books. How you have to select the latest books related. This book provides us with the most relevant topics for these exams.

3. UP Police Jail Warden/Fireman/Horse Rider

Buy Now: Amazon

If we talk about most important books for UP Police Fireman. This book gives us various topics General Knowledge, General Hindi, Mathematics, including Reasoning. Buy this book for qualifying the exams.

4. Jail Warder, Fireman, Ghudsawar Bharti Pariksha

Buy Now: Amazon

In term of Book selection of Uttar Pradesh Police exam, this is the best options to buy this book online. All subjects are included in this book and most selling book. Therefore we suggest you buy online and this is available only online. But if you like this book online definitely buy this.

5. Real Target UP GK, Numeric Eligibility, Reasoning.

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Above latest version is the best and competitive book for Uttar Pradesh police fireman and horse riding jobs. Every candidate is making plan to qualify for the exams. Therefore these types of books are the most popular in study and preparation. We suggest to all aspirant, first of all, select the book for the exam preparation according to the syllabus. In the selection of books, we should have good concentration. For qualifying the exams important books may be the best role play.

6. Uttar Pradesh Police Constable ( Arakshi ) and Fireman, Jail Warder, Arakshi Ghudsawar Exam 

Buy Now: Amazon

To clear this competitive exam is not as easy as we think for this preparation main lead role is the best book as a weapon. So we recommend to have this latest and competently fully syllabus book. Best book to study to crack up police fireman exam.

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Best Books for CTET Exam, Few Important books for CTET Preparation 2019

Top CTET books to crack the Exams

Now days All students and aspirants want to get Government jobs in Teaching sector. But Now this is not as easy as we think. For getting any Government teaching jobs has been very tough task. Below we give your some important books name these will increase your knowledge and assist you to crack your CTET Exams easily.

What is CTET

Ctet is an test of Central Teacher Eligibility Test that is organized each year and many students apply the form to clear this competitive exams at India Level. CBSC organizes this exam two times in every Year. Now new application form are available at its official website.

Application 2019 Details in Short.

CTET has announced to fill the form of CTET Exam 2019 that will be held in July 7th 2019 on Sunday.

Application Began from : 05-02-2019

Last date of Application : 08-03-2019

Exam Date is : 7th July 2019 on Sunday

Apply the form – Apply now

Download the Notification : Download Now

Download Syllabus : Click Now

Best Books for CTET Preparation 2019

Now we have come on main topics of this article as we know very well for qualifying any type exams the main role of the exam is Best ctet preparation books. If we see the Syllabus of this Exams click now. In competitive exams book Arihant prakashan has good books volume.

1. Child Development & Pedagogy

Child Development & Pedagogy

Buy Now:

According to All expert this book is very important for your ctet exam. This book Pedagogy and child development. These books cover all important topics. Arihant has printed this book with strong material. India’s CTET Preparation material. This types book are sold online CTET Books in Hindi PDF. There are two options to select the book according to your reading language as see below in Hindi Medium.

Buy Now : Amazon.In

Above Bal Vikas Avam Shiksha shastra. for both paper solution. If you want to buy this book click now and checkout.

2. Hindi Language

Hindi is the main and lead role of these competitive exams. There are many books and ctet books in Hindi pdf available. Below book is Arihant Prakashan and selected as best Cete Hindi book part 1 and part 2 both.

Buy Now : Amazon.In

Above selected book contains these types material for your ctet books. The language of this ctet book is in Hindi. Books reveal many tips to us language learning acquisition including writing speaking tips. Grammar, teaching, vocabulary etc. There are many types of question in this reading book.

3. Best English Language CTET Book

Buy Now :

The English Language is the very most important books and syllabus of CTET Books. This is the NCRT based Books for CTET. Written this book by Geeta Sahni as very famous in writing the books with the latest material. And it’s best selling English Books for CTET Preparation. Tips for Preparation of CTET is included in this book.

This book covers all topics related to the syllabus of CTET English Language like Principal of teaching, Learning, speaking, writing and narrations. Reading comprehension etc.

This book also includes a complete chapter on English Literature which includes Drama, Poetry and Other Literature. Literature refers to works of creative imagination, includ¬ing works of poetry, drama, fiction, and non-fiction. Literature is important to us because it is universal, introduces us to new worlds of experience and affects us, as we grow and evolve through our literary journey with books

1) Reading Comprehension
2) English Literature
3) Principles of Language Teaching
4) Vocabulary
5) Grammar
6) Learning, Acquisition and Remedial Teaching

4. Environmental Book for CTET

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Best selling Environmental book for ctet examination. This book contains many questions more than 1600 related the Environmental. Previous years Ctet exams questions are available in this book material. All questions are in Objective formate not many more in descriptive. According to questions paper, this subject is not tougher than other subjects. but we suggest you read this properly by that your exams can be cracked by easily.

This book is not only useful for CTET Exams but also for UPTET. So always have the details about this exam.

5. Latest Mathematics book for CTET Exam

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Wiley books are the most important book for ctet exams because this is the latest syllabus. This has been selected as a most selling and popular book for Mathematics CTET books. It provides us with previous years questions that were asked in exams. All questions are solved in this book. This is full of 600+ Questions with details along with Mock Test for further coming exam.

We can get more and more options to do best our practice after each chapter by that we can enhance our knowledge. This is the Paper of 1 Class to V. Set your gold to select the best and most prominent book for ctet exams.

Now you can buy these books in Hindi version for your requirements.

Buy Now : Amazon.In

Very helpful book for your ctet exam in Hindi Medium. This is best and most popular option to select the mathematics book. By Now

6. CTET Books for Social Studies

Buy Now : Amazon.In

Big options for the CTET preparation students in Hindi Medium. Go with the book because of all related the topics included in this study material in the paper on NCERT Based syllabus. Selected by the expert because of Arihant Prakashan. In both Language, this can be bought. Many types of questions are very unique.

Best and Top options social science

Buy Now : Amazon.In

The new edition of the book Study Guide for CTET Paper 2 – English 4th edition (Class 6 – 8 Social Studies/ Social Science teachers), All questions of CTET Exam from 2013 to 2018 all relevant questions are in this books. All questions are topics-wise with optional. The main content of this book is divided into part as given below.

In the first sections, all questions are MCQ Based with optional according to previous year paper. The second section there are many options for the student. as follow
The book is a must for all the candidates appearing in the Paper 2, Social Studies stream of the ” Very useful for further state exams CTET and State TETs like UPTET, Rajasthan TET, Haryana TET, Bihar TET, Uttarakhand TET, Punjab TET, Tamil Nadu TET etc.

7. Sanskrit Subject

Purchase Now : Amazon.In

Sanskrit subject is the main lead like other subjects. In these exams, Sanskrit is the best ctet book. This book gives us 1900+ very important questions. All questions are in Object format. This book comes most List of 2019 ctet exam. Sanskrit syllabus is like Hindi and English as a mandate. All types of exams like uptet ctet other state exams.

There are Top Books for “CTET”

A) CTET Success Master Paper-II Teacher Selection for Class VI-VIII SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE

Buy Now : Amazon.In

Containing all study materials are found in this book for the Teacher Eligibility Test for all over India. Success master is the most selling books for all types of competitive exams.

B) CTET & TETs English Language Paper I & II

This is another English language books for your coming teaching exams. This is for paper 1 and paper 2. This book is prepared with glorious questions.

c) CTET & TETs Solved Papers 

Best book for CTET

Buy Now : Amazon.In

Arihant is the famous publications for competitive exams. This book is the one of them in term of most selling CTET Exams. Content providing this book helps to your target.

Important Tips for CTET.

As above we have explained many options of best and most important books related to your competitive exams CTET 2019. In terms of book selection, there are many options online to buy the best ctet preparation books in 2019. Always select the latest and exam syllabus book. On the Internet, there are many practice Sets available. Nowadays many coachings are in metro cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and many more rural areas. Make the notes always of selected golden questions in your notebooks. If we talk about publication books always use Arihant as suggestions.

Questions paper of ctet comes in both language in Hindi and English you can select according to your regional language. Do and solve all types of model paper of CTET previous year like 2018, 2017, 2018 etc. Sample paper of CTET Exam is the lead role of your practice. Download the Admit card of Ctet Exams before the coming exams.

Set your exam times at your home before going exam hall because in the exam hall there will be no more time to manage your time frame.

” I hope this article will be helpful for your coming CTET exams” If you have liked our article please share with your friends and related”

Thanks for Reading.

Written by ” Poonam Yadav”   MA (Hindi) B-ed

Best Laptop Bags : Top 10 Laptop bags , Which is the best laptop bags

Welcome to our website Today we will discuss about best and most selling laptop bags in India. Basically We use many times Bags to carry our laptops without laptops spaces bags. Now days Laptop has become a most important gadget to do any business or any official work with this.

Generally people search about the spacial bags with best and cheap price. Below we give you best option to buy any official laptop or any big laptop carry bag for your outdoor planning.

Must Read Below point before purchasing

  • First of all check your Bags water proof.
  • Check your Backpack or Hanging bags materiel quality
  • Always buy Branded Laptop bags. Like Wildcraft, Skybags, Nike etc.
  • See the Laptop compartment should be available in it.
  • Zip should be best and high quality in laptop sleeve
  • Notice your bags shoulder strips durability.
  • Buy always warranty bags
  • Check the stitching.
  • Size Should be very medium not any small.

“Before buying any types of bags for the carrying of laptop check above given point. Normally laptops weights are 2 to 3.50 Kg along with some personal belonging like charger, Mouse wallet becomes the weight 4 Approximately”

Below we give you Few option to buy these types of Mini or big laptop bags. We suggest you buy this type of bags if you understood the specification.

1. Sosoon Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

Laptop Backpack, Sosoon Business Bags

Buy Now :

This is the best Backpack bags for carrying the laptop. If we talk about this attractive bags is full of water proof and size ” Height – 49.5 Cementer, Width – 14.5 Centimeter. Color of this Black, Product Dimensions is – 35.6 x 14.5 x 49.5 cm, Weight of this men backpack laptop bag is 816 g.

Material of this best laptop bag is 1680D Polyester, we can put our laptop around size of 15.6 or more size, Its very cozy and comfortable and it contains soft strips. Zip hidden in it we can use this as office, or school college. If you love this buy now. Warranty for one year.

This Bag has one year manufacturing Warranty

2. HP 1LG83AA 15.6-inch Executive Laptop Bag

Purchase Now : Amazon.In

HP is most popular Laptop Company in this world. So its laptop bags are very attractive and durable in term of quality. HP 1LG83AA 15.6-inch very exclusive bags for all laptop holder men and women. In HP 1LG83AA 15.6-inch bags we can have any types of Laptop, Whichever Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.

Specification HP 1LG83AA 15.6-inch.

This hp bag is original for carrying the all types of laptops with safety. In this there are double teeth zipper, This is made with Leather, and weight 1.13 Kg. Color is Black. Buy now

HP Bag gives 3 years manufacturing warranty

3. Wildcraft Turnaround Polyester 27 Ltrs Blue Laptop Bag

Buy Now :

Wildcraft bags are most selling bags for officers goer and for laptop users. This bags material is very high quality. What you will get from this bags as per your requirement all types of laptops can be kept in it. This company gives us stylist laptop bags with many kinds of color.

Specification: Material of this bag is Polyester with water proof to safe your Laptop and notebook. Dimensions: 36 cms x 13 cms x 50 cms (LxWxH). There are three compartment with durable zip. Best comportment for Laptop. Its very light weight not more heavy. Volume of this bag is 27 liters.

Warranty of this bags is 5 years manufacturing warranty.

4. Amazon Brand – Solimo Laptop Backpack.

Buy Now :

Amazon has launched its own brand bags for the laptops. This is backpack for laptop 15.6 Inches. The volume of this bags are 28 liters Midnight blue color. Dimension of sized 32cm x 16cm x 48cm (LxBxH). It has 3 compartment with high quality clothes. Amazon brand bags water proof with high polyester quality.

Shoulder strips are very comfortable. Warranty of this product is for 1 year.

5. Nike Vapor Speed Geometric

Purchase Now : Amazon.In

For Keeping safe and safety your dreamed laptop this will be best bag. If we talk about this NIKE Brand is the best and very durable laptop bag. Zipper is very high quality and its cloths is polyester. Two padded shoulder straps. Volume capacity is 25 Liter. Back Padding, Zip Closure, Laptop Compartment.

Always this bag comes with one year warranty.

6. American Tourister Activair

American Tourister is the best sold company in field of all types bags like school bags, laptop bags, Office back etc. As per our personal opinion buy this company to keep your laptop safe.

Buy Now : Amazon.In

If we talk about product quality this is polyester cloth with water proof and color of this bag is black along with 13 liters. weight of this lappy bag is 800 gram its so light product. It has two Compartment and laptop Size “15” Inches. Polyester is the best Weight of this 798 Gram. Buy Now

Buy this bags with 1 Year warranty

7. Skybags Bingo Extra

Purchase Now : Amazon.In

Skybags are very attractive with high quality materials. Material of this bag is polyester with water proof. Its color is blue and dimension of 35 cms x 23 cms x 49 cms. There are 3 Compartment with high quality. Warranty of this bag is 1 year. There are good spaces in this bags as this can be used as the best school bag.

Weight of this bag 481 Gram. Back Padding, Zip Closure, Shoulder Strap, Water Bottle / Umbrella Pouch.

Before taking this bag check one year warranty

8. AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack

Buy Now : Amazon.In

Best and cheapest laptop bags and will fill your all requirement in one bag. Few features are further in this Bag and Size “15 inches. Zipper is best quality with smooth running. Dimensions: 14.3 x 7.8 x 19.8 inches (L x W x H) | Weight: 1.6 pounds. If you are searching such bags which has big space. This will complete your need. There are many Packets in it.

External dimensions: 15 inches x 7 inches x 19 inches (LxWxH) / 38 cm x 17.7 cm x 48.2 cm (LxWxH). There is one year Warranty. Bag weight is 898 gram with best quality fabrics. If you want to contact related to warranty call on this number. [1800-419-0416]

For warranty related Call on this number

9. American Tourister 32 Ltrs Grey Laptop Backpack

Buy Now : Amazon.In

Buy this products on Amazon online store. As now all types of products are being bought On online shopping company. Outer material of this product is Polyester fabrics Volume 32 Liter. Weight of cozy laptop bag 450 Gram. 3 compartment is in it. Dimensions: 32 cms x 19 cms x 45 cms (LxWxH)

Cloth of this item is New waffle weave fabric. Warranty is 1 Year. Zipper is very strong with best quality.

10. Skybags Geek 48 Ltrs Black

Boy Now : Amazon.In

Capacity of this bag is 48 Liter along with Black color with Design. Laptop bag should be very good quality. There is 590 Gram. Dimensions: 32 cms x 22 cms x 49 cms (LxWxH). There are three compartment in it to keep the laptop safe. Zipper is very solid with soft moving.

Warranty of this product is 1 year. So buy Now.

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Best Laptops for Students : Top Laptops for college and school students in India

Top Laptops for College students

Now days all college or school students are studying from online Like YouTube or other mobile applications. Today we will suggest you best and affordable laptops for the coll and school student under Rs. 30,000/-

In college days mostly parents faces many financial problem from their children like School fee admission etc many more. During this period Their children demand for laptop and smartphones. Behind this there are several reasons to be connected with Internet. Mostly college and jobs related form are submitted via online.

Even all types of distance learning platforms are taking their exam online and taking assignment. For getting touch with these types advance service students requirement increased.

Below we are giving few options to select the laptops for yourself or your children. Almost you will buy after reading the facts about the laptops. This article is not sponsored by any company or organisation. we give you right best information related to the laptops.

Look this before buying Laptop.

Before buying any laptops you have to decide of work on that you will do. Like if you do video editing. You need to buy 5th To 7th Generation with 2 TB Hard disc along with 8 to 12 GB Ram. By the way we are talking for normal use of any student to access, Internet, Youtube or making any Project or any e – Learning video streaming. Jankari Hub Content writers also use Laptop Dell Vostro i3 6th Generation.

1. Dell Vostro 3568

This Laptop is the best laptop for all students of college or school goer. We give you some statement related to this laptop. This laptop is Dell Company as this is best laptop manufacturing company in the world. This is the cheap and best laptops for the students.

Image result for buy now button

Configuration of this Cheapest laptop.

  1. Intel Core i3
  2. Display Size is 15.6
  3. Processor Corei3-6006U processor,
  4. Process Speed : 2GHz base processor speed
  5. Display Quality – HD
  6. Display Resolution : HD (1366×768) 
  7. Operating System: Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity
  8. RAM : 4GB DDR4
  9. Graphics Card : Intel HD 520 Graphics
  10. Storage : 1TB Hard Disk
  11. Laptop: 2.18kg
  12. Battery : Lithium
  13. Warranty : 1 Year
  14. Physical Damage also is in this Laptop : manufacturing defects and physical damage (Accidental Worranty)
  15. Window 10 is Pre loaded in this Laptop
  16. Good Sound Quality
  17. Web Cam with HD recording.
  18. 3 USB Port
  19. 1 Audio Jack
  20. Battery Back is More than 6 Hours
  21. In the Box: Laptop with included battery and charger
    Ports & CD drive: 1 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI, 1 Audio out| With CD-drive
  22. Product Dimensions : 38 x 26 x 2.4 cm
  23. Number of Lithium Ion Cells4
  24. Included Components Laptop, Battery, AC Adapter, User Guide and Manuals.
  25. You will get a Bag with this best laptop
Image result for amazon buy now button

I hope you have studied well about this latest laptops for your school going children. Laptop has i3 6th Generation with latest configuration. Along with It is Full HD Display with resolution 1366×768 . If we talk about its battery back wonderful back till date according to its price. Follow Above the feature of this laptop. After all this is the latest and best laptops. Buy Now

2.Dell Inspiron 3565

. Buy Now From Amazon

Above is the best laptops for college students because this laptop is Dell 3565 AMD E2 Processor, If we talk about this laptop weight is 2.5 Kg. As this is the handy and light weight affordable price laptop.

Processor of this computer laptop 7th Generation 1.80GHz base processor speed. Display is HD with 15.6-inch HD (1366×768). Its Memory is 4 GB RAM DDR4, Display technology is Full HD. Weight of this Dell Laptop is 3 kg and production dimension is 26.1 x 38 x 2.4 cm.

Model of this Laptop is 3565 along with AMD Processor, Hard Disk drive is 1 TB and there webcam with full HD, Wifi, Blutooth, 3 USB Port. Its Battery Backup is more than 6 Hours.

Dell laptop comes with window 10 operating system. 40 Watt Hours battery with lithium. You will get one Bag, Laptop, Battery, AC Adapter, manual according to laptops latest offer.

If you have understood about this latest laptop so go with this laptop.

3. Lenovo Ideapad 130 Intel Core i3

Image result for buy now button

Hi, Friends we will discuss today about this laptop for the students or other person. Lenovo Ideapad 130 Intel Core i3 is the most selling product of Lenovo. As we know Lenovo is an electronics company gives your many more products. For playing game and making many types projects.

Feature of this Laptop is below :

Brand of this laptop is Lenovo and black color. Screen size of this laptop is 15.6 Inches if we talk about Maximum Display Resolution 1366×768. Weight of 2.1 kg Product Dimensions37.5 x 25.3 x 2.3 cm.

Process of this laptop is Core i3 6th Generation. Battery backup of this laptop is more than 6 Hours. RAM 4GB DDR4, Hard disk 1 TB. Graphics Card Ram Size2 GB, USB Port -3, audio Jack is 1.

This laptop designed with Window 10 along with all latest feature so go with this laptop. Buy now

Best Power Bank – Latest Power bank for Your Mobile and Laptop Charging

Top most Power Bank to charge your mobile and laptops. Now days mobiles and laptops are used more than past time. People have been very habitual to use the mobile always on daily basis.

And mostly business has been shifted on mobile and when we use mobile many hours. Its Battery backup becomes week after few hours . For keeping your mobile charge many companies are giving the Power bank with the help of power bank you can charge your mobile or laptop.

Below we give you some most selling power bank device to charge your mobile or other devices.

Each one wants to take the power bank while going out door or any tour. We give you many more option to select the best mini power bank and affordable to carry.

Which is the best power bank

There are many brands and making power bank in different types but according to all reports and tech reviews Anker PowerCore 20100 – Ultra High Capacity. This power bank has big charging storage capacity along with fast charging and very handy to carry outdoor.

How to select power bank while purchasing

Any electronics device selection is very important before buying. Because there are many variety in the market. Before buying any Power bank you need to know about Brand, Charging capacity, Light weight, USB Cable support, High speed charging, Charging durability. Lets see below few very popular and most selling latest Power Bank.

01. Anker PowerCore 13000mAh Power Bank

Here we suggest you to buy this power bank according to its latest feature along with durability. In term of selection this power bank comes in each one mind. If we talk about configuration in latest version of Anker PowerCore 13000mAh.

Few Below Feature are related to this most popular power bank

  1. Battery Capacity : 13000 mAH
  2. Its High capacity portable charger super fast charging speed
  3. Portable Power bank and handy to carry anywhere
  4. Charge any Smartphones
  5. The successor to PowerCore 10400 identical compact size
  6. Charge Apple Mobile more than 6 Times full.
  7. Galaxy can be charged 4 times full.
  8. Weight is very light and along with small size.
  9. Two High speed USB Port to charge your Latest Mobile.
  10. This is as small as a purse.
  11. Super fast charging.
  12. (up to 3A – Qualcomm Quick Charge not supported). Input: 5V / 2A
  13. PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger, Micro USB cable, travel pouch, welcome guide and friendly consumer service
  14. Brand Anker.
  15. Its Weight 322 Gram.
  16. Operating System of this power bank is IOS.
  17. Product Dimensions : 10 x 2 x 8 cm
  18. Battery Material : 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

After all this is very fast charging mobile power bank. If you make mind to take such type Latest power bank, Go with this product. Buy Now

2. Mi Power Bank 2i 20000 mAh

MI Power bank is the most valuable power bank in India. Xiaomi is the most popular brand in India including world. MI has made a Unique market not only in Smartphones but also in Power Bank including TV.

We suggest you go with this latest Best power bank below we give you some important features related to this Power bank. If we talk about price of this Mi Power Bank 2i 20000mAh power bank is very cheap and affordable to buy by anyone.

Features of Mi Power Bank 2i 20000mAh Power Bank.

  1. Power Bank battery capacity is : 20000 mAH
  2. This is the best portable power bank charger.
  3. Ultra Fast charging power bank
  4. Charging one device or 5.1V / 3.6A support when charging two devices at once.
  5. We can charge any mobile brands Apple Mobile, Samsung Mobile, MI Mobile and many more.
  6. Lithium Polymer Battery makes it more durable and optimizes charging efficiency; Dual USB Output.
  7. It has scratch free cover.
  8. It gives you 6 months warranty [ 1800 103 6286 ]
  9. Model of this Power bank is 2i – PLM06ZM
  10. Battery composition is : Lithium Polymer
  11. Company gives you Power Bank and Micro USB Charging Cable
  12. MI Power bank item weight is 385 Gram.
  13. Product Dimension is – 15 x 7 x 2.4 cm

Above given feature is fulfilled for your requirement. if you have liked this configuration go with this power bank.

3. Lenovo CA1BX0CC4A640A 13000 mAh Power Bank

Lenovo is well known IT Company in field of making mobile laptops now it has come in making power bank with latest configuration. This Power bank is valuable according to price normally we can buy this under 900/- Rs.

Look Below some important things related to Lenovo CA1BX0CC4A640A 13000 mAh Power Bank.

  1. This is very light weight
  2. Weight is only 120 Gram.
  3. Battery is made with Lithium Ion
  4. It has been cotted with best quality plastics to protect the power bank.
  5. Very handy to carry any where.
  6. Two USB Port to charge two mobile at one time.
  7. Battery power is stored for a long dormant technology; Connector type – input – micro USB 5V/2A, Output – USB 2.0 A 5V/2.1A.
  8. Brand is Lenovo
  9. Number of port is – 2
  10. Battery capacity is 13000mAH
  11. Item Weight is 399 Gram Aprox
  12. Best for all mobile charging.
  13. Model Number is CA1BX0CC4A640A

4. Intex IT-PBA 20K Poly 20000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank

Intex an international company in field of making electronics gadgets. now we talk about Intex IT-PBA 20K Poly 20000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank in details. What configuration is given in this model.

Most of us know about Intex involved in all types of electronics product.

  1. It has 200000 mAH capacity.
  2. There are two USB Port to charge two device at one time.
  3. All port is built in the device
  4. One Year Warranty
  5. utput: 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A. Input : 5V/2A
  6. Weight 395 Gram
  7. Color is White
  8. Battery Output: 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A. Input : 5V/2A
  9. Model number – IT-PBA 20K Poly

Above given information is related to Intex company power bank

There are many more Power Bank.


Samsung Latest Mobile : Samsung Launched M Series Latest mobile M 10 and M 20 Feature and Specification

Dear all,

Welcome to our website Today we will talk about latest mobile came in Light after long time. As now days in our marketing mostly mobiles and smart phones are being sold. OPPO, Vivo, Redmi etc.

From long time we did not hear any latest Samsung mobile with good specification in affordable price. Now days most of us search on internet for mobile specification with cheap and best price. For fullfilment of customers need again Samsung is going to launch a latest its series with name of Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20.

Customer always wants to buy latest mobile with good price and does not spend more amount. For making good market samsung need to give the best and affordable price mobile.

First of all we suggest to our my all readers of We try our best to give the right and good information related to the topics.

Lets Know about the some specification about this new latest smart phone. M10. This mobile will be launched in India on 28th January 2019 means in this month. and this will be first time sold on Amazon Exclusive. For buying this mobile you have to Notify Me. If you want to buy this latest samsung smartphone click here – Notify Me.

Some Important specification of Latest Mobile about Samsung Galaxy M Series.

Finally we have come on the topics of Samsung Galaxy M10. According to some information as this said that it is full of many latest feature according to client choice.

Samsung Galaxy M Series looks very nice according to came images on Online but what will be next step of the mobile configuration.

This Latest mobile may be sold more that previous mobile. If we discuss about price this latest mobile will be @ 9500/-. Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 are said to sport Infinity V notch display and dual rear cameras. Ahead of the launch, we take a look at everything we know about Samsung Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20

As this is said that this will be best and most selling mobile. Company guessed to sell more unit of its products.

While buying this mobile we suggest you read the specification completely.

Samsung Galaxy M10, M20: Infinity V notch :

Samsung Galaxy M 10 And Samsung Galaxy M 20 will be expected about 15,000/- As there are no more information about the price according to official report Price will be fluctuate. So we have to wait about the final price announcement from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Expected Specification

Both Mobile configuration may be same and looks also. Some storage or ram can be vary. Samsung Galaxy M10, M20: Infinity V notch. Its front camera and back (Rear) along with sensor. These mobile model will be Samsung phones to feature notched style display.

Batter and fast charging speed :

Probably these latest samsung mobile charging will be very fast. For Making this fast service this company has used latest technology. Samsung is saying that we have used 3X fast charging along with a powerful processor. As Expected this new mobile will come with 3400 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy M 20 Feature and Specification – Expected.

This mobile value is best because of trading news. In M 20 series Camera is 8 MP and which will be placed inside the Infinity V notch. Almost display is 6.13 inch Display with Full HD. Camera may be 2 rear 1st 13 MP + 5 MP. This is coming with 3GB RAM+32 ROM and 3GB RAM+64GB storage. It supports Bluetooth including all other features.

Samsung Galaxy M 10 Feature and Specification – Expected.

As per this mobile has 6.5 inch display. Similarly There are two various color blue and dark gray.
by Exynos 7870 processor with a Mali-T830 GPU. Mostly could be available in 3GB RAM model with either 16GB or 32GB internal space, Use able 64GB via a microSD card slot etc

Above all info are very short but while launching time may be deffer the price or other features along with specification.

Patanjali Toothpaste, Dantkanti toothpaste benefits, Patanjali Dantkanti

Patanjali Toothpaste :

Hello Everyone welcome to our website Today we will discuss about the benefits of patanjali tootpaste benefits. How we should use the dantkanti toothpaste on daily basis. Now days there are many toothpaste in the market. Today we will share personal benefits of This toothpaste. There are 3 kinds of patanjali toothpaste.

Dantkanti toothpaste 3 types are below

  1. Junior (Basically for Children)
  2. Paste Dant Kanti
  3. Dant Kanti Medicated ( For more serious problem)

Buy Now

Baba Ramdev Dant Kanti Toothpaste Ingredients

Composition: Each 10 g contains extract of-

Akarkara (अकरकरा)Anacyclus pyretheum20 mg
Neem (नीम)Azadirachta indica10 mg
Babool (बबूल)Acacia Arabica20 mg
Tomar (तोमर)Xanthoxylum alatum20 mg
Pudina (पुदीना)Mentha spicata10 mg
Laung (लौंग)Syzygium aromaticum10 mg
Pippli  (पीपली छोटी)Piper sylvaticum10 mg
Vajradanti (वज्रदंती)Barleria prionitis10 mg
Bakul (बकुल)Mimusops elengi10 mg
Vidang (विडंग)Embelia ribes10 mg
Haldi (हल्दी)Curcuma longa10 mg
Pilu (पीलू)Salvadora persica10 mg
Majuphal (माजूफल)Quercus infectoria5 mg

Base material: Calcium Carbonate Base

Above given ingredient are used in making Patanjali toothpaste (Dant kanti toothpaste). We always say to you use this toothpaste “Dant kanti”.

I have been using this Toothpaste for 2 years and found best result rather than other toothpaste. You can purchase this product from any registered shop or any other grocery shop.

“Patanjali Tooth paste” is the best and very popular toothpaste for all age people while using you can feed best test of this paste.

As mostly people says that doing the brush at night after having meal is better than in the morning, In term of use of patanjali toothpaste is very effective at use of night. But this depends on your choice you can use whenever you want.

This product is made in India and so this can be available easy at any shop with affordable price. This toothpaste price is very cheap and affordable for each family of India.

Patanjali toothpaste “Dant Kanti Toothpaste is an ayurvedic toothpaste and in making patanjali toothpaste natural extracts are used.

Patanjali toothpaste has good smell and taste. This is a natural toothpaste has no harmful chemical. It gives dental protection from germ because all ingredients used in natural format. Dant Kanti fights germ.

  • Long lasting germ protection
  • Tightens gums, prevents bleeding and fights bad odour
  • Forms protective shield around teeth and gums
  • Improves overall oral health

If you are satisfied from above details you can by now from below link….

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How to earn from Instagram – Top 5 best way to earn money on Instagram, Instagram Earning Tips

How to earn from Instagram

Now days every one wants to make money online and always search on internet how to earn online. Personally i suggest to you this types information are very correct and factual. There is no doubts about this types of earning on online. This is 100% Confirmed to earn online or making money from Internet. Today i would tell you some important tips and tricks to make money on Instagram.


What is Instagram –

In short first of all we should have some little knowledge about Instagram and how it works to make money online. Instagram is a Photo and small video sharing platform and owned by Officially this social media platform was launched in 2010 November month. This company is growing day by day because it has many and fast friends following spot.

We can make money from Instagram by sharing Video, Images, Sponsors offers along with Price. For earning online from Instagram you should have good follower and fans list on Instagram.

Instagram earning Tips –

Complete Your Profile : For making money from Instagram is as easy as you think but there are some tips to complete your profile by seeing your profile fan following are increased. Your Personal name or Any brand name should be perfect and do not change every month.

Personal or brand image should be good quality because this is the photo and video sharing platform. Your Name, Your Short information with your business image email id and Website URL.

Choose Particular Field : Your Profile or business Instagram account should be in one particular direction. By doing this you will get more traffics and engagement with your personal image. For Exam – If you have good interest in Fashion your all posting images must be related to Fashion.

On any occasion you should celebrate with your friends and post the celebration Image.

Post Regularly : This is the best way to be in touch with your friends. You should post related to your blogs daily basis by that your post reach and engagement becomes better.

Make Involvement with Fans : You must have good attachment with your friends or audience. Because these are your future business clients or customer to take care them. Time to time you need to setup QNA. Ask question to your audience and give to time to give the feedback about your posted image or an articles.

Focus Image Quality : For getting more relevant response from audience. Your image quality should be best and High Quality image. We suggest to you use Best and high Quality Camera or Smartphones.

Camera + Smart Phone

Buy Now from Amazon : Click Here

Buy Now from Amazon : Click Here

Step of Earning money from Instagram

1. Selling Business Photo:

Now days info-graphics or full hd images marketing is the best and convenient business, As we are familiar about this website This is an Indian website and owned by Sandeep Maheshwari he is a good motivational speaker. This website sells many kinds of images and category wise images throughout the world. Like this you can sell the images on Instagram to earn money from Instagram. Now days there are many platform except Instagram:

Fore Example –

2. Post Sponsor Images :

Making money from Instagram sponsorship is the best and main leading earning source. For getting any sponsor your account should have good fans following in particular fields. Like Fashion, Cooking Photos, Gym tips, Comedy, Cartoon pics etc. There are many more company that gives the sponsorship for those Instagram page which have good fans following. Below i give some website that gives your officer to publish their infographics.

You should use # TAG always to attract many audience. If you have the youtube channel you know about Famebit. As famebit gives the sponsorship to your youtube channel.

In Instagram there are many company that provides the personal adds at your Instagram. SPEAKR.COM is one of them. This company gives the adds to whose have good fan followings at Instagram social media platform.

Ford, Sony, Samsung, bing, Google etc multinational companies gives the advertisement changes. For getting sponsorship you have to create your complete profile on this website.

This is also related to this sponsorship.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the evergreen methods for earning online money. How to earn online money is the burning questions on Internet. You have to create Affiliate profile link in Amazon, Godaddy, Flipkart, Nykaa etc. For Information about affiliate Marketing click now. Affiliate Marketing

First of all Follow this steps to earn money on Instagram.

4. Other Instagram Promotion

Another ways of making money online is the best to promote any other Instagram account promotion. Similarly this method is the best way of earning money in promoting other Instagram account.

I thinks above all information is very prominent to your website.

5. Website Promotion.

Finally we have come at last stage how to earn money on Instagram. If you have a blog and that is approved by Google Adsense you can share that website reference and get more traffics at your website.

Consequently : We suggest to all reader of If you are making a plan to earn money online on Instagram. so go for this and create an account and start earning ….. Best of Luck.

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Best Web Hosting Provider Company – Top web hosting website

Web Hosting

We are living in Digital world and every one wants to promote himself with their name, Business ect. People are promoting their business online from social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, YouTube etc. For making the stability in online business each should train a website to list the business or personal views. For hosting any website two things are required initially Domain ( + Web Hosting where your website content is stored.

There are several many things are required to get success in the online business. Web hosting is the main and heart of any website. All your search results connect from your stored data then comes online. If you don’t have any related data there will be no result for your website.

Every one wants to get best and cheap web hosting company where their domain and website runs very fast without any error. For selecting the best and top most web hosting provider 2019. You have to read the specification that is being given to you. Check the storage, Speed, Bandwith, etc.

Tips for Buying the Hosting :

Beware !

  1. First of all we suggest to you for purchasing any web hosting for your website. If you are a new blogger and wants to start a website. You have to go with starter plan from any best web hosting provider company as below i would tell you which is the best hosting provider company in India or World.
  2. If you select any hosting service from any of website. In hosting website always prices shown little but while making payment it increases with Five Year or 36 Months. So before taking any web hosting service look and duration with GST Amount.
  3. We suggest you set your budget according to your website requirement like many content videos images etc. If you are beginner and want to start blogging. Make your website in Worldpress. This is very simple and fast loading website for the blogging. Below i give your some website that give the web hosting to promote your website world. So Fallow below …….

The Best Web Hosting Provider :

1. Blue Host :

There are many web hosting provider company in the world and each one gives the best and discounted offer to their clients. But mostly blogger uses this hosting as priority basis and give the Rating as First. Below i give you some step to buy this hosting if you are planing to make the website or have any website.

Blue Hosting is the world best hosting Take now.

According to me this is very popular website to give the hosting. This retains its own client and give the best support every times. This company is very old in filed of web hosting providing Field. Matt Heaton first conceived Bluehost in 1996 . By Endurance International Group

Now days this company has more than 2 million websites including India. This company hosting is not as cheap as you this but this service is very fast. It’s Price for the beginner is $3.95/month minimum. This is the first year price later on price will be flexible.

Price List of Web Hosting :

As above image you can see the offers and price list of Blue hosting company. Blue hosting has three types services you can see in details. Click here

This company gives us best and very fast landing pages hosting and if you take its WordPress this is the very very fast for mobile and desktop friendly website.

Blue host provides us free domain with one hosting. 24*7 Customer support service in world wide. You can save the money of Domain because with the hosting website this is free of cost and many domain can be hosted on same hosting.

As above are some important tips to select the web hosting provider company. Take decision on yourself after reviewing the statement.

2. Godaddy Web Hosting Provider :

This is the Largest web hosting and Domain registration company in the world. Now Days Godaddy is the America based web hosting provider company. The company is known for its advertising on TV and in the newspapers. It has been involved in several controversies related to censorship.

“According to us Godaddy is the best and convenient web hosting company in India. Godaddy gives the 24*7 hrs customer (Telephonic along with Chat support) is also associate with Godaddy hosting. There are many price list of Godaddy for Web hosting with Domain free packages. Now days Godaddy Brand Ambesder is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Godaddy Web Hosting Price

In above Images we can see and select the plan for our website. Starter plan is the best for beginners. This is the best and very cheap web hosting. In this you can get 1 website to host with 30 GB Storage along with Unlimited Bandwidth.

If you go with Economy Plan your services will be 100 GB Storage with one email business email id along with 1 Free domain. This hosting is the best and very cheap plan till now as godaddy says we are best award winning in terms of 24*7 Support assistance.

Best Value Deluxe plan there is no limit of website unlimited storage and this package gives us unlimited subdomain.

Last and the best Unlimited plans Deluxe features, plus2x processing power & memory Free SSL Certificate – 1 year††Free Premium DNS Unlimited databases.

Overall we suggest you to have godaddy web hosting is the best and 24*7 hours support.

3. HostGator

If we talk about Hosting provider in India including Universe. Hostgator can not be forgotten by us. Suggesting you to proceed with This has a unique plans for their clients. Below we give you some benefits of Hosting along with Domain.

HostGator Hosting provider is the only one company that gives us 99.96% up times. As always this hosting company gives the 50 to 60 Percent Discount at its own website hosting page. This company provides many kinds of hosting plans like Shared hosting including with Dedicated servers.

If we talk about this company hosting plans this provides us 4 types of plans to us. It’s each has SSL Certificate and gives to each client. As we know this SSC Certificate is given by other company paid service.

There are Four types plans of This hosting company.

  1. Starter Plans – In this plan This Hosting Company Provides us many service as in above image given. This is basic plans for starter and wants to start the blogging or any small business. Single domain is accessed, 10 GB Disk Drive, 100 GB Transfer, 5 Email Account, Free SSL Certificate one click installation, Free C Pannel, New PHP – 7.
  2. Hatchling – Single Domain, Unmetered Disk Space , Unmetered Transferd. Unlimited email ID, Free SSL Certificate. one click installation, Free C Pannel, New PHP – 7
  3. BABY – Baby plans is best hosting for 3 domains user as this hosting service provides you 3 free domain that is very good news for all the blogger and beginner also. unmetered disk space, Unlimited email account (POP IDs) free SSL Certificate, 1 Click Installation, Free C Panel, New – PHP 7.1,
  4. Business : This is the best and very Important plans for those who are having the business. Below look some extra benefits in this web hosting. Unlimited Domain you can use and, unmetered disk space, Unlimited email account (POP IDs) free SSL Certificate, Free Upgrade to Positive SSL ,
    Free Dedicated IP, 1 Click Installation, Free C Panel, New – PHP 7.1,

4. A2 Hosting :

A2 Hosting is a special web hosting company and known as good and fast hosting provider company. Today we will discuss about some important features that gives us. A2Hosting company gives us many kinds of hosting plans but few are out of them. Almost people takes any hosting or domain by good hosting provider company. While taking any hosting first of all we have to check the details and service including.

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